Why Are BBL Hip Dips Amazing? Let's talk About It.


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Mai Delacruz
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Updated on 11/29/2022

Many women are concerned about their hip dips, which have become increasingly widespread. For a good reason, many women are curious as to which body contouring treatments might be carried out to address the issue of hip dips. This is because body contouring procedures are becoming increasingly popular. At the Center for Surgery, our doctors specialize in only the most successful operations that assist women in feeling increasingly confident about how they look. These procedures make women feel more positive about their appearance overall. With the Brazilian butt lift hip dips treatment, often known as a BBL, it is now feasible to generate smoother contours in the hip dip area that are more defined than they were before conceivable. The BBL procedure is the most common cosmetic surgery for women who want to get rid of those ugly hip dips and have a shape that is more reminiscent of an hourglass.

What Exactly Are Some Hip Dips?


Many people have an indentation on the outside portion of their legs, roughly at the region where the upper thigh meets with the hip, referred to as hip dips. This is the phrase that is used to refer to this indentation.

Hereditary factors are the most prevalent cause of hip dips. However, individuals might experience a worsening of their symptoms if they lose or gain weight in specific parts of their bodies. Hip dips will stand out more prominently when seeing a person from the frontal profile. The fact that many people have natural hip dips should always be kept in mind. Hip dips are not harmful in any way, even though they are increasingly considered unsightly physical features, and many women are interested in having them filled in. This is something that should be kept in mind at all times.

What Is The Most Effective Method Of Treating Hip Dips?

hip dips

It is unlikely that a good diet and exercise program alone will improve the look of hip dips in almost any individual's hips. When a patient loses weight in the buttock or hip area, they may find that their hip dips become more pronounced. This may be the case for many people. As a result of performing hip dips, you may find that you do not like how you seem when you look at yourself head-on in the mirror. Fortunately, a beautiful remedy is available in the form of a BBL.

How Noticeable Will The Scars From The BBL Be?

BBL surgery in London is regarded to be the most popular trend in body contouring at the moment since the curvaceous style has become increasingly popular. The increasing influence of social media may be used to explain why it is now regarded as extremely desired to have a shapelier body and highly projected buttocks in both women and men. This tendency can be related to the growth of social media. In spite of the fact that they put in a significant amount of time at the gym, the vast majority of people cannot acquire buttocks that appear more toned via food and exercise alone. The buttocks' appearance can be impacted not only by environmental factors but also by hereditary factors and the natural aging process.

A Tutorial On How To Perform The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)


At the Center for Surgery in London, our plastic surgeons are experienced in all types of body contouring procedures, including the Brazilian butt lift. They are applying their skill and expertise daily to assist in transforming the lives of countless patients who have long desired a curvier and fuller look to the hips and buttocks. How noticeable will the BBL scars be after surgery? This is one of the questions that our doctors are asked the most frequently. The Centre for Surgery is recognized as a leader in the field of scar management, and each of our doctors has access to the complete spectrum of available treatments and procedures to guarantee that the BBL scars that result from your surgery are as minimal as possible. Let's go through the process of a Brazilian butt lift first before we get into the topic of BBL scars.

What Exactly Takes Place During A Brazilian Butt Lift?


The Brazilian butt lift operation sometimes referred to as a BBL, is a sophisticated type of buttock augmentation that involves the transfer of fat to the buttocks. The first part of the process consists of doing liposuction, and the type of liposuction that is performed the most frequently is referred to as 360 liposuctions. This type of liposuction is conducted to precisely shape the belly, waist, and back. BBL surgery is performed when the patient is under the influence of general anesthesia and typically lasts between two and three hours. After the liposuction procedure has been finished, the patient's fat will be carefully injected using specialized fat transfer cannulas into specific regions of the buttocks and hips in order to achieve precise contouring. This will be done after the fat has been cleaned and processed.

What Are The Many Variations Of The Brazilian Butt Lift?


