11 Best Shapewear For Hip Dips

Best Shapewear For Hip Dips

Kaitlin Floyd

Kaitlin Floyd
Kaitlin Floyd

Updated on 12/7/2022

If you have hip dips, they cause you to experience self-consciousness on occasion. That is because they draw attention to a particular area of your body. That is because they draw attention to the wearer's hips. Hip dips are not uncommon, and if you know how to style them correctly, they can make you appear rather excellent. However, if you are not aware of the best shapewear for hip dips, they are likely to have this effect. Dressing in a way that attracts attention to the attributes you want the eye to focus on and, as a result, distracts away from the hips is the most excellent way to disguise the appearance of hip dips. If you want your hip dips to look less visible, dress in a way that brings attention to those assets. 

You can do that by styling your attire to get attention to the help you want the eye to focus on. One method to do this is by using bold colors and patterns. That can be accomplished by first directing the viewer's attention to the characteristics you want them to concentrate on, then moving the viewer's attention away from the hips. These are the most effective ways to hide the fact that you are executing hip dips from the perspective of other people while simultaneously maximizing their effectiveness.

Favor Higher Rise Bottoms

Favor Higher Rise Bottoms

When a person dresses, how their skirts and pants are fastened around the waist can significantly influence their appearance. When performing exercises that focus on the hip dips, it is recommended that you wear bottoms with a more substantial rise because of the benefits they bring. These exercises include leg lifts and lunges. When you wear bottoms with a higher grade, it makes the waist and the hips look higher up on the body, which is a fantastic tip when you have hip dips. Wear bottoms with a lower rise makes the waist and the hips look more down on the body. Wearing bottoms with a lower height makes the core appear lower on the body, which is the desired effect.

When you wear bottoms with a low rise, the waistband of the bases will frequently rest right over the area of the body where the hip dips are located, which will cause the hip dips to appear even more pronounced. When you wear bottoms with a high rise, the waistband of the bases will often rest right above the area of the body where the hip dips are located. If the notion of living in a high-rise building isn't your thing, you should check into apartments in a building with a medium-rise instead. That might be a better fit for your lifestyle. If you have a hip dip, the most flattering fit for your hips will be provided by pants with a high rise, so keep that in mind while you are shopping for pants.

Wear Long Cardigans

Wear Long Cardigans

It is a terrific way to dress for functionality when you add layers to an outfit, such as a cardigan or blazer. It is also a great way to add additional personality and figure-flattering elements to your style. There are a variety of approaches that you can take to achieve this goal. In the case of hip dips, one of the most helpful strategies for layering items is to go for more extended-length options whenever possible. That is one of the most beneficial tactics for layering pieces. When it comes to layering different parts, this is one of the most effective tactics.

Wearing clothes that have an extended length can help mask the appearance of hip dips. That is especially useful for women. Putting on longer skirts or pants is one way to accomplish this goal. It is essential to ensure that the hip area of these layering pieces does not have a disproportionately heavyweight because this can add extra weight. The objective here is to minimize the appearance of hip dips as much as possible. Cardigans are relatively lightweight and have a length between the short and the medium sizes.

Wear Boyfriend Blazers

Boyfriend Blazers

A long coat, which you may wear across the hips, analogous to that of long cardigans, is yet another fantastic choice for women with hip dips. Blazers that are longer can be buttoned up or left open, depending on the wearer's personal preference. These days, boyfriend blazers are all the rage, and it's simple to see why: they're pretty versatile and look lovely when worn in various ways, so it's simple to understand why they've become so popular.

You have to make sure that they are a manageable size because, despite being longer, they are less prominent. Because of this, you need to make sure that they are manageable. It is recommended that you wear them open front with jeans that fit closer to your body. You can accomplish this by donning jeans that are cut in a manner that is more conforming to the shape of the wearer's body. Remembering this is especially crucial if you are on the shorter spectrum when the range goes from very short to very tall.

Wear Fit And Flare Dresses

Fit And Flare Dresses

When putting together trendy looks for people with hip dips, finding ways to make the area around the hip dip appear less noticeable is crucial when putting together stylish looks for these individuals. When it comes to putting up attractive ensembles for people with hip dips, this is the most critical consideration to keep in mind. One strategy for accomplishing this objective is to select articles of clothing that come in a wide range of designs and cuts. In recent years, there has been a rise in popularity for certain silhouettes, particularly the style known as fit-and-flare. Hip dips are a component of this exercise. Okay, the a-line is just as incredible as the other one, and it affects the body in a way that is similar to the one explained previously. Both of these effects are highly beneficial.

Because they flow outward and away from the hip area, these dress and skirt shapes are excellent candidates for use with hip dips. These dress and skirt shapes flare outward and move away from the hip area. Because of this, the focus is on something other than the hip region, where the hip dips are performed; nonetheless, this does not affect the effectiveness of the exercise. While at the same time attracting additional attention to the waistline and the region immediately below the hips, which is where the length of the skirt comes to an end, the forms provide a discreet solution for concealing hip rolls.

