I Tried Butt Pads to Enhance My Backside

Butt Pads

Butt Pads

Updated on 12/5/2023
Mai DelacruzBy Mai Delacruz
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Have you ever wished for a bigger butt? Well, I have. As someone with a naturally flat derrière, I've often felt frustrated with loose-fitting jeans and numbness during long car rides. So, I decided to explore an unconventional solution: padded underwear. Inspired by David Sedaris' humorous take on the subject in his book "When You Are Engulfed in Flames," I embarked on a journey to experiment with enhancing my posterior.

Butt pads, in different forms, have been a part of human fashion history for centuries. In the Victorian era, women wore something called a "bustle" to enhance the fullness of the fabric at the back of women's dresses.

Embracing the Padded Underwear Trend

Like Sedaris, I've always been open to trying quirky and potentially silly things. After all, I once applied a luxury face mask to my behind. Considering the widespread acceptance of padded bras, I questioned why the concept of padded underwear for the buttocks was met with raised eyebrows.

Imagine wearing a butt pad and it slips out in public. A nightmare, right? Well, a clothing company once actually advertised their butt pads with the slogan, "Our pads will stay in place, even if you can't."

With this curiosity in mind, I set out to test the waters of padded underwear. While the selection was limited, I ultimately chose the TrueShapers Butt Lifting Padded Panties ($42, amaazon.com) since they appeared reliable. Unfortunately, they were out of my usual size, so I took a leap of faith and settled for a smaller size.

The Ups and Downs of Wearing Butt Pads

The moment I saw my amplified derrière in the mirror, I experienced a pang of regret. I instantly went from zero to Kardashian, attracting attention with my newfound curves. Yet, as time passed, I grew accustomed to the change, and the enhancement seemed less exaggerated. While my close friends and family, including my boyfriend and sisters, did notice the difference, my other friends remained silent. Whether they pondered the sudden transformation, they kept their thoughts to themselves.

Nevertheless, the tightness of the padded underwear posed a real challenge. It was difficult to ignore my faux buttocks long enough to relax and feel at ease. Fortunately, there was a silver lining: the removable butt pads. The following night, I inserted the places into a regular pair of underwear and slipped into a form-fitting dress.

The popularity of butt pads surged in the 2010s, largely thanks to the media and celebrities promoting a more curvaceous figure. This is a swing away from the 1990s and early 2000s when a very slim figure was more idealized.

The Power of Butt Pads and Personal Empowerment

Combining the pads with a tight dress produced remarkable results. For the first time, my behind garnered attention, and I felt genuinely noticed.

Ironically, I became more self-conscious about wearing the pads on the second night. Tired of fretting over potential shifting within my underwear, I removed them. To my surprise, my boyfriend enthusiastically volunteered to give them a try. Alcohol may have influenced his decision, but he proudly showcased the enhanced derrière while we cheered him on. When asked about his padded underwear experience, he admitted, "I felt both empowered and objectified by my artificial badonkadonk."

I responded triumphantly in my slightly intoxicated state, “Welcome to the world of being a woman!”

Despite the fact that butt pads have been used for centuries to enhance appearance, modern society was reintroduced to them in a big way through a 2001 episode of "Friends" where Joey Tribbiani wore them for an audition.

Recently, a tech startup unveiled a new "smart" butt pad at a tech expo. It is designed with sensors that can provide data on sitting posture and give feedback on how to improve it. The product aims to combine fashion and health in a novel way.

Top Butt Pads

POP CLOSETS Women Butt Lifter Padded Lace Shapewear Thicker Butt Enhance

Crafted from 90% polyester, this imported product boasts a convenient pull-on closure and requires only hand washing for care. The upgraded, thickened, and widened removable hip pads are a crucial feature of the POP CLOSETS' design. If you've been concerned about smaller hip pads shifting around, this upgrade offers a solution with effectively padded butt panties. The hip pads are broader and thicker, providing 360° Omni-Directional Hip Wrapping, which enhances the appearance of your hips, making them look larger, plumper, and sexier. This butt lifter underwear is versatile, suitable for any butt shape, with hip padding that covers your hips and keeps them securely in place.

This butt enhancer underwear is expertly designed with a hip fold between the two sponge butt pads to align with our natural curves. It tightens and lifts the hips without appearing fake. It's perfect for fitting under tight dresses, jeans, wedding dresses, and fitted tops. It enhances your hips naturally while remaining invisible under any clothing. No one can tell you're wearing butt-lifting panties; they'll just be drawn to your charming hourglass figure.