In order to achieve the absolute best outcomes from BBL surgery, it is necessary to meticulously follow all of the postoperative guidelines provided by the surgeon. It is essential to keep in mind that there are two distinct regions of the body that require maintenance: the regions of the body that are subjected to liposuction, as well as the buttock region, which was the location of the fat transfer procedure. During the phase of healing, it is normal to have mild to moderate bruising, swelling, and soreness. Fortunately, these symptoms may be readily handled with over-the-counter pain medication and a compression garment that fits properly. In the days leading up to your treatment at our cutting-edge Baker Street clinic in London, one of our highly trained preoperative nurses will be able to take your measurements for the BBL compression garment and help you get fitted for it.


After undergoing a BBL surgery, an essential aspect of the healing process is to take care not to put any pressure on the buttocks when sitting or resting. After surgery, patients of any age must refrain from putting any pressure on their buttocks for at least two weeks. Your surgeon will be able to provide you with information on the specific period that has been suggested. Because of this, the newly transplanted fat cells have the highest possible chance of surviving since this will cause a new blood supply to grow in the fat cells, ensuring their continued life over the long term. The use of a round doughnut cushion or a nursing pillow, which will allow you to sit comfortably without compromising the area where fat grafting was conducted, is frequently the most effective technique to prevent any direct pressure from being applied to the treated area. Although it is crucial to be mobile to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), all patients should refrain from engaging in any vigorous activity for at least the first four weeks of treatment.

Is It Safe To Do The Brazilian Butt Lift?


The length of time it takes for a person to recover after BBL varies from person to person, but most patients can return to light job tasks within one week. However, this will depend on the kind of employment that they do. Patients will need to continue to refrain from applying any pressure directly on their buttocks. Although the vast majority of patients will notice an enhancement in their buttocks within the first couple of weeks following surgery, it may take up to six months for the final results to develop. This is because any residual swelling will need to go down, and the fat cells that were transferred will need time to mature in their new location. The BBL scars will be fully grown between the ages of three and six months.

What Do BBL Scars Look Like?


When compared to many other forms of surgery, such as a tummy tuck, a BBL operation leaves very little in the way of visible scarring. Different types of surgery, on the other hand, leave significant scarring. The only scars that will be left behind are the tiny incisions that were made to gain access to the cannulas used for liposuction and fat injection. The length of them is often hardly more than a few millimeters at most. After undergoing the BBL surgery, individuals may have a difficult time recognizing their own scars until they have fully recovered from the effects of the treatment. Your surgeon will take all necessary precautions to try to situate incisions in natural body folds where they will be more successfully disguised. This is one of the goals of the surgery. During your appointment with one of our highly trained BBL surgeons in London, you will be clinically evaluated through the taking of a complete medical history as well as a physical examination, and your surgeon will be able to inform you of where they intend to place the scars.

Do You Think A Brazilian butt Lift In London Would Be Appropriate For Me?


Patients who are considering BBL surgery should first determine whether or not they meet the following criteria:

  • They do not suffer from any life-threatening disorders, either mental or physical, and they are generally healthy.
  • Patients who have constant body weight and a BMI that is preferably lower than 28
  • Non-smokers
  • Have adequate fat reserves to enable suitable liposuction and transfer sufficient fat to the buttocks.
  • Have you experimented with non-surgical ways to improve the appearance of your buttocks? Some of these methods include maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activity.

How Much Should A Person Weigh To Compete In BBL?


In the first BBL consultation that you have at the Centre for Surgery, the BBL surgeon will perform a comprehensive physical examination to determine whether or not you have sufficient fat reserves to use for fat transfer to the buttocks. The BBL surgeon will also want to assess your expectations for treatment in order to determine whether or not BBL is appropriate for you. It is essential to keep in mind that although fat transfer can help to some extent to improve loose skin, it is not the same as a buttock lift procedure, which is more appropriate for those who have lost a significant amount of weight and require excess skin removal.

Having realistic expectations about what the BBL procedure can achieve is the most critical aspect of achieving excellent outcomes after BBL surgery. The face-to-face consultation with a body contouring BBL surgeon at the Centre for Surgery in London is the most effective method for determining which treatment option will provide the most outstanding results. This consultation will also cover the potential dangers associated with BBL surgery.

BBL Surgery And The Possible Risks.


