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Updated on 10/2/2023
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Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a struggle for many women, especially those with hip dips. Hip dips, or violin hips, are a natural indentation at the lower hip bone. They are not a flaw or a sign of being overweight, but rather a normal variation in body shape. However, finding jeans that fit comfortably and flatter your hip dips can be challenging.

The good news is that many brands and styles of jeans are now available that are specifically designed to fit and flatter women with hip dips. This article will explore the best jeans for hip dips and provide tips on finding the perfect pair.

Whether you're looking for skinny jeans, high-waisted jeans, straight-leg jeans, or bootcut jeans, there are pairs of jeans out there that will fit and flatter your hip dips. You can feel confident and comfortable in your skin with the right pair of jeans. So, let's get started!



Best Jeans For Hip Dips

AGOLDE Crisscross Upsize High waist Jeans

It's hard to imagine a better pair of jeans for concealing hip dips than these. Not only are they lose and comfy, which means they won't accentuate your hip dips, but they're also on-trend with the recent popularity of baggy jeans. MWhat'soreover, they feature a stylish and flattering waistband that differentiates them from other options. It's safe to say we're absolutely in love with them.


Levi's Trendy Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

For a truly timeless look, these boyfriend jeans are a must-have. With their high-rise waistline and small cuff at the bottom, they exude effortless style. Available in a range of blue and black shades, they're versatile enough to pair with anything in your wardrobe. We envision them teamed with a cozy tee and oversized cardigan for those chilly months ahead!


INC International Concepts Women's Mid-Rise Cuffed Straight-Leg Jeans

We're smitten with these straight-leg jeans, and it's not hard to see why. Sporting a timeless dark wash, they're loose-fitting throughout the legs, ensuring they won't accentuate hip dips. MWhat'soreover, the cuffed hem at the bottom adds a stylish touch while drawing the eye away from the hip area. All in all, these jeans are a win-win in form and function.


NYDJ Petite Pull-On Wide Leg Capri Jeans

Attention all petite ladies! If you're looking for a comfortable and flattering pair of jeans, these wide-leg wonders have got you covered. Made with ultra-comfy stretch denim and featuring a convenient pull-on waistband, they're a joy to wear. MWhat'soreover incorporates NYDJ's lift tuck technology, which smooths and flatters your curves. Don't miss out on this winning combination of style and comfort!



What Exactly Are "Hip Dips"?

hip dips

hip dips

Hip dips are a natural indentation that occurs at the lower hip bone. They are not a flaw or a sign of being overweight, but rather a normal variation in body shape. Hip dips are common in women, but not all women have them.

Hip dips are a natural part of the anatomy caused by the shape and placement of the hip bones. They are not caused by weight gain or loss and cannot be changed through exercise or diet.



Finding jeans that fit properly and flatter your hip dips is essential for comfort and confidence. Jeans that are too loose in the waist can create gaps and bulges, while too-tight jeans can be uncomfortable and unflattering. You can avoid these issues by finding the right fit and feeling confident and comfortable in your jeans.

Now that you understand what hip dips are and why the right fit is essential let's consider the factors when selecting jeans for hip dips.


Factors to Consider When Selecting Jeans for Hip Dips

The material of your jeans is essential when selecting jeans for hip dips. Look for some stretch denim, as this will help hug your curves and provide a flattering fit. Stretch denim also has more give, making it more comfortable to wear for long periods.

The waistband of your jeans is another essential factor to consider. A high-waisted belt will help smooth out bulges and provide a flattering fit. A wide band will also offer more support and help to keep your jeans in place.

The fit of your jeans is the most crucial factor when selecting jeans for hip dips. Look for jeans that fit snugly around your waist, hips, and thighs without being too tight or loose. Jeans that are too loose in the core can create gaps and bulges, while too-tight jeans can be uncomfortable and unflattering.

The style of your jeans is also essential to consider. Different jeans will flatter different body shapes, so it'sfinding a style that works for you is crucial. For example, skinny jeans will provide a sleek and streamlined look, while bootcut jeans will balance your hips and create a more proportional look.

Now that you know the factors to consider when selecting jeans for hip dips, let's look at the top jeans brands.



Should One Feel Embarrassed About Hip Dips?

Embarrassed Jeans A Bout Hip Dips

Embarrassed Jeans A Bout Hip Dips

Since the beginning of time, women have been under pressure to change their appearance to conform to society's standards, and this has been an issue for them since then and will continue to be an issue for all women in the future.

For women to be accepted and loved, they are pressured to despise their bodies and put in extra effort to ensure their continued relevance in society.

Nevertheless, the world is changing. Due to the rise of body positivity and acceptance of all body types across the globe, women can now accept the curves of their bodies and can now accept themselves for who they are.

Nevertheless, a threat is posed by insecurity. People constantly struggle with feelings of insecurity regarding themselves and their bodies. It is okay! When we cannot love ourselves, we often cover up the aspects of ourselves that cause us to feel insecure. This is something that happens to all of us.

Therefore, if the appearance of your hip dips bothers you and you do not like how they look, you can disguise them by dressing them down or covering them with clothing. The following paragraph will explain how.


How Can Hip Dips Be Reduced To Make Them Less Of A Problem?

good hip dips

good hip dips

Even though it is impossible to eliminate them entirely, you can do a few things to reduce the amount of time they are visible.

-Pants and skirts with a high waistline are required attire. Your hip dips will be less noticeable, which will help to camouflage them.

-You should avoid wearing clothing that is too snug. If you're self-conscious about your hip dips, it's best to steer clear of clothing that is too tight because it will only accentuate them.

