Famous Hip Expansion Methods: Including Fat Transfer Hip Dips

3 Well-liked Fat Transfer Hip Dips That Improve Hip Dips

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
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Updated on 11/29/2022

The term "hip dips" refers to an inward curvature or indentations on the sides of the body, directly below the hip bone and above the thigh. So let's know Fat Transfer Hip Dips procedures. This body area is also referred to as "violin hips." (This condition is known by its technical name, trochanteric depression.) They are a perfectly natural component of the anatomy of many women, and the degree to which they are evident is directly related to the proportion of fatty tissue to lean muscle in the affected region. If you have hip dips and they give you discomfort, it can be challenging to get rid of them via exercise (no matter how many squats or lunges you perform), which may prompt you to seek the services of a plastic surgeon. The structure of the pelvis causes hip dips.

Dr. Pat Pazmino, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami, says that "the most common thing people ask for" with hip augmentation is to "smooth out the look of hip dips." Several approaches can be taken to accomplish this, some of which are also practical for those who want to make their hips bigger and have a shape that is more reminiscent of an hourglass. Everything you need to know about the three different alternatives for hip augmentation is provided here.

1. Fat Transfer


According to the professionals we consulted, this is one of the most common and successful treatment choices. It is also known as fat grafting. Also known as the so-called hip dips, according to Dr. Ruth Celestin, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Riverdale, Georgia. She explains that the fat cells fill in this area and extend the round curve from the buttocks to the hips. "The fat cells function to fill in this area," she says. After the fat is obtained by liposuction, it is injected into the chip dip. According to Dr. Pazmino, the fat can originate from any part of the body that is not desired, such as the stomach or the outer thighs. If the concave area is intense—if the hip dip is quite prominent—the ideal approach is to match the fat grafting with liposuction to slim the area above and below it. This is because the fat grafting will only work to fill in the already existing area.

According to Dr. Pazmino, "by smoothing out those places and injecting volume into the hip dip, you tend to obtain a smoother and better outcome." [citation needed] [Citation needed]


According to Dr. Pazmino, you should prepare for around four to five days of downtime in addition to two weeks of healing before you can entirely resume normal activities. He says that some potential adverse effects include swelling, bruising, soreness, and the possibility of lumps and bumps. (According to Dr. Celestin, liposuction is a surgical operation that carries the potential of problems like infection and bleeding.) In a strict sense, the outcomes are permanent; however, not all transplanted fat will be preserved after the procedure.

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According to Dr. Pazmino, around 70 percent of the relocated fat will remain there permanently, while the remaining 30 percent of the fat that was shifted will disappear over time. According to him, most medical professionals would often compensate for this by prescribing more medication than is required to get the desired result. According to the opinions of the consulted professionals, the price for this kind of hip augmentation can vary anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on where you live, which service you select, and the amount of liposuction performed. However, the average cost is around $6,000.

2. Injectable Filler

Injectable Filler

According to Dr. Celestin, Sculptra is a popular alternative for patients who do not want to have plastic surgery or are too thin and lack the fat reserves needed for fat grafting. He also recommends Sculptra to patients who do not have enough fat stores for fat grafting. It is constructed out of poly-L-lactic acid, an artificial substance that encourages the formation of collagen and, as a result, generates additional volume. Injections are performed rapidly and painlessly, and there is no need for anesthetic or recovery time afterward. What are the downsides? The effects will wear off after around two years, and the expenses will soon pile up.

According to Dr. Celestin, the price of injection can range anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 for each vial, and a full correction of the hips may require anywhere from five to ten vials and numerous rounds of therapy depending on the outcome that is wanted. "viable choice for modest augmentations, but someone with extremely deep hip dips will probably end up paying more on Sculptra than they would on surgery," the article said.

Are You Interested In Getting Your Hips Augmented?

Are You Interested In Getting Your Hips Augmented

Dr. Celestin says another alternative is to have cosmetic hip implants comparable to breast implants in that they are comprised of a semi-solid silicone material. People are drawn to this choice because, in contrast to fat transfers, there is a guarantee of volume constancy, and silicone implants are a permanent solution. These are two of the aspects that contribute to the solution's appeal. They are also beneficial for those who may not be concerned about the look of hip dips but who desire broader hips. According to Dr. Celestin, her male-to-female transgender patients find them quite popular. Because this is a surgical operation, you may expect to be put under general anesthesia, and the recovery period will be around one week. Infection, bleeding, implant movement, and the eventual requirement to remove the implant altogether are all potential risks.

According to Dr. Celestin, the therapy may be expensive, ranging from $8,000 to $10,000. It's also important to note: She emphasizes that silicone injections, which are prohibited and have a high risk of adverse effects, should not be confused with silicone implants. In a similar vein, Dr. Pazmino advises that he's seen patients who have had all sorts of weird stuff (emphasis on crazy) injected into the hips, such as caulking from the bathroom, melted lard, and motor oil. He says that he's seen patients who have done this. Not just for hip augmentation but also for any cosmetic and body contouring operation, it cannot be emphasized enough how critical it is to look for specialists who have completed the necessary training and certification programs.

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