In recent times, the Brazilian Butt Lift, sometimes abbreviated as a BBL, has been featured prominently in the media for all of the wrong reasons. In August of 2018, it was reported that a British lady named Leah Cambridge, who was 29 years old, had passed away after getting a BBL in Turkey. In October of 2018, it was reported that a second lady from Britain had passed away while undergoing BBL treatment outside of the country. The woman's identity remained unknown. Following the news of these two fatalities, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Doctors (BAAPS) issued a statement recommending that surgeons in the United Kingdom stop conducting BBLs.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of cosmetic operation that has become more common in recent years all over the world.

The treatment entails moving fat from one area of the body to another in order to end up with buttocks that are bigger and more rounded.

The surgery will begin with liposuction being performed on a donor part of the patient's body as the initial stage. This could encompass the thighs, hips, flanks, or abdominal region. The fat is then processed and sterilized before being re-injected into the buttock in order to augment its size.

Where Do The Dangers Lie?


The process can appear simple, but could you please explain the potential dangers?

The following are examples of unique BBL risks:

  • Bruising
  • Stretch markings
  • Bleeding (hematoma)
  • Infection
  • Poor healing of the wound
  • Clots of blood form
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Changes in the way the skin feels, such as numbness or tingling.
  • Asymmetry
  • Scarring
  • Looseness of skin
  • Problems that might arise with the use of anesthesia
  • Complications involving the heart or the lungs

A fat embolism is one of the most severe problems that can arise from a BBL. This happens when a clump of fat breaks off and goes into the circulation, where it eventually reaches the arteries of the heart and lungs. During the second stage of the Brazilian butt lift, this may take place if fat is injected into the muscle or if a vein is ruptured. This has the potential to end in a fatality.

What Measures May Surgeons Use To Reduce The Risk Of Complications?


Fortunately, there are procedures that surgeons may take while doing a BBL to reduce the risk of complications, including a fat embolism, and guarantee that the design is carried out without any problems. These are the following:

  • Avoid injecting fat into the deeper layers of muscle.
  • Keep your distance from the gluteal veins as well as the sciatic nerve.
  • Cannulas should be of the appropriate size.
  • Take care to ensure that you only inject while the cannula is moving.
  • Please focus on the cannula's placement to ensure that it does not penetrate any farther.
  • Before performing the BBL procedure, surgeons must ensure that their patients are informed of the possibility of fat embolisms and the several surgical procedures available to them as alternatives.

What Options Are There For Patients?


Do you want to have a BBL, but you're hesitant to because you're afraid about how safe the treatment is? You will be relieved to know that there are measures you can take in advance to guarantee that your surgery will go off without a hitch.

Conduct research on the process; there is a wealth of information on BBLs available online. Before going to any clinic, make sure to conduct your own independent research beforehand. You will not only be able to make more educated decisions, but you will also be able to determine whether the knowledge you already possess is consistent with what your surgeon is giving you.

Do your homework on the surgeon: are they board certified? What are their credentials and experience? I was wondering how much experience they have. What kind of feedback can you find on their website? If you are unable to locate any evidence that your surgeon is certified, or if they have a significant number of negative reviews, you may want to look for another option. Through the website of the General Medical Council in the United Kingdom, you are able to determine whether or not your surgeon is registered.

hip dips

Attend a consultation; however, keep in mind that not all clinics will provide this service. There is a possibility that some will provide consultations, but the talks will be with a corporate representative rather than with the surgeon. A significant number of patients who are dissatisfied with their treatment claim that they were never given the opportunity to see their surgeon before the day of their surgery. It is imperative that you personally know the surgeon in advance and determine whether or not you can have faith in them. Be confident that the surgeon is aware of your medical history and that they have explained all of the potential dangers associated with the treatment. Keep in mind that each cosmetic procedure comes with some degree of risk, and the surgeon is obligated to make you aware of them.

