What is the difference between BBL and butt implants?

BBL Vs. BBL Implants

BBL Vs. BBL Implants

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 1/30/2023

The popularity of backside-enhancing surgeries has skyrocketed in recent years. Getting a rounder, bigger butt isn't limited to the Brazilian butt lift, but it's one of the more popular options. For some people, butt implants may be a better option than breast implants, even though they are not as common.

The Brazilian butt lift and buttock implants: their differences, benefits, and risks.

Brazilian buttlifts: what are they?

Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs) are named after a Brazilian plastic surgeon who invented them. To improve the size or shape of the buttocks, fat is removed from one area of the body and injected into the buttocks. A BBL may involve injecting fat into the backside as well as removing extra skin.


How do Butt Implants work?

A buttock implant is similar to a breast implant in that it augments the size of the buttocks. Typically, silicone implants are filled with silicone, which resists flattening and becoming misshapen under pressure and stress. There are different shapes and sizes of butt implants, just like breast implants. Others are oval in shape, while others are round. A smooth implant can have a pebbly texture or a smooth implant can have a pebbly texture.

How does BBL benefit you?

Plastic surgeons tend to recommend the Brazilian butt lift for several reasons. There are many advantages to BBL over implants, but perhaps the most important one is that the results are more natural. Unlike implants, the finished product feels more natural since the surgeon injects your own fat into the buttocks. BBL also produces more natural-looking results. In most cases, the outline of an implant can be seen through the skin when it is implanted.

BBL also offers the benefit of combining a lift with body contouring in one procedure. Liposuction is used to remove the fat from your body at the beginning of the procedure. This means you can have extra fat removed from your tummy, hips, thighs, or anywhere else you might have a bit of extra fat.

How does BBL affect your health?

There are risks associated with every plastic surgery, including BBL. The body can reabsorb too much fat, which is one of the biggest drawbacks. It is usually necessary for your surgeon to slightly overfill your backside to account for how much fat will be absorbed by the body. There are times, however, when more fat is absorbed than expected, which means you might not get the results you expected.

Aside from bleeding, infection, and scarring, there are other risks associated with BBL surgery. When you work with an experienced surgeon, those risks are usually very rare. An additional fat injection can correct asymmetry, or when one side of the buttocks is enlarged more than the other.

Butt implants: What are the benefits?

Some patients may benefit more from butt implants. Buttock augmentation with implants is the only option if you are very slim and don't have enough extra fat to transfer. The size of your derriere could be dramatically increased with implants, even if you have some extra fat that can be used for BBL.

Butt implants: What are the risks?

The risks associated with butt implants are different from those associated with BBL. One risk of implants is capsular contracture. Both breast implants and butt implants are susceptible to capsular contracture. The implant becomes squeezed when the surrounding tissue becomes hard. It is possible to suffer from capsular contracture that is very painful and can lead to deformities in more advanced stages.

It is also possible for implants in the buttocks to shift or move out of position. The butt area moves a lot and your backside is put under a lot of pressure and force. The implants can shift as a result of all that movement, which can create an unnatural look or cause discomfort.