Can Hip Dips Be Caused By Underwear & How To Hide it?

can hip dips be caused by underwear

can hip dips be caused by underwear

Updated on 11/27/2023
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Hip dips are all the rage on social media in 2024, with some people even calling them hip dips "new thigh gap." You may be scratching your head and wondering what hip dips are, their causes, etc. Can hip dips be caused by underwear? The Hip dips underwear can be eliminated. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about hip dips and what you can and can't do about hip dips.

Hip Dips Anatomy

What is hip dips anatomy? Your hip dips are naturally occurring indents or depressions located just below your hip bone outside your upper legs. Indentations may appear in this area if the skin is more tightly connected to the greater trochanter of the femur.

How Can Hip Dips Be Prevented & What Causes Hip Dips?

hips dips

hips dips

A depression on the outer legs that occurs right below the hip bone is described as having "hips dips." Trochanteric depressions are another name for them, and their scientific title is "violin hips." Trochanteric depressions are also occasionally termed "violin hips." Hip dips result from the skeletal structure of your body and how your body transports the fat and muscle. Besides fat and muscle distribution throughout the body and how they affect the appearance of hip dips, the pelvis's anatomy and the hips' width also play an essential role in determining the impression of hip dips. Hip dips are relatively common, and almost everyone has at least one, although some people's are more apparent than others. Hip dips are more prevalent in women because of their hips and pelvic region shape and fat distribution throughout their bodies.

Hip dips are not caused by carrying additional weight, even though being overweight is sometimes connected with having hip dips. If you take most of your weight in your hips, having extra fat in those areas can sometimes make the look of hip dips even more pronounced. A person with low body fat and extreme fitness can also perform hip dips. Because the more significant your leg muscles are, the more prominent your hip dips will appear, developing the muscles in your upper thighs might make the appearance of your Hip dips worse. Hip dips appear more pronounced when your leg muscles are more defined. Dancers often refer to hip dips as "dancer's dips" because of their leg training.

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Can Hip Dips Be Eliminated?



There is no way to eliminate hip dips because hip dips are almost always the result of hereditary predisposition. The following methods may help reduce the visibility of hip dips, depending on their cause. 

Put On The Appropriate Underwear.

Wearing excessively tight Hip dips underwear will generate ugly lumps beneath your garments and might make your hip dips appear more pronounced. Be careful to select the appropriate hip dips underwear that fit your physique, and check that the waistband does not irritate or aggravate any part of your anatomy. You may also consider purchasing pants with a broader band, such as hipsters, shaper pants, high-waisted pants, and bikini pants. The best pants for hip dips are less likely to dig into your body and generate a bulge than other types of hip dip pants.

Consume Food That Is Good For You.

If extra fat makes your hip dips appear more pronounced, then adopting a balanced diet and working out more will help lessen the appearance of hip dips. Choose fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains instead of processed sugar, fats, and carbohydrates. Remember that even if you successfully lose a significant amount of weight, your hip dips may still be visible because even skinny people have hip dips.

You Should Work Out Your Entire Body.

If you push your legs too hard, accumulating all those upper-thigh muscles might cause your hip dips to become more pronounced. Work out your entire body, including your upper and lower body and core, to prevent this from occurring. You will be fitted throughout your whole body and will not have overly bulky muscles concentrated in one area.

Can tight underwear cause hip dips? Make Sure You Have The Appropriate Attire And Hip Dips Leggings.

Wearing too-tight jeans for hip dips will make it look more pronounced. Dresses and skirts with flared hemlines are an excellent option, as slack with broad legs. Discover what to wear under your exercise leggings to avoid underwear lines and ugly lumps if you are dedicated to wearing leggings. If you are not committed to wearing leggings, then learn what to wear under your leggings or use the best jeans for hip dips. To further smooth out your sides, try wearing shape hip dips, "shapewear for hip dips" in leggings that provide compression across the hips and upper thighs.

Embrace Your Looks.

The hip dip is perfectly natural and shouldn't be embarrassed, as we've said before. Hip dips are not an indicator of your health, weight, or beauty, despite what the internet and social media may have you believe. Hip dips can be seen in people of all shapes and sizes and can be found in both men and women. Hip dips should not be tucked away because they are a part of what makes you “you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How are hip dips caused?

"Genes and the geometry of your pelvis are the only factors determining whether or not you have hip dips. If a person's hip bone is higher than their femur, they are said to have hip dips. This condition causes the person's muscles and fat to curve inward, giving the appearance of a sagging hip."

Is pants the cause of hip dips?

They are a typical depression that may be found between the high and low hips; also, they are a component of the skeletal structure. At this moment, they do not originate from wearing the waistband of your pants. Please stop hating on your hip dips because, much like the rest of your body form, they are simply a result of the structure of your bones and cannot be altered.

How can hip dips be hidden?

It is necessary to conceal the space between the top of your hips and your waist to disguise hip dips. When doing so, it is suggested that you put on bottoms that have a high waist. When you wear an item that has a high waist, it draws attention to your waist and ultimately creates the appearance of an hourglass shape. Paper bag waist trousers are widely considered among the best examples of pants that include a high waist.

What can I do to make my hips look wider?

Find clothing designs that narrow down your waist and bring attention to your hips, such as high-waisted jeans or a dress with a belt that is tied around your waist, to make your hips look as though they are more significant than they are. Put on some light-colored skirts or slacks if you want to draw attention to your hips, and contrast those items with dark-colored outfits that will make you look slimmer.