Sculptra Vials I Need To Round Out My Fat Hip Dips

How Many Sculptra Vials Do I Need To Perform My Fat Hip Dips?

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Updated on 8/9/2022

Sculptra may have been explicitly developed to smooth out wrinkles and other minor lines on the face, but its use extends well beyond the face. The dermal filler that the FDA has authorized successfully adds volume to problem areas such as the pecks, buttocks, and even the fat hip dips.

The use of Sculptra for the contouring of the hip dip is widely recognised as one of the most effective cases of off-label use. Sculptra was approved by the FDA for use in just certain areas of the body.

To answer your question, how many vials of Sculptra are necessary to fill out hip dips? It is advised that 20 to 30 vials be used to generate an hourglass figure successfully.

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Do not be misled by the number of vials; conventional treatment options, such as hip implants, are twice more expensive and provide only a fraction of the promised benefits.

This paper will offer you with all the facts you want to know about Sculptra and explain how this miracle dermal filler may eliminate your hip dips for good once and for all.

Obtaining The Correct Position For Rounded Hip Dips

Are Fat Deposits Around The Hips The Root Of The Problem?

In contrast to other issue regions, such as "muffin tops" and "thunder thighs," hip dips are not the result of having a more considerable amount of body fat. You may find hip dips even in persons with little to no body fat. Hip dips are typically more pronounced in those who have a smaller percentage of total body fat. Case in point.


That is because the depression between the thigh and hip bones becomes more pronounced when any significant amount of fat provides less volume. In other words, people with a lower body fat percentage tend to have more pronounced hip dips.

Hip dips are a natural occurrence due to the human body's structure. How prominent your hip dips seem is directly related to the geometry of your pelvis. These indentations directly result from your skeletal structure and the amount of muscle mass you have.

Filling Out Hip Dips With Different Variations

It may be challenging to get the form you wish without the assistance of a cosmetic specialist because their underlying skeletal structure determines the shape of a person's hip dips. Exercising the thighs and buttocks can help reduce the look of hip dips, especially for exercises that target those areas.

Filling Out Hip Dips With Different Variations

Increasing muscular mass in these regions can be accomplished by performing exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts. Consequently, the area surrounding the dip seems to have a broader contour, which may enhance the appearance of the indentations.

It's important to remember that the drop doesn't disappear. In contrast to extra body fat, it will continue to be a component of your body even after you lose weight. Modifications to your diet and exercise routine can assist with the look of the dips, but they do not eliminate them from your body.

Why Sculptra Should Be Your Choice

Hip dips demand more effort than your regular sweat session since they target specific problem areas like extra fat around the waist, stomach, and arms. Because of the unique anatomical characteristics of each person, it is possible that some bone structures will not gain as much from physical activity. It's possible that the muscle a person gains won't be sufficient to attain the curves they seek.


On an essential point, it isn't easy to target the area where the hip dip takes place through exercise. Although some activities, such as side lunges and side leg lifts, might be helpful to improve muscle building surrounding this area, they will not adequately target the precise site of the hip dip.

On the other hand, an injectable treatment like Sculptra can directly target this region and accelerate the creation of collagen. The results are more exact and readily customizable, giving you the ability to have a complete say over how your hips look from the very beginning to the very end.

What Exactly Is This Sculptra Thing?

Sculptra is a dermal filler authorized for use by the FDA. The major purpose of this product is to encourage the production of collagen, which will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The most popular application of Sculptra is smoothing out wrinkles and creases that have developed on the face.

What Exactly Is This Sculptra Thing?

In contrast to Botox, Sculptra does not work by immobilizing the muscles around the face to lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles. The injectable treatment initially uses a specific poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to restore lost volume initially. When hyaluronic acid or another naturally occurring substance is reintroduced underneath the skin's surface, it enables the face to strengthen its cell structure, restoring the overall complexion to a more youthful shine.

Here on this page, you can learn more about the Sculptra Butt Lift and how it could be able to enhance your natural contours without the need for surgery.

When Used On The Hips, Is It Safe To Apply Sculptra?

Yes. Although Sculptra was first developed for use in treating facial lines, physicians are increasingly using this dermal filler to treat lines and wrinkles in other areas of the body. Surgeons in New York City are using it on male patients to sculpt the biceps, pecks, and calves.

When Used On The Hips, Is It Safe To Apply Sculptra?

