Are Hip Dips Good: How They Work & Why They're Not Bad?

Are Hip Dips Good

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 11/27/2022

Hip dips are the newest body component that the internet appears to be used to make people feel horrible about themselves. Hip dips are a rhyming buzz term that refers to the mild inward curves that may be found below your hips and above your thighs.

According to Google's data, around 40,000 of you look for the phrase every month. So, what exactly is behind this hoopla about the hip dip? To no one's surprise, the primary source of the problem is social media. In an unhealthy diet and body shaming cultures, many non-problematic aspects of a healthy body are brought to light and shamed, such as not having a thigh gap, a highbrow, or two dimples on the back (we know, it's endless).

Can you actually get rid of hip dips? There is nothing wrong with hip dips, and they are a normal part of the human body that does not need to be removed. Generally, they are determined by your genetics and the structure of your bones.

Looking for answers to these common questions: "are hip dips good? How to work on hip dips.
", "how to get rid of hip dips" “Bad Hip Dips,” or "can you get rid of hip dips with exercise" in a search engine is not uncommon. Your hip dips may be noticeable, they may be subtle, or they may not even be visible to the human eye. But if you have ever done so, you are not alone. You are, however, at the right place at the right time to obtain some precise guidance from a specialist.

So, before you start attempting to mix up your lower body routine or desperately seeking the best exercises for an enormous butt, let me tell you to slow your roll, sister. With the assistance of David Wiener, a training specialist for the Freeletics exercise app, we guide you through everything you need to know.


Are Hip Dips Bad?

It is believed that hip dips are a sign of one's health, but this is not the case. It's important to know there is not “ hip dips vs regular hips ”.The shape of the bones can be explained by hip dips, as we've mentioned previously. Wiener explains that hip dips are not a sign that you are healthy, unhealthy, overweight, or underweight. It is important to remember that hip dips are a part of your bone structure, and while you can enhance your body shape through exercise and diet, you cannot change your bone structure. Even though having a higher muscle mass can make hip dips more noticeable.
Because of the variation in pelvis shapes, your hips may look different from someone else's, including your hip dips.

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What Exactly Are Hip Dips?

What are hip dips?

Wiener states, "hip dips are naturally occurring, inward curvature." [Citation needed] Occurring of its own accord

Why Do People Have Hip Dips?

What causes hip dips?

Because of the curvature of your pelvis, you have hip dips. Even while not everyone will have apparent hip dips, if we were to reduce ourselves to skeletons, we would all have a depression at the point where the top of the thigh bone meets the hip bone. According to him, hip dips are natural and necessary components of your body's construction. Hip dips are a natural movement your body is designed to perform, and we'll repeat that for the individuals at the back of the room.

Hip Dip vs No Hip Dip

Are hip dips good or bad?

It is a frequent misunderstanding that the number of times you can dip your hips, or the lack of times you can drop your hips, is an indicator of how healthy you are. As we've said before, the structure of your bones is related to how often you perform hip dips. Something you probably already knew going in cannot be altered in any way.

Because people's pelvises come in various forms, your hips may appear different from those of another person, which applies to how deeply your hips drop.

Are Hip Dips Average?

Are hip dips normal?

According to Wiener, having hip dips does not indicate whether a person is healthy, unwell, overweight, or underweight. "Even though body fat can make hip dips more noticeable and muscle mass can result from hip dips, you must remember that hip dips are a part of your bone structure, and, although you can improve your body shape through exercise and diet, you cannot change your bone structure." This is a crucial point because it is essential to remember that hip dips are a part of your bone structure.

Are you considering watching one of those videos that claim to show "how to lose hip dips in a week"? They're just trying to get you to click on them.

If you are concerned that you carry an unhealthy level of body fat, there are effective and safe techniques for you to reduce weight, which will bring the proportion of fat to muscle in your body closer to a healthier balance. Check out our secure and sustainable recommendations by experts for fat loss, how many calories to consume for safe fat loss, or how to calculate ideal macros for fat loss tailored to you.

Love Handles And Hip Dips

Hip dips vs. love handles

As opposed to hip dips, love handles (also known as muffin tops . which come up with these names?) are defined as excess fat sitting on the abdomen.

Affectionately known as "love handles," it is a word that refers to fat placed on the sides of the abdomen and is unrelated to the structure of your bones. They may connect to genetics, which determines the areas of the body in which fat is stored. Remember the difference between them, hip dips vs love handles.

Is It Feasible To Eliminate Hip Dips?

Is it possible to get rid of hip dips?

As a preface to our discussion, we would like to restate something that we have already said: there is absolutely nothing wrong with hip dips. Exercising to build muscle mass and lose body fat can help minimize their appearance, but it won't make them disappear entirely. To proceed, we must restate something that we have already said: there is absolutely nothing wrong with hip dips, which must be reconciled in your mind.

It would be best if you focused on exercises that train numerous muscle groups in the lower body (like squats and lunges). It would be best if you substituted in isolated exercises (like fire hydrants and clams) when required. However, you should make sure that you concentrate on developing your complete lower body rather than only focusing on your glutes. There's more to life than performing hip dips; the same may be said for your fitness routine.

Final Word: Should You Worry About Hip Dips?

No, to put it briefly.

"Obsessing about any portion of your body, especially those which cannot be modified, is potentially highly harmful to your health," adds Wiener. "In particular, this applies to the parts of your body that you have no control over." Instead of being constantly motivated to modify their bodies, women must make an effort to embrace the bodies they were given.

