A Hip Dip Doesn't Look Freaky: Are Hip Dips Unattractive?

 A Hip Dip Doesn't Look Freaky

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
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Updated on 11/27/2022

Okay, so let's speak about Hip Dips Hips and whether “are hip dips unattractive.” Are hip dips ugly?
Shall we? The only type of hip dip I've ever done is the exercise where you start in a side plank position and dip your hips while working your oblique muscles. However, I have heard that the indentation between the hip and the thigh is considered a "hip dip."

What does a hip dip look like? The hip dip is a natural occurrence just beneath the hip bone, outside the outer part of your upper legs. Due to a tighter connection between their skin in this area and the greater trochanter of their femur, some people can see indents made by this area of skin.

If you're wondering, "how do I fill in my hips?" let me tell you that this issue has never been a "problem" until individuals started making it a problem for themselves. A basic search on Pinterest yielded an overwhelming number of results for me.

What Exactly Are Hip Dips?

What Exactly Are Some Hip Dips

Under the hip bone, hip dips are characterized by an inward curvature on each side, and they are more pronounced or apparent in specific individuals than in others.

She is additionally known as

  • Hip dents
  • Violin Hips, Violin shaped hips
  • A Depression in the Trochanter
  • Strong hips
  • Hips on the shelf
  • Body in the shape of figure 8 or a spoon

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What Are The Roots Of Hip Dips?

Trochanteric depression is the proper name for the indentation that laypeople call hip dents. Trochanteric depression is a word used in anatomy. The contour of your pelvis is to blame for the appearance of hip dips. You are not a freak, and it is not a deformity if your hips resemble violins, even if they are highly prominent. This shape is typically caused by having "high hips," which means that your pelvis sits up high and is quite broad. In the case of a wide pelvis, you can tell a bit of a dip between your hip bones and where your thigh bone (femur) starts. In other words, you have a pear shape.

Roots Of Hip Dips

How To Round Out Hip Dips?

As I explored more deeply into the bowels of the internet, the additional study discovered other names; one typical method to characterize hip dips is "violin hips." Plastic surgeons frequently deal with this characteristic, as it is rather prevalent (the solution is to graft fat into the dented area to round out the shape). A few folks noted, which I found amusing, that they had always assumed the cause of this condition may have been because they wore their underpants in the 'dip' region. This is something that I found amusing.

I honestly believed that this may have been a contributing cause as well. To this day, I often move my underwear's waistband so that it sits on the troublesome muffin top that draws attention to my hip dips. Just in case, how the waistline is positioned will help whittle away at that pesky extra piece of fat!!!

How The Love Handles Can Make A Difference

Love Handles Can Make A Difference

Those annoying rolls of fat that tend to form on our hip bones are referred to as "love handles," which are also often referred to as "muffin tops." They are not technically hip dips, but unfortunately, they can make the whole hip-dip shape look more noticeable. Because of the lumpy bit at the top of the hip dent, they tend to stand out more. As a result, the buttocks protrude more. A little bit later, we'll look at some suggestions for how to dress to minimize the appearance of this characteristic.

Is Everyone Doing Hip Dips Right Now?

Does Everyone Have Hip Dips?

As far as hip dips go, it is hard to say if EVERYONE does hip dips. So, Does everyone have hip dips? That's a very broad brushstroke, aren't you? I've seen several blogs where the author asserts that you will generally have a hip dip if you have a skeleton. Since every human has a structure, this statement is correct.

However, I'm not quite sure that I agree with this. I have several acquaintances with a beautiful round contour around their hips without any trace of an indent, and I know that some people do not have this trait. In addition, I have spent years surreptitiously observing other women determine whether or not their hips seemed the same strange way mine did. My research revealed that very few women (if any) had the same hip dip as I did.

Keep in mind, however, that clothes may cover a lot of flaws, so in all likelihood, these folks do have a slight chip dip that is not particularly obvious. But if we're being honest, most individuals have a hip dip, so I suppose it's safe to conclude that having hip dips is very 'normal'!

My opinion is that it is entirely dependent on the specific person. (Sorry, I was a math instructor; I couldn't help!) It seems reasonable to assume this characteristic has a graph that follows a normal distribution—indicating that most people have a moderate amount of hip dip, which falls between these two extremes.

A person who does not have a hip dip or has a very pronounced one is likely to be in the minority.

Why Hip Dips Have Such A Negative Connotation

Why Hip Dips Have Such A Negative Connotation

Hip dips have a lot of detractors, but can anybody explain why?