Wear Drapey, Effortless Fabrics

Drapey, Effortless Fabrics

It is a good idea to favor pieces that offer drapey materials if you want to discover a skirt, dress, or even a more extended top option that suits your body type. Drapey fabrics allow for more freedom of movement. When making a decision, this is a helpful small thing to remember as you go through the process. When it comes to the cloth that wraps immediately around the part of the body that corresponds to the hips, this is of the most significant importance. That must be done so that the cloth fits smoothly to the hips. If it does, this will draw more attention to any hip dips that may be present. You could prevent this by ensuring the fabric is not stretched too tightly.

By exchanging those more restricting fabrics for alternatives that are a little more drapey and a bit looser, you will be able to eliminate hip dips without adding a significant amount of weight to that area, which may occur when opting for materials that are pretty thick and heavy. That is something that you will be able to accomplish by exchanging those more restricting fabrics for alternatives that are looser. You will be able to achieve this objective by switching out those constrictive materials with other options that are more drapey and looser.

Because of this, even if you don't like the fit-and-flare or a-line designs that are popular right now, you can still wear skirts and dresses that offer a more tailored fit while still flattering your body type because of the way that they are cut. That is because the way that these garments are cut allows for a tailored fit to be achieved. Because of how these clothes are designed, it is possible to get a customized fit while still looking flattering regardless of the body shape of the person wearing them. It should be fine for you to wear those materials as long as they are more drapey or flowing and do not cling to your body, especially in the hip area. If they do not meet these criteria, you should be fine.

Wear Peplums


Peplum is one more silhouette, and if you have hip dips, you may be astonished to learn that it is pretty gorgeous. That may come as a complete surprise to you, and this may catch you completely off guard. To put it another way, the flared-out characteristic of the profile, which skims by the hips and distracts from hip dips, makes it an incredible choice and an excellent decision. That is what makes it a fantastic choice and an outstanding selection. Because of this, selecting it would be a wise decision.

Naturally, to get the most out of this cut, the peplum detail needs to be positioned on the body in the right region. That is the only way to maximize the potential of this cut. That is the only method that will allow you to maximize the potential of this cut. That is an essential step you must take before completing anything else correctly. The peplum flare can provide the opposite of the figure-flattering effect intended for it if it is worn in such a way that it sits too high above the hips. That can happen if the flare is worn too high above the hips. If you want to acquire the most figure-flattering length, you should ensure that it falls precisely at the hips or even a little below them. That will ensure that you receive the most flattering length possible. That is the length that looks best on all body types.

Peplum shapes are most frequently seen on skirts and shirts; however, blazers and jackets should also be given a great deal of attention as appropriate placements for these patterns. Peplum silhouettes are becoming increasingly popular, and this cut style is more frequently seen on dresses and tops than any other garment. You can get similar layering items with a more subtle peplum form; nonetheless, the peplum shape is the shape that flatters the figure the most, so opting for it is a winning fashion option. Similar layering pieces with a more subtle peplum form are available. Peplum forms are available.

Think about the additional advantage of the fact that it draws attention to the waistline while at the same time giving the impression that it is thinner. Consider the bonus that it draws attention to the waist as if the fact that this cut reduces hip dips wasn't enough of a reason to give it a try on its own.

Wear Darker Colors On Bottom

Wear Darker Colors On Bottom

There are many ways to incorporate hip dips into a figure-pretty dress; forms are not the only option that is accessible. Making use of color is yet another choice that might be thought about. The placement of colors, which is where they lie on the body, can be a fascinating way of minimizing or highlighting particular portions of the body, depending on what you're aiming for with the look you're going for. If you want to pull off the hip dip look, the correct method to dress is to use darker colors on the lower part of your body and more daring, lighter, or brighter colors on the top half of your body. That will give the impression that your hips are lower than they are. That will give the impression that the hips have been dipped.

The hip and lower half area will feel somewhat more minimal and neutral by using darker tones. That is something that you should anticipate. This look is produced by contrasting the lighter hue and the darker color, which gives it its appearance. [The chain of causation] The hips receive less attention than usual because of the bright and lighter colors on top, which may have the unintended consequence of making hip dips much less noticeable. Bright and lighter colors on top draw all the attention to that section of the body, which means that the hips receive less attention than usual.

Wear Looser Fitting Pants


Wearing clothes that are too large for them is one strategy you can utilize to conceal the appearance of hip dips. This piece of sartorial advice is not the most widely followed, but it is one of the approaches you can take. The goal is to wear clothes much more significant than you are in a measured manner to give the impression that you are more important than you are. If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your hip dips, selecting pants with a more relaxed fit may be an excellent method for improving your overall appearance. That is especially true if you are concerned about the appearance of your thighs.