Aftercare: Does the price you've given me include aftercare for my procedure? You want to know, in the event that something goes wrong with your surgery, whether or not you will be able to see the same surgeon again and whether or not there will be any additional costs associated with doing so. As the popularity of Brazilian butt lift procedures continues to increase from year to year significantly, it can become challenging to determine which type of BBL is most suitable for an individual. This article provides a comprehensive overview of London's various Brazilian butt lift procedure options. Additionally, it gives prospective patients some of the most important factors to think about when selecting the most appropriate butt enhancement procedure for their unique needs.

How Does One Perform A Brazilian butt lift?


A Brazilian butt lift is a specialized body contouring treatment aimed to increase both the size and form of a patient's buttocks in a way that is both aesthetically acceptable and enhances the body silhouette. The operation is also known as butt augmentation. At the Centre for Surgery in London, patients frequently undergo a procedure that first requires 360-degree liposuction to be performed using the Microaire power-assisted technique on the abdomen, flanks, and back. This is done in order to remove fatty deposits that will later be utilized in the fat transfer procedure. When performing liposuction, only tiny incisions, which are easily hidden, need to be made. The buttocks are used in the second stage of the BBL procedure, which involves transferring the harvested fact into those areas. In order to get the ideal size and form of the buttocks, fat is often injected into certain parts of the buttocks. The exact placement of the fat injections is determined by the goals that you have for the procedure.

Buttock Implants Versus BBL


The patient's goals for therapy will determine which of the two procedures—buttock implant surgery or a Brazilian butt lift—will be the most beneficial.

Buttock implants require the surgical formation of a pocket inside the gluteus muscle, followed by the insertion of specifically engineered silicone buttock implants into the pouch produced during the procedure.

Buttock implants are available in a wide range of various sizes and forms, giving patients the opportunity to select the appearance that is most suited to them. Buttock implant surgery comes with a number of potential complications, including implant rupture, which would necessitate its subsequent removal, and implant malposition, in which the buttock implants would move out of their intended position, which would cause the buttocks to take on a different appearance as a result.

Patients who either do not want to have liposuction or do not have sufficient fat reserves to enable a significant amount of fat to be transferred to create visible results may benefit more from buttock implants than from BBL fat transfer. This is one of the primary advantages of having buttock implants rather than BBL fat transfer. Buttock implants, much like BBL, have the potential to provide permanent and long-term outcomes. However, in contrast to fat transfer, the implants will not be absorbed by the patient's body even if they experience weight loss. 


Buttocks that have undergone buttock implant surgery tend to have a smoother appearance than those that have been enhanced by injecting fat into the buttocks, which can sometimes cause rippling in the buttocks. As a result, many patients find that the appearance of their buttocks after buttock implant surgery is more to their liking. In comparison to buttock implant surgery, the Brazilian butt lift gives patients a look that is more natural. It is essential to give some thought to the various treatment options for BBL and to make sure that the procedure is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is an expert in BBL surgery. Additionally, it is essential to take some time to reflect on the various treatment options for a BBL.

Different Variations Of The Brazilian Butt Lift


Because of the excellent results that may be achieved with the treatment, BBL surgery continues to see a meteoric rise in popularity. It now holds a rating of 90% on the website RealSelf. At the Centre for Surgery in London, we offer a variety of BBL procedures; however, it is essential that patients select the tailored treatment to meet their needs. Because the Brazilian butt lift is a highly individualized procedure with many different components, it is vitally important for patients to conduct exhaustive research on all of these elements of the BBL procedure and give careful consideration to the factors that are most important to them in terms of achieving an aesthetically pleasing appearance to their buttocks. If you seek the advice of a consultant plastic surgeon who is listed on the GMC specialist register, you can be confident that you will be treated with the very best medical treatment available in the UK.

A Brazilian Butt Lift With A 360-Degree Liposuction Procedure


This is the most frequent version of BBL. It entails doing comprehensive 360 liposuctions to a number of different locations, including the belly, flanks, waste, and all of the files, to give the patient's silhouette a more balanced look. Because of the remarkable body sculpting effect that it possesses, most surgeons perform BBL surgery in conjunction with 360 degrees of liposuction as a standard procedure because this is what leads to the very best results.