Since I have experienced the pain of a deep hip dip, I believe I am uniquely qualified to answer your questions. The aesthetic quality of my hip dips is the primary factor in my dissatisfaction with them. It has been taught to us all that a curved, hourglass shape is the epitome of feminine beauty, a belief we all share. I consider a body type with a tiny waist to have the most attractive butts and hips, so The next question is, are hip dips attractive.

My violin hips are one of the aspects of my physique that I loathe the most. To clarify, this does not mean that I always look down on myself or anybody else who has hip dips; yet, it is undeniably one of the physical characteristics that I would like not to have. Because I am the only person I know that has them as visibly as I do, it has always made me feel lonely and quite ugly. We shouldn't get worked up over trivial and insignificant matters in the grand scheme. However, I am also aware that focusing on trivial issues can erode one's sense of self-worth and lead to unhappiness.

You may name them violin hips, hip dips, or hip dents if you like. Whatever you choose to call them is OK. Viewing straight from the front or rear indicates that your hips and butt do not appear completely smooth and round.

why don’t my hips look like this?

Here's what violin hips/hip dips look like:

A more rounded form. There is only the barest suggestion of a hip dip in this picture, but it's there. I guess that the majority of women have hips that are shaped like this.

Despite this, I must mention that some people enjoy performing hip dips, even though most people could care less about them. This post is for all the other people who also have significant hip dips and have always felt something was wrong with them. Trust me; there are enough of us. This article is for all of you, and I must inform you unequivocally that there is no.

 hips look like this?

Despite this, there are times when I still have doubts about it. In the past, I have allowed it to determine what I dress because some clothing choices seem to draw more attention than others. As many times as I can remember, I've put on a dress that was form-fitting and looked beautiful from the sides, but when viewed straight from the front, it gave the impression that I was missing two enormous pieces from the sides of the garment where my hip dips are located.

I think high-waisted bottoms look a little off on me, so I try to steer clear of them whenever possible.

How To Get Rid Of Sagging Hips And Reduce The Appearance Of Hip Dips And Hip Dents

Look Of Hip Dips or Hip Dents

Those who have violin hips and are self-conscious about them may be disappointed to learn that very little can be done to change their appearance.

It may be impossible or challenging to make changes in this area depending on the causes of your hip dips (for most people, it is a combination of their bone structure and the fat distribution on their hips). If a variety of these factors causes your hip dips, it may be impossible to change this area. If your skeleton or pelvis causes your “hip dips skeleton,” then you should begin to learn how to accept yourself. Discover that you have a little amount of extra fat in the area of your love handles. You might be able to make some modest improvements by focusing on your diet and exercise, but other people might be of a healthy weight (or even underweight) and still store fat in this area!

You may take immediate action to hide your hip dips by choosing apparel that draws attention away from them. Here are some helpful suggestions that you may put into practice:

How to minimize the appearance of deep hip dips and round up your figure

How to minimize the appearance

  • Avoid wearing low waistbands that are too tight since they might "cut you off."
  • Put on shirts that are longer or flowery.
  • You might consider wearing peplum tops similar to those displayed down the page (these tops have a hanging frill around the waist that hides hip dips).
  • Consider wearing garments with a looser fit, such as A-line skirts and dresses, ruffled dresses, etc.
  • Avoid wearing high-waisted or tight-fitting bottoms unless you have a relatively thin waist since this will make your curves look even more exaggerated.
  • You might try wearing compression underwear, which has the potential to help smooth out love handles and lessen the size of the 'notch' they cause.
  • You may try wearing padded underwear; the padding on your hips might help fill in the dips!

In the following video, you will see several beautiful instances of how selecting the wrong apparel may draw attention to your love handles. Avoid wearing pants with a tight waistline that are too small for you, as well as underwear with a waistband that is too tight and might "cut you off!"


How to Get Rid of Love Handles | Scola Dondo

How To Hide Hip Dips In Leggings?

It is necessary to conceal the space between the top of your hips and your waist to hide hip dips. It is recommended to wear bottoms with a high waist for this purpose. Your waist is accentuated with a high waist, giving you an hourglass figure. High-waist pants with a paper bag waist are an excellent example.

Padded Underwear Is Designed Explicitly For Hip Dents.

Padded Underwear

Hip padding, which appears in butt enhancement underwear, is another clothing option available immediately. Did you know you can purchase special hip padding to help fill those dents? You can already get butt-padded underwear, which is excellent for giving a nice little lift to your assets. Have you ever heard of hip padding that is designed explicitly for hips?