It is unacceptable for the pants to be too loose, as it is of the utmost significance that they do not fit inappropriately in any way, and it is also not acceptable for them to be too tight. In this predicament, you must locate a solution that satisfies everyone involved. Imagine something like a high-waisted pant with wide legs; this is an example of a design that has a more relaxed fit and may be particularly flattering for hip dips because it has wider legs. Another example of a plan that has a more comfortable fit is a design that has high-waisted pants with narrow legs. In addition to the high waist, as was discussed before, hip dips are flattened by wide-leg pants in a manner that is analogous to the way that fit and flare skirts accomplish the same thing. That is because wide-leg pants have a wider-leg opening. That is because pants with wide legs have a larger leg opening.

Because the material is looser around the hips and then continues straight down, trousers with wide legs create the illusion that the wearer has longer legs than they do. Because of this, the fabric can glide across the hips, giving the impression that the wearer has longer legs and hiding any hip dips that may be present.

Avoid Body Con Silhouettes

Avoid Body Con Silhouettes

Even though you probably do not need me to tell you that this is a vital piece of fashion advice at this point in the list, I will give it to you anyway. Dresses and skirts with a body con fit can be fun to wear when you have hip dips, but it can be challenging to pull them off well. If you have hip dips, this is especially true. It is common for the hip dips to appear to be highlighted to a greater degree than they would be in other designs due to the close fit of these styles. That is because the tight fit of these styles makes it possible for hip dips to be seen. That is because the snug fit of these styles enables the cloth to hug the body more closely than it would otherwise be able to.

On the other hand, this does not indicate that the only garments you are allowed to wear are those with a loose fit because you can wear more fitted items. You are still able to wear clothing that has a more form-fitting cut. You are free to wear a more form-fitting dress if you find that this is the type of clothing that allows you to feel the most comfortable and confident in yourself. The contrary is true: you are free to dress in garments that have a more relaxed fit. If you want to draw attention to the most attractive features of your hip dips, you should focus on wearing form-fitting garments that accentuate the upper half of your body. That will help draw attention to the fascinating aspects of your hip dips.

If a dress has more body con style but fits straight around the hip and thigh area, there is a way to wear body con while still covering hip dips a little bit. That is the case if the dress fits straight around the hip and thigh area, and that will be when the dress has a more tailored fit. There is also the possibility that a dress will be of the body-con sort but that the bust area will have a less restrictive cut than the rest of the dress. You can wear a full body con silhouette even if you are confident in your ability to completely embrace hip dips if you are also confident in your ability to have fun while you are doing so. However, you must be satisfied with both of these abilities.

Opt for Unique Sleeve Styles

Opt for Unique Sleeve Styles

The guidance coming up next is all about sleeves, and it's very conceivable that you weren't expecting it at all. There are additional methods to distract from hip dips and still look gorgeous, even if you only sometimes want to wear the flared-out forms mentioned throughout this essay. One of these choices is to put on skirts or pants with a high waistline. One of these methods is to choose sleeves with a design that is distinctively their own and only used by them.

If you were wondering about that, the answer to the question "How will sleeves affect my hips?" is "not at all." Sleeves will not have any influence on your hips.

' let's explain. When you wear something that draws more attention to a different part of your body, like sleeves in this example, it is normal for the hips to be less in focus, making that part of the body appear more streamlined. That is because sleeves draw more attention to the upper arm than to the lower part of the body. Because of this, the upper arm receives more attention than the hips do from having sleeves on the garment. Therefore, if this is a piece of advice that speaks to you and complements your sense of style, then you are in the right place at the right time. Unique sleeves are a fad, so you are in luck because they are a trend right now.

Make Use of Shapewear

Make Use of Shapewear

Shapewear is becoming increasingly popular with women of all different body kinds and contours. An increasing number of women are utilizing it as if it were the standard in their daily lives. This tried-and-true strategy can assist ladies in feeling more at ease and more confident in their appearance when it comes to getting dressed. The act of donning shapewear is no longer associated with any shame or embarrassment; in fact, the practice of donning shapewear was never associated with any guilt or embarrassment in the first place. When you have hip dips, shapewear is undoubtedly a tool that you should not feel self-conscious about using to a greater extent; instead, you should make use of it to the fullest extent feasible. Using shapewear in a greater area will not make your hip dips worse. If you are wearing a dress or something that fits slightly closer to the body, consider using shapewear to make the hip area look smoother. That is especially important if you wear something that includes a little bit closer to the body than usual. If you are going to be wearing anything that does provide a little bit closer to the body, this is highly crucial for you to keep in mind. To smooth out a section of the body that you would like, which in this case is probably the hip dips, is one of the best purposes for shapewear, and it is one of the finest uses for shapewear. The use of shapewear is ideal in this situation.

It should go without saying that wearing shapewear is never required, and if you try it on and find that the best shapewear for hip dips makes you feel awkward, you are not required to continue wearing it. If you try it on and find that it makes you uncomfortable, you do not need to keep wearing it. If you have never worn shapewear before, it is indispensable for you to try on a variety of brands, fits, and styles before selecting the one that will be the most effective for you. After that, and only then will you be able to determine which one works the best. Because there is such a wide variety of solutions to choose from, you will likely have to go through trial and error before you find the one that works best for you. That is because there are a wide variety of options available to choose from.

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