The outcomes that can achieve with Sculptra are significantly superior to those achieved with implants because implants tend to become rigid over time, restricting the range of motion in the muscles. Sculptra, on the other hand, yields results that seem entirely natural and do not inhibit mobility.

Sculptra is not just being utilized for the hip dip application, but it is also being used to fill up flat buttocks. Sculptra is a non-invasive alternative to surgical procedures like the Brazilian Butt Raise that may lift and reshape the buttocks without causing discomfort to the patient.

Advantages Of Sculptra For Exercises That Involve Performing Hip Dips

  • It is not necessary to have surgery, and the only side effect is a moderate level of discomfort: In contrast to hip implants, Sculptra does not require any surgical procedures to be carried out to be effective. Because there is no recuperation required after receiving this therapy, you can immediately resume all of your typical activities on the same day you get treatment. Because the formulation of Sculptra is injected directly into the hip dip using needles sanitized, there is no need for an anesthetic to be utilized throughout the process of giving Sculptra.

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  • Sculptra works by stimulating the growth of healthy tissues that fill up the area surrounding the hip drop. Because of this, the effects are practical but may not immediately appear. After around two to three weeks, you will begin to see the first signals of development, which will lead to improvements that have arisen on their own and will continue to accumulate over time.
  • Utilizing Sculptra for rounding out hip dips is one of the finest elements of using for rounding out hip dips since it allows for unlimited contouring, which is one of the most excellent aspects of utilizing Sculptra for rounding out hip dips. Sculptra enables adaptability in terms of hip shape. Because the filler is supplied via injection rather than implantation, you have better control over the treatment outcomes. That is because injections are less invasive than implantation.
    Following each session, you will converse with your dermatologist about the impact of the Sculptra treatments on your body. Your dermatologist will be able to observe how your body is reacting to the treatments. Your recent discoveries can be a foundation for building more information into future sessions, which can improve thanks to this foundation. Using Sculptra won't have any problem getting the exact contour you want since it will help you get there. If you don't use it, you could have some trouble.

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  • The production of tissues that are tight and hard. When the results of Sculptra become apparent, you will notice that the tissue forming in the area treated is firm and taut. That will be the case when the effects of Sculptra begin to take effect. Despite this, you are still able to maintain your mobility in this location despite the significant muscle growth that has taken place. In contrast to the limitations that come with implants, there will not be any restrictions put on the area that is being treated.
    The filled-out hip dips will offer you a complete hourglass appearance without restricting the flexibility of your lower body in any manner. That will create the image of you being leaner and more toned than you are. The areas you have targeted will also look highly smooth and helpful due to the PLLA included in Sculptra treatments. That will be the case even if you haven't targeted specific areas.
  • It is possible to obtain long-term results, with some studies showing effects lasting up to two years after treatment has stopped. It is recommended that you go in for touch-ups anywhere from once to three times a year to maintain the new shape of your hip.

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  • Patients have many options, including treatments that employ Sculptra since they produce minimal discomfort and are an excellent choice. Even though some individuals claim that they had some level of discomfort due to the injections, the vast majority of patients state that the pain induced by the injections was tolerable.

Who Is Eligible To Receive Treatment With Sculptra Hip Dip?

People who desire to smooth out the dips in their hips without surgery will find that Sculptra is the ideal option for their needs. Just two or three sessions of Sculptra injections are all required to give somebody the appearance of a hip dip.

This treatment benefits people with very little to no extra fat in their bodies. It is necessary to harvest fat to do transplants; however, this might be challenging for patients with a low percentage of body fat since their bodies do not have sufficient fat deposits from which to harvest fat.

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Sculptra is a straightforward solution to the problem of rounding out one's hips. The therapy consists of the consultation and the actual session; no incisions, harvesting, or transplanting are necessary at any stage of the process.

Price And Amount of Goods Or Services

The retail price of one Sculptra vial can range anywhere from $600 to $800; this cost is determined by the total number of vials utilized throughout the treatment session. The average dermatologist will recommend between eight and ten vials each treatment session, with a maximum of three treatments. 

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The price of Sculptra is not the same for everyone because different people have different body compositions.

Choose Ethos To Put An End To Your Troubles With The Hip Dip

Have a conversation with us to learn more about Sculptra and its excellent use on fat hip dips contouring. At Ethos Spa, we firmly believe that every individual should be able to relax and enjoy themselves in their bodies. One Sculptra injection at a time, our mission is to help you achieve the physique you have always dreamed of having.