Using them is so easy; they have an adhesive backing that can be reused and attached to the inside of your underwear (Bubbles® Bodywear also sells pantyhose with pockets that retain the hip padding).

Activities That Can Help Reduce The Appearance Of Hip Dents

Exercises to Reduce the Look of Hip Dents

If you aren't entirely sold on wearing padded pants and want to work on getting rid of those hip dents more permanently, I think specific exercises can help round out your shape. If you aren't entirely sold on wearing padded pants, you can read more about it here.

Because somewhat different features might cause the hip dip of each person, it may not work for everyone. If you were to exercise the muscles positioned in the central area of the hip dent, and if they were to bulk up, they would be able to fill up the pattern. I have always wondered about myself in this regard.
The only problem with this line of reasoning is that (a) it's conceivable that there isn't a muscle that is precisely placed where your hip dents are, and (b) it's also possible that it's not feasible to bulk up this muscle to the extent where it would fill up the dent. Despite that, is there no harm in giving it a go?
To begin, I investigated the natural anatomy of the butt to see whether or not there are any muscles located in the region of the hip dent. I understood that the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles are located around my hip dents. Therefore I reasoned that performing workouts that focus on these muscles may aid in filling in the patterns. 

Exercises to Reduce the Look of Hip Dents

Exercises Suggested For Patients With Hip Disorders

Patients With Hip Disorders

Although I can't promise that doing these exercises will fill in the dents in your hips, I don't see why giving them a shot wouldn't be any use.

Exercises for Hip Dents

Two perspectives inform my strategy:

  • Aim to perform exercises that target the middle and the small gluteus muscles to help build them up and fill up the area around the hips.
  • You should aim to train the Gluteus Maximus to create more volume for the butt as a whole. It should also help to give an overall rounder and more lifted appearance by bringing attention to the fuller parts of your butt.

Gluteus Medius And Gluteus Minimus Butt Exercises:

Gluteus Medius

Here is a brief list of glute exercises you may try to see if they can help minimize hip dips. However, if you want more information on this topic (with images), check out the post that I wrote on which butt exercises are the greatest to help reduce hip dips.

  • Curtsy Lunges
  • Side Lunges
  • Abductions of Band Members
  • Clamshells
  • Side-lying leg lifts

Butt Exercises To Bulk Up Your Gluteus Maximus:

Butt Exercises To Bulk Up Your Gluteus Maximus

Seriously, you may choose virtually any butt exercise from this list; nevertheless, the following are the butt exercises that I consider to be the best all-rounders and foundational butt exercises:

How To Suffocate Your Hunger (Naturally)?

Fill Up Your Fat Naturally

Another possibility that I only found out about recently seems like wishful thinking, but there is some evidence from scientific research that seems to back it up! Although I have not yet put this into practice on my own, based on the study that I have done on it, it looks like it would be helpful in some way.

It goes by the name "Volufiline," In its purest form, it is a topical (cream) ingredient produced from a traditional Chinese medicinal plant. Now, though, we get to the exciting part. Studies have shown that applying this active component in specific areas can naturally stimulate the formation of fat cells, which can cause this in the areas where it is used. Applying it to your hip dents to fill them out with your fat is thus the best course of action.

You're Not Alone

you're not alone

You've been plagued by this so-called "condition" for as long as you can remember, and now you finally have a label for it. To what end? Don't you like it? (Hey, I'm the same way.)

There is a good chance that not many of your friends would comprehend the suffering that you are going through. You may start to feel like a bit of a freak. Even if it doesn't help much, just knowing that you aren't the only one going through this might be somewhat of a morale booster, as foolish as that may sound. I discovered the abovementioned topic on Reddit and a blog dedicated to appreciating hip dips! If you're feeling wrong about the dents in your hips, you should check out these few websites, where you'll perhaps feel a little more about how your body is shaped.

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 space to the hip dips

In writing this piece for my blog, I honestly did not believe I could devote as much space to the hip dips, but this subject is very near and dear to my heart!

Even though I am a woman with a significant hip dip, I am still working on accepting my body shape. However, I have found that understanding how to dress to complement your curves is a great assist. Knowing that you are not the only person with this disease might help ease the symptoms.

I hope this has been useful to anyone with hip dents who have been wondering whether or not they are normal. As usual, feel free to leave a remark below! I'd be overjoyed to learn (once more) that I'm not the only one in the world that has a hip dip.

Do you still have questions about Are Hip Dips Unattractive? or how to hide hip dips in dress?

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