Do Hip Dips Mean You Have Wide Hips?

Do Hip Dips Mean You Have Wide Hips?

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 11/29/2022

Do hip dips mean you have wide hips?  Hip dips appear to be the subject of most people's conversations. According to Women's Health, during the spring of 2020, there was a one hundred percent spike in the number of persons searching Google for "hip dips," which are also commonly referred to as "violin hips." (through Google Trends). The issue that has to be answered is: what precisely are they? Hip dips are not to be confused with the hip tap exercises that can perform in plank stance, nor should they be used as a method to explain the decline in popularity of anything significant. 

Who can complete hip tap exercises in plank stance? Hip dips are not to be confused with the hip tap exercises that can perform in plank (via Health). The indentations known as hip dips can be found below your hips and above your thighs. Several different factors can cause hip dips. Some individuals' drops are more noticeable than those that other people have, and some people don't even experience dips at all. We have some information on dips that we can share with you if you are currently wearing the drops that are witnessing an increase in popularity in search engine results or if you have seen them worn by others. If either of these scenarios applies to you, please keep reading.

Do Hip Dips Mean You Have Wide Hips?

According to USA Today, even though the internet is full of debates on "how to repair hip dips," there is also a trend of people proudly showcasing their hip dips, regardless of how noticeable or subtle they may be. That is the case even though the internet is full of debates on "how to repair hip dips." And we couldn't possibly be more on board with what you have to say in that regard! Nobody has ever told me that having large hips requires a beautiful or healthy physical appearance.

Hip Dips Are Naturally Occurring

What do they serve, and why do some of us even have them in the first place? Hip dips are a movement that David Wiener, a training specialist with the Freeletics fitness app, claims to be a movement that occurs naturally in the human body. [citation needed] [citation needed] Women's Health received this information and submitted their feedback. Wiener offers a particularly in-depth justification: "The form of your pelvis may render you more prone to developing hip dips than other people. If we were all reduced to bones, we would all have a depression at the region where the top of the thigh bone meets the hip bone, even if not everyone will have visible hip dips." That is to say, they are entirely representative of others in every conceivable way.

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Even if we are aware that they are an inherent part of the body, is it still possible to modify them in any way? The potential does exist, at least to some degree, as stated in a post made by personal trainer Kelly Petch-Saunders on Instagram and was picked up by USA Today. Petch-Saunders emphasized that exercises don't always work because the gluteus medius muscle in that area is difficult to build. Still, Petch-Saunders also noted that the gluteus maximus muscle in that area is complex to build. "It is important to remember that fat storage can be hereditary; however, if the dip is caused by excess fat, then exercise may be helpful. It is also essential to remember that High and broad hips deserve the most credit for this, "She clarifies it.

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The ultimate finding is that there is no cause to be concerned about the safety of doing hip dips because they are tied to the structure of your bones. That is the verdict that who reached. Whether you have a hip dip, dad bod, love handles, or any other unique labels that describe lovely body types, we think it is excellent that body acceptance is constantly on-trend. That is something that we believe should be celebrated.

The question that has to be addressed is, "Do hip dips mean you have wide hips?" The hip dip exercise is not to be confused with the hip tap exercises that may perform in plank position, nor can it be used to explain the loss in popularity of anything noteworthy. Instead, the two activities should be considered separate and distinct.

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