Famous Celebrities With Hip Dips

Hips dips

Hips dips

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
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Updated on 3/25/2023

A hip dip is a slight depression that is located on the lower portion of the hip bone. And while there are those who are self-conscious about their hip dips, there are others who have accepted them as a distinctive feature of their bodies. Even while there are treatments available to eliminate hip dips, such as physical therapy, surgical correction, and so on, the condition is not a major concern in and of itself. The celebrities listed below demonstrate that having a hip dip does not compromise your natural attractiveness; they are still self-assured and successful, so why not challenge yourself to achieve the same? The following is a list of 12 famous people who have hip dips, which should make it clear to you that this condition is nothing to be concerned about.

Every day, it seems like celebrities are setting new beauty standards, which is making people feel insecure about how they look. They are not only unreachable and impossible for the majority of people, but they also have an air of arbitrariness about them.

The hip dip, also known as the indentation that can be found between the hipbones and the thigh, is a physical trait that was just recently introduced to this category.

Hip dips are also sometimes referred to as "violin hips." They are brought on by the shape of the pelvis in the affected individual. The eight forms, the A and the X bodies, are the most likely to have them, but they can appear on any body type.

Hips dips

Hips dips

They are a normal and necessary component of the skeletal system and take the form of an indentation that may be found between the high and lower hips. They are an integral component of your skeletal system, and you are unable to alter them in any way. Despite this, more and more women are discussing their aesthetic priorities, such as eliminating hip dips.

You probably experience hip dips more frequently than you believe you do. Hip dips are something that nearly everyone has at some point in their lives. It manifests itself in a more severe form in some individuals than in others. They are more common in women due to the position of the hip bones and the distribution of fat that is genetically predisposed to occur in women.

It is a common misconception that hip dipping is related to either fitness or weight; however, this is not the case. Diet and exercise won't be able to alter the appearance of some people because it's not in their control how they were born.

Some celebrities are embracing their natural attractiveness in spite of the fact that influencers and celebrities are always posting photographs of their supposedly "perfect" bodies.

These women are not only attractive in appearance, but in addition, they have stunning photographs demonstrating that hip dips are perfectly normal and natural. They deserve to be honored. We've compiled a list of famous people who aren't afraid to flaunt their curves, including some who have hip dips.

A list of celebrities who have hip dips

Hips dips

Hips dips

A lot of people look up to celebrities because they have perfect bodies. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us and have their faults.

Hip dips are a style flaw that many famous people have in common. Indents that can be found where the hip bones stick out are known as "hip dips." These can be brought on by dropping a few pounds or by hereditary reasons.

Hip dips are a source of insecurity for a significant number of women. However, there is no justification for your feelings of embarrassment. These are instances taken from actual life that will demonstrate my point.

1- Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

The reality TV actress has seen many highs and lows throughout her career, but because of her fantastic physique, she has managed to stay in terrific form. Due to the fact that she is famous for her incredible booty, we adore it when she wears tights and heels.

Kourtney Kardashian has been the subject of many magazine covers and photoshoots, including the one that was published in the most recent issue of InStyle. Do you get the impression that she is confident in her hip dips? She once shared a sexy picture of herself on Instagram with the message "too cool to take a swim."

2- Lizzo



Lizzo, who had a dramatic rise to stardom this year, has been a symbol of body positivity ever since she climbed to notoriety.

Images of Lizzo wearing a black cape decorated with brightly colored patterns and having her hair cut low will not soon be forgotten.

3- Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has obvious hip dips. She appears to have a taper, as seen by two little dimples on each of her hips. Her hip dips are most noticeable when she is standing up straight with her arms by her sides since her hips gradually taper upwards in that position.

The celebs Selena Gomez and Selena Gomez, along with other celebrities who have hip dips, did not hesitate to show them off. She is of the opinion that the hip dips of celebrities are very attractive, and she has expressed this opinion to her followers by saying, "They are one of my favorite body parts."

Despite the fact that many celebrities do have hip dips, they have been called out and criticized for not having a thigh gap. Selena Gomez is an excellent illustration of a famous person who possesses hip dips.

Dents in a celebrity's hips are sometimes referred to as a hip dip. They are only discernible when viewed from particular perspectives and when wearing specific articles of clothing, such as skintight jeans.

It's possible that Selena Gomez is proud to show off her hip dips in order to flaunt her body type. Because they are not embarrassed to display their hips, hip dip superstars have garnered a lot of attention. Selena Gomez, who has started dipping her hips in public more frequently as of late, ought to become the new trailblazer for celebs.

4- Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is the most powerful Paladin when it comes to hip dips. She has the ability to captivate anyone with a single glance. Bella Hadid is young, self-assured, and able to capitalize on the one-of-a-kind body that she possesses. You might catch a glimpse of her wearing nothing but her underwear, a costume (like the ones she wears at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows), or any other outfit imaginable.

She is a bona fide fashion icon and is regarded as one of the most well-known hip-dippers. With her violin hips and her riot of beauty, Bella Hadid has established herself as one of the most desirable and sought-after models. You have no excuse not to copy her style and put your best foot forward when it comes to your hip dips.

5- Nelly London

Nelly London

Nelly London

Nelly London is an advocate for body confidence as well as a body blogger who does not shy away from celebrating every inch of her body.

Nelly London noted that having a dip in the hip socket is very natural and even a component of the bone structure. She had a suspicion that this was the case, but she wanted to verify it.