Hip dip cover up

Hip dip cover up

-Go with darker shades of color. Wearing dark colors can also help to conceal and make your hip dips less noticeable by acting as a camouflage for them.

-Give contouring a shot. Contouring techniques are an excellent method for reducing the visibility of imperfections, including hip dips. Use bronzer or contouring powder to give the impression that your face has shadows.

-get a suitable body corset. You can significantly reduce the appearance of hip depressions with a body shaper, which can work wonders in this regard, and it will help smooth your silhouette and give you a more flattering figure.


How Exactly Does One Cover-Up Hip Dips in Jeans?

Jeans are an item that should be present in every woman's wardrobe, and the jeans you feel most comfortable in are the ones you should wear. But generally, jeans with a rise anywhere from mid-rise to high-rise will look the most flattering around the hip dips.

Jeans that sit higher on the waist draw attention away from the legs and toward the midsection, which is generally considered the more alluring region of the body. High-rise jeans accomplish this by sitting higher on the wearer's waist.

Distressed jeans, low-rise jeans, and jeans with large pockets are the worst jeans you can wear if you want to avoid drawing attention to the dip in your hips, and they are also the types of jeans that are most likely to be worn.

Jeans Cover hip dips

Jeans Cover hip dips

There are a variety of techniques we can use to cover up or disguise a hip prolapse. However, it is necessary to remember that these are only temporary solutions.

Padded underwear is another alternative that we can
Wearing them in place of skinny jeans is relatively effective in reducing the appearance of blemishes. It is necessary to check that the underwear is not too restrictive.

In addition, if you are not interested in wearing padded or heavy-duty shapewear, Spanx offers a shapewear line frequently designed to minimize the appearance of love handles and hip dips.

However, these solutions are only temporary, and wearing shapewear can sometimes be uncomfortable. Consider using one of these methods if you want your jeans or dresses to appear less pronounced on your hips and if you want to minimize the appearance of hip dips.

Tip advice (in addition to jeans): Is to wear straight pants or jeans with a looser fit, such as a boyfriend or mom jeans, which are both fashionable and flattering. If you can, steer clear of anything form-fitting like skinny jeans.
Rid hip dips

Rid hip dips

What Can I Wear On My Body To Get Rid Of The Hip Dips?

Researchers assert, however, that maintaining healthy body weight and engaging in regular exercise are two of the best ways to minimize the appearance of hip dips.

For instance, Rhea Sheedy, the founder of Ballet Fusion, recommends that people concentrate on moves that target the glute muscles with exercises such as weighted glute bridges, Bulgarian split squats, and lunges.

In addition, she emphasizes the significance of leg-sculpting cardiovascular activities like walking and running, such as how important they are.

At the same time, exercises that engage their core, tone the abdominal muscles, and get rid of love handles can help shape their waist.

Nevertheless, regular exercise is an excellent method for assisting in the upkeep of a healthy body within body. We can't. The importance of nutrition is exaggerated, and we should not overlook this.

To summarize, it is impossible to eliminate the appearance of hip depression; The best we can do is reduce its appearance.

normal hip dips

normal hip dips

Finding pants that fit well and provide enough coverage and support can be difficult. But there's a solution: hip-dip pants. These pants are designed to cater to women with hip dips, providing a flattering fit and enough coverage to hide the drops in your hips.

Jeans are a popular choice of pants, but they can be challenging to find if you have hip dips. One of the best ways to cover hip dips in jeans is to choose a style with a higher waistband. High-rise jeans provide more coverage and support, helping to hide the drops in your hips. Another option is to select low-rise jeans with wide straps that sit comfortably on your hips, providing a smooth and flattering look.

When looking for the best pants for hip dips, consider material, waistband, and fit factors. Look for pants made from stretchy material that will hug your curves and provide enough support, and choose a band that sits comfortably on your hips and provides enough coverage. Some of the best pants for hip dips include high-rise jeans, low-rise jeans with wide waistbands, and hip-dip pants specifically designed to cater to women with hip dips.


In conclusion, finding the perfect pair of jeans for hip dips can be challenging, but with the proper knowledge and understanding of your body shape, you can find a pair that fits you well and makes you feel confident and comfortable. Consider factors such as material, waistband, fit, and style when selecting jeans, and consider trying out brands such as Levi's, AG Adriano Goldschmied, Madewell, J.Crew Mercantile, and DL1961. Remember to take your time, try different styles and fits, and most importantly, choose a pair that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hip dip jeans?

Hip dip jeans are a style of denim that is designed to fit and flatter the natural curves of the hip area, specifically for those with hip dips, which is a natural indentation on the lower hip bone.

How do I know if I have hip dips?

Hip dips, also known as violin hips, can be identified by a slight indentation on the lower hip bone when standing with your feet together. It is a natural body shape and not a flaw.

What makes hip dip jeans different from regular jeans?

Hip dip jeans are designed with a specific fit in the hip area to accommodate and enhance the natural curves of the hip. They may also have a higher rise in the back to prevent gaping at the waistband.

Can I wear hip dip jeans if I don't have hip dips?

Yes, hip dip jeans can be worn by anyone, regardless of whether they have hip dips or not. They are designed to provide a comfortable and flattering fit for all body types.

How do I care for my hip dip jeans?

Hip dip jeans should be cared for like any other denim. They can be machine-washed and tumble-dried on low heat. It's always best to check the care label for specific instructions.

Are there different styles of hip dip jeans available?

Yes, there are different styles of hip dip jeans available, such as skinny, straight, and wide-leg. It's best to try on different styles and fits to see which one works best for your body shape and personal style.