Additionally, these panties come with a mid-waist design for high-efficiency tummy control. Made of soft, elastic fabric, it fits snugly to the body, targeting and stabilizing abdominal fat, hiding the muffin top, flattening the lower belly, and slimming the waist. The tummy control aspect also supports the lower back, helping to alleviate back pain. The breathable, wear-resistant fabric ensures you won't feel uncomfortable, allowing you to wear it all day without any issues.


JOYSHAPER Womens Padded Underwear Butt Lifter Panties

Composed of 77% Nylon and 23% Spandex, this imported butt enhancer panty features a convenient pull-on closure and is easy to care for with hand washing. The lightweight and skin-friendly fabric provides breathability and comfort for all-day wear. It's also designed to wick away moisture, making these shaping underwear panties perfect for any occasion.

A standout feature of the Joyshaper Butt Lifter Panties is the built-in padding. They come with two butt-lifting pads and two hip-enhancing pads, all detachable and fitting neatly inside individual pockets. These padded shapewear shorts enhance your natural curves, significantly boosting your hips and buttocks. They can also double as ordinary boy-short underwear, shaping the perfect waist-hip curve without adding unnecessary weight or discomfort for all-day wear.

According to a recent fashion industry report in 2024, sales of butt pads have seen a surprising surge due to the rise of a new dance trend on social media, where users are showcasing their dancing skills with added 'boosts'.

This mid-waist butt-lifting shapewear reaches the belly button and provides moderate compression, effectively tightening the lower belly and eliminating any sign of a muffin top. The hip enhancer shorts, complete with hip pads, smooth out your tummy and give your butt a fuller, rounder appearance without making it look artificial.

The seamless butt pads offer a stylish, chic jacquard lace trim design and a comfortable boyshorts design. Suitable for all occasions, including work, leisure, sports, and formal events, this padded butt shapewear will enhance your hourglass figure in a noticeable yet subtle way. No one will uncover the secret behind your enhanced curves.


WEICHENS Womens Fake Buttock Briefs Butt Lifter

Crafted from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex, this special matching underwear is skin-friendly, breathable, and comfortable for all-day wear. The imported product requires only hand washing for care. Designed specifically for women with flat hips, small hips, or no hips, these Padded Seamless Control Panties feature a silicone hip pad in the underpants. This design aims to enhance the fullness and upturned effect of the buttocks, creating a visually appealing line of beauty that flatters your perfect figure.

These panties' shaping and control effects give you the perfect lifted butt shape and offer lightweight thigh control. The panties are invisible and thin, making their edges almost unnoticeable under any clothing. Even if touched, your secret will remain safe, adding a touch of mystery to your allure.

These Control Panties are suitable for any occasion - club, wedding, party, work, reunion, conference, ceremony, meeting, cosplay, festival, holiday, or any time you want to enhance your sexiness. They are designed to boost your confidence and make you feel as good as you look.


The Bottom Line on Butt Pads

In conclusion, underwear with padded bottoms can be enjoyed by both men and women. However, finding the right size and setting realistic expectations is crucial. While it may take some getting used to initially, the overall effect is subtle, so don't expect to resemble Kim Kardashian overnight. I want to emphasize that padded underwear should never be a requirement for those with naturally smaller backsides. However, if you're interested in a little extra boost, don't hesitate to try it! At the very least, it can make those long car rides much more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are butt pads suitable for both men and women?

Yes, butt pads can be enjoyed by individuals of all genders who desire to enhance their backside appearance.

Can padded underwear help me achieve a significantly larger butt?

While padded underwear can provide a noticeable enhancement, it's important to set realistic expectations. The effect is generally subtle, and it won't instantly transform your buttocks into Kardashian-like proportions.

Will wearing padded underwear make me feel self-conscious?

Initially, it may take some time to adjust to the padded underwear and feel comfortable with the added volume. However, as you become accustomed to the change, the self-consciousness tends to diminish.

Can I remove the butt pads if they feel uncomfortable?

Yes, many padded underwear options come with removable butt pads. If you find the pads uncomfortable or prefer a more natural feel, you can easily take them out.

Is padded underwear a necessity for people with smaller buttocks?

No, wearing padded underwear is entirely a personal choice. It's essential to embrace your natural body shape and remember that padded underwear is not a requirement for anyone.

Are there any considerations when selecting the right size of padded underwear?

It's crucial to choose the correct size to ensure a comfortable fit. Be sure to consult the size charts provided by the manufacturer and consider any sizing recommendations or reviews from other customers to find the best fit for you.