6- Ellis Ross

Ellis Ross

Ellis Ross

Ross is a famous singer and actress from the United States. Ross first gained widespread recognition while performing with the musical trio known as "Recent." There is no difference between celebrities and regular people when it comes to having hips that dip. It is common knowledge that celebrities whose hips dip have endured a significant amount of adversity in their life. Since they were young, celebrities have had to fight for the attention and renown that comes with being famous.

They, like all other women in the world, struggle with the typical issues associated with aging and childbearing. Childbearing hips guideline applies quite frequently to famous people who have hips that dip. In order for famous people to keep doing what they enjoy, they require the support of their admirers.

Celebrities always want to put their best foot forward, and they can't afford to have any setbacks on their path to stardom. It is necessary for celebrities to have specific operations and treatments done in order for them to look their best, both for themselves and for their followers.

They are not afraid to put up with a few annoyances in order to get the most out of the opportunities they have. On the other hand, some celebrities may choose to get surgery in order to correct the drop in their hips. Celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross are fully aware of the fact that their hips dip, and they do not feel any reluctance to show it off whenever the opportunity arises.

7- Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a famous singer and actress from the United States. Her most famous part to date is that of Miley Stewart in the TV show Hannah Montana. A lot of criticism has been directed at celebrities over the years for the way their personal st

yles have evolved.

The influence of Miley Cyrus and other hip-hop artists is responsible for the emergence of this new appearance in the celebrity world. People are still arguing the benefits and drawbacks of the situation.

She has no shame in exposing her trim figure and will wear anything, from short skirts to bikinis, if the occasion calls for it.

Miley Cyrus is not ashamed to show off her trim hips in her music videos. Even when women are modeling in bikinis, they will not be shy about displaying them for the world to see.

Miley Cyrus is well-known for her work in music, but in addition to that, she has been attacked for the way that she dresses. Fans have invented the term "Hilary swank" to refer to a style of clothing that Miley Cyrus and other hip-hop stars have been seen wearing less and less recently.

Miley Cyrus and other celebrities who have hips that dip below their waistline are shifting the public's idea of what a beautiful figure should look like. Celebrities have long been recognized for their curvy bodies.

Her sense of fashion is a hit among celebrities, and she manages to look chic even when she's wearing jeans.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Unorthodox, eccentric, and open to new ideas and perspectives. This is what separates them from the crowd. Pop diva Miley Cyrus has a large number of devoted fans who follow her on social media.

Her stunning appearance and wonderful voice are often in the spotlight. But they all have one goal in common: to accentuate her already stunning natural beauty.

At her concerts, Miley is known for wearing skintight bodysuits and rompers or sheath dresses that showcase her hips and legs. It is clear that Miley is in love with her body because of the way she dresses.

This is a wonderful illustration of why it is critical for us to love and accept one another despite the fact that we are unique individuals. You may put your faith in what a girl who has more than 133,000,000 followers has to say since she is likely to say that.

8-Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

The stunning Kendal Jenner can improve the appearance of her hips with very little effort. There is no excess fat on Kendal Jenner's hips, despite the fact that she is tall and has a narrow waist. She is nevertheless able to appear gorgeous and put together.

9- Julianne

Julianne Hough is not only a professional ballroom dancer in the United States, but she is also a singer of country music and an actress. These days, it seems like every other celebrity, including Julianne Hough, has a hip dip. It is probable that this is the case since so many famous people are obsessed with keeping up with the most recent fashion trends, particularly those pertaining to hip-dipping.

A lot of work needs to be done in terms of their appearance for celebrities who have hip dips, and they are well aware of this. They aim to raise their profile in the industry and maintain an appearance consistent with that of celebrities at all times.

It is common knowledge that celebrities invest a significant amount of money in medical procedures and treatments; nevertheless, the results of these investments are not always satisfactory. However, it is not unheard of for celebrities to get treatments and operations to improve their appearance, especially if they have hips that dip.

Julianne hough

Julianne hough

Julianne Hough and other celebrities like her are aware that their hip dips should not bring them down. They should, rather, accept them and work with what they have available to make the most of it.

Many celebrities who have hips that dip have the misconception that they have to maintain this appearance in order to be noticed and garner attention. Having said that, this is not always the case.

Celebrities have the courage to stand out from the crowd by taking pride in their appearance and being self-assured about their achievements and possessions.

10- Ashley Graham

 Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, a model who is also a mother of three, is not embarrassed to display her body in public. She posts numerous low-back selfies to her Instagram account on a regular basis. Ashely Graham, who is widely regarded as the most popular and well-liked curvy model at the present time, must not be overlooked.

Ironic, seductive, and the most influential voice in the body acceptance movement. The beauty that comes from being healthy, honest, and genuine. They are not interested in the phony canons that the company has to offer, but they are proud of the numerous magnificent shapes that the company has, including the hip dips.

Mattel, the company responsible for creating the trendiest dolls in the world, has created a Barbie with Ashley Graham's likeness embedded into her features. This should be obvious to everyone. This sends a strong message that women all across the world should love each other without making any changes to how they look or behave. All your uniquenesses are welcome.

11- Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is aware that hip dipping is not a behavior that should make one feel guilty. Celebrities who have hip dips try to hide them since they make them look unattractive.

They are willing to have a variety of procedures and treatments done on them if it means that they would be recognized as celebrities.

12- Light, Alex

Alex Light, who identifies herself as a body confidence advocate who promotes the "search for demolishing beauty standards," wants all of us to remember how natural and undemanding hip dips are.

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