The Best Exercises For Building Strength In The Lower Body And Reducing Hip Fat

Strengthening your lower body can affect the look of your hip dips, even though it is not advisable to focus on just one body area (you should strive for overall body strength and fitness instead), which should be your goal. Exercising can assist if you have determined that you want to reduce the proportion of fat that makes up your body and have checked out your total body fat levels.

Also, No doubt wearing too tight clothing will make the look of hip dips more pronounced. A flared skirt or dress with a flared hemline is an excellent option for this look, as well as slacks with broad legs and a fitted waist. Best leggings for hip dips is what you should wear to avoid underwear lines and ugly lumps if you are dedicated to wearing leggings at all times. If you are not committed to wearing leggings, learn what to wear under your leggings if you choose not to do so. Wear shape leggings that support the hips and upper thighs to smooth your sides further and make them look slimmer.

Include the following exercises in your home workout regimen to get a fantastic lower body-focused session that will tone your hips, thighs, abdominals, and glutes:



  • When standing with your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees and get into a squat position by tracking your knees over your toes.
  • Once you have completed the movement, keep your glutes tight and stand up.

Abduction Of The Hips

Hip abduction

  • Support your upper body by placing your top arm in front of your chest while lying on your side.
  • Raise your top leg towards the ceiling as high as possible while maintaining stability and engagement in your core.
  • Repeat the last step while lowering yourself back down with control.

Glute Bridges

Glute bridges

  • When lying on your back, raise your heels onto the mat so they are slightly away from your buttocks and point your legs upward.
  • The toes should point outwards, and the knees should be pushed outward to engage the abductors (side glutes).
  • Maintain a flat upper back while lifting your hips toward the ceiling. The movement should solely be driven by your lower body from the waist down.
  • Once you have arrived at the peak, contract your glutes. Please make an effort to keep them interested throughout the entirety of the movement. Reduce, then do it again.



  • Ensure that your head is resting on the flat arm lying on the ground when you are lying on your side. Start by bringing your hips and knees to an angle of 45 degrees and 90 degrees, respectively.
  • Make sure to keep your feet squeezed together while moving your knee away from your midsection.
  • When you reach the movement's peak, pause for a while, contracting your glutes and abdominal muscles, and returning to the starting position slowly. Repeat.

Fire Hydrants


  • Assuming a tabletop position on all fours, ensure that your abdominal muscles are engaged and that your back is kept straight.
  • Ensure one of your legs is raised in line with your hip while maintaining a 90-degree angle between your legs. You should lift the leg with your knee and keep your foot and knee aligned during the whole exercise. Drive the portion up with your knee.
  • Engage both glutes to keep your hips in a square and centered position.
  • If you feel too much movement in your upper body, bring your hands slightly to one side (the side of the leg that is planted), which will provide you with more stability. Repeat.

Glute Rainbows

Glute rainbows

  • Get down on the floor and into the all-fours position. Raise your left leg and then stretch it behind you in a straight line.
  • Make an arcing motion with your left leg behind your right leg while maintaining a level stance. Then, using your left hip, bring it back past where you started to put it in a lateral posture behind you. Return to the center, and repeat the exercise on the other leg.

Side Lunge

Side lunge

  • Engage your core, stand at the top of the mat with your feet together, push your bottom out behind you and maintain a flat upper back while lunging laterally.
  • Continue by pushing through the back of the heel of the foot you are lunging with.

Curtsy Lunge

Curtsy lunge

  • From a standing position with your feet spaced hip-width apart, perform a lunge backward while crossing the leg you are lunging with over to the opposing side. You will come to rest in a position similar to a deep curtsy.
  • Return to the beginning position by driving through the heel of your front foot. Repeat.

Be sure to incorporate various exercises into your routine. Not only may too much repetition result in an injury from overuse, but overtraining the muscles in the hip area can lead to larger hips. Although having a booty shaped like an hourglass doesn't seem terrible to us, it may not be what you want when you exercise.

Three Exercises For The Lower Body To Shape The Muscles In The Legs, Bottom, And Hips

Beginner lower body workout

For those who prefer to have your workouts sorted out for you (*fist pump* we don't blame you), we have invited three superstar personal trainers to offer their most excellent lower body routines below. These workouts will help you smooth, strengthen, and tone your lower body like a pro.

Lower-Body Exercise Routine For Beginners

8-Minute Home Workout to Get Rid of Hip Dips

A Women's Health Collective specialist named Alice Living devised a unique fitness challenge lasting 28 days specifically for you. You want to train your entire body by performing three workouts every week. During the introductory sessions, we will lead you through three sets of supersets during the preparatory sessions that focus on your lower body and core (two exercises repeated back to back with a 60-second rest in between). You will perform each superset three times to improve your self-assurance and strength.

Spend Ten Minutes Exercising Your Lower Body.

HIP DIPS WORKOUT | Side Butt Exercises | 10 min Home Workout

Are you pressed for time? Try out 'fun exercise gal' Lilly Sabri's side butt routine to build strength for round, voluptuous hips, and she recommends you do so. There is no need to use weights, and the whole thing takes ten minutes, but boy, will it make you sweat!

The 14-Minute Lower Body Exercise Designed By Kayla Itsines

The 14-Minute Lower Body Exercise Designed By Kayla Itsines

She is the reigning champion of Sweat in Australia and a fantastic trainer to boot. Your lower body will receive a good workout with lunges, squats, and glute bridges during this efficient routine that is part of the 28-day fitness challenge she devised explicitly for Women's Health (lucky us, eh). Everything you need to build solid, lean muscle in your lower body.

Are you still asking whether hip dips are good or not?

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