Are Hip Dips Bad: What Do Hip Dips Really Mean? [Updated 2022]

Hip Dips

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 11/29/2022

It would appear that hip dips are the subject du jour. According to Women's Health, around the spring of 2020, the number of Google searches for hip dips, commonly known as violin hips, more than doubled (via Google Trends). So, tell me about them. Hip dips are not to be confused with the hip tap exercises that are done in plank stance, nor should they be used as a method to express the waning popularity of anything interesting (via Health). The indentations that appear below your hips and above your thighs are referred to as hip dips. Some dips are more noticeable than others, and not everyone has a visible indentation in their cheekbones. If you are now wearing the dips that are currently seeing a surge in popularity in search popularity, or if you have spotted them worn by others, we have some information we can provide you about them. the question here are hip dips bad

According to USA Today, while the internet is complete with discussions on "how to correct hips dips," there is also a trend of individuals proudly displaying their hips dips, whether they are slight or more pronounced. And we couldn't be more on board with it! Nobody ever suggested having lovely hips, and being round required a beautiful or healthy physique.

Are Naturally Occurring Hip Dips?

There Are Naturally Occurring Hip Dips

What's the deal with some of us having them? According to David Wiener, a training specialist with the Freeletics exercise program, hip dips are a naturally occurring movement. We provided this information to Women's Health. According to Wiener, the shape of your pelvis may cause you to have hip dips. Even while not everyone would have apparent hip dips, if we were to reduce ourselves to skeletons, we would all have a depression at the point where the top of the thigh bone meets the hip bone." These depressions are not abnormal.

Since we now know that they are a component of the body's make-up, the question becomes: Is it feasible to alter them? According to a post that personal trainer Kelly Petch-Saunders made on Instagram, which caught the attention of USA Today, it is achievable to some extent. It is difficult to strengthen gluteus medius muscles in that location, but Petch-Saunders explained that if the dip is due to excess fat, exercise may help; however, the ability to store fat can also be genetic. The majority of the blame goes to high and broad hips.

The final line is that there is no reason to be concerned about the safety of hip dips because they are connected to the structure of your bones. Therefore, we believe it is fantastic that body positivity is always on-trend, regardless of whether you have a hip dip, dad bod, love handles, or any other exciting names to describe gorgeous body types.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Performing Hip Dips.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Performing Hip Dips.

The advice of specialists is to let go of whatever anxiety you may have regarding your hip dips as soon as possible. "You may attempt to modify your body fat percentage, but then you could find something else about your body that you're going to want to change," says Roser. "You can try to change your body fat % by eating healthier and exercising more." "Rather than focusing on being perfect, work on loving who you are," the advice reads.

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Is It Possible For You To Alter The Way Your Hip Dips Look?

Is It Possible For You To Alter The Way Your Hip Dips Look?

The natural hip dips you were endowed with at birth will not be eliminated by exercise. However, if you grow more muscle in your hips, as Roser suggests, you might be able to make the appearance of your hip dips less obvious. "The tensor fascia lata, sometimes known as the TFL, is a hip muscle that is developable. One more time, you do not want to overwork this particular part of your body." On the other hand, you can tone your lower body as a whole, which means that your hips, legs, and glutes might seem more toned. If you want to achieve that, give the exercises that follow a shot and aim to complete three sets of six reps each. Now you don't need to ask: Are hip dips bad?

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