Mini Brazilian Butt Lift


The difference between a conventional BBL and a mini BBL procedure is that the mini BBL requires a lesser quantity of fat to be removed by liposuction, and it transfers a smaller amount of fat to the recipient area. In many instances, the typical 360 Lipo and BBL involve the transfer of between 800 and 1200 mL of fat. The mini BBL usually involves fat volumes that are between 400 and 500 ml in size. Micro BBL is great for patients who desire to have modest effects and a more natural appearance. It is also ideal for patients who have a degree of asymmetry to their buttocks, which is frequently the consequence of past injury or trauma.

Plus Size Brazilian Butt Lift


Patients with a higher body mass index, somewhere in the range of 30 to 35, are the ideal candidates for the plus-size Brazilian butt lift procedure. In these circumstances, individuals should be in as good of health as they can be and should not have any substantial medical issues that can compromise the effectiveness of anesthesia. It is essential to keep in mind that having a higher body mass index, such as being overweight or obese, might increase the likelihood of experiencing postoperative problems. However, some patients are considered to be "bottom-heavy," which means that the majority of their body weight is located in the lower part of their body, while the upper part of their body is relatively thin. Patients who fit this description are typically considered to be excellent candidates for BBL surgery. Patients who have obesity that is concentrated in the upper body are considered to be ideal risk candidates for anesthesia and BBL surgery.

The Combination Of BodyTite And The Brazilian Butt Lift


Liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks are both components of the standard Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure, which is why the BodyTite Brazilian butt lift is so comparable to it. The radiofrequency skin tightening procedure known as BodyTite helps to optimize the outcomes of surgery by correcting any remaining skin laxity that the liposuction procedure may have caused. BodyTite is an effective treatment for underlying skin laxity, which is present in many patients who have previously been pregnant. This condition can be effectively treated without the need for more invasive surgery, such as a tummy tuck, by using BodyTite. BodyTite it's commonly carried out to the area both below and above the buttocks to tighten and firm the skin.

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift


Patients have the option of choosing from a variety of BBL treatments that do not involve surgery. In most cases, the procedures call for the injection of a substance that is similar to silicone. This is a potential therapy option for many individuals, particularly those who may be too thin for liposuction and fat transfer procedures. At the Centre for Surgery, we do not provide a Brazilian butt lift that is performed without surgery and makes use of artificial materials.

Sculptra Brazilian Butt Lift


Injections of Sculptra are frequently used for facial rejuvenation procedures in order to restore volume that has been lost. Its most recent use involves injecting it into the buttocks in order to improve the appearance of the buttocks without resorting to invasive surgery. Sculptra is a well-known collagen stimulator, and one of its functions is to enhance the quality of the skin on the buttocks, which in turn results in an improved appearance.

Contrasted With The Slope Brazilian Butt Lift


Or a slope, if you will. The term "Brazilian butt lifts" does not relate to distinct kinds of buttock lifts in and of itself; instead, it describes the variety of buttock shapes that patients have the option of selecting. Patients who want a more dramatic appearance frequently go for the shelf buttock because it gives the impression of having more projection than other buttock procedures. Slope buttocks have a more gradual curve, which gives the appearance of a more natural buttock. Because of this, slope buttocks are frequently chosen by patients who are looking for more subtle results.

Brazilian Butt Lift In The Shape Of An Hourglass


When considering Brazilian butt lift surgery, many patients aim to attain an hourglass figure. When this occurs, 360-degree liposuction is a beneficial procedure for completely removing fat deposits all around the patient's torso. Buttock implant surgery can produce buttocks that are strongly projected, but it cannot provide an hourglass form on its own and does not replace the need for liposuction.

Patients who desire an hourglass figure are the best candidates for a procedure combining 360 Lipo and BBL.

The abdominal region, the flanks, and the back can all be reshaped and contoured with 360 liposuctions.

Many patients decide to undergo a breast augmentation treatment as a second-stage operation to improve their overall appearance further. A consultation with one of our highly skilled plastic surgeons, who will be able to advise you on the best combination of treatments to achieve your goals, is the best way to find out if the hourglass Brazilian butt lift hip dips is the proper procedure for you and to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for it.

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