A Comparison Of Hip Dips VS Saddlebags

Hip Dips VS Saddlebags

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 11/29/2022

Hip dips and saddlebags are two of the body features that women fear the most. It is frustrating when annoying fat deposits form where you do not want them to be.

These aspects of the body are notoriously difficult to tone, and the list of reasons includes the influence of genetics. Therefore, is there any use in attempting anything at all? Do you have any options that you could put into action? Please continue reading to find out more, but before you do, it's essential to understand what hip dips, saddlebags, and other body modifications mean for your look. in this article, you will learn about hip dips VS saddlebags. 

What Exactly Are Saddle Bags?


When women gain weight, they frequently have a problem known as saddlebags. When a woman is in her reproductive years, the fat gathered around her thighs, buttocks, and hips usually becomes visible.

It is the result of a physical requirement that arose throughout evolution. During periods of famine, the additional fat stores provided a source of sustenance for pregnant or nursing mothers.

They served a purpose for cavewomen thousands of years ago, but now they are just annoying pockets of fat that women want to eliminate.

What Exactly Are Hip Dips?

What Exactly Are Hip Dips?

Hips dips are precisely the contrary. It is not an accumulation of fat protruding out; instead, they are conspicuous indentations that form a curved inward curve on each side of the hip, immediately below the hip bone.

They are also known as violin hips because of the curvature they provide to your legs when you wear them.

They are not a deformity of any type and are not related to any medical concerns. Your pelvis sits up high and is broad, which forms a drop between your hip bones and your femur. This is the source of hip dips and is merely a consequence of your genetics.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Hips, Dips, And Saddle Bags?

How Can I Get Rid Of My Hips Dips And Saddle Bags?

Squats and other strength exercises focusing on the lower body can be beneficial for saddlebag development. Although these workouts won't make the fat on your butt disappear overnight (cardio is far more effective at burning fat! ), they will help your butt seem perkier and more toned. Your muscles will become more toned, and your resting metabolic rate will increase if you participate in any resistance exercise. The quicker your metabolism, the faster your body will burn through the calories, and the less likely you are to store fat away as excess energy.

These exercises may help you grow muscle, which is necessary to maintain your butt and upper thighs tight and toned. Since muscular atrophy is one of the primary causes of saddlebags, completing these exercises can help you build muscle. As a matter of fact, I am aware that, on the other hand, some women struggle to develop the power in their thighs more. I'm also aware that certain body types are more predisposed to developing excessive muscle mass than others. As I indicated before, saddlebags can be caused by a wide variety of various factors. To provide your saddlebags with the most benefit possible, you will need to do multiple tasks for them.

Therefore, the first advice I have for you is to reduce the amount of unnecessary fat in your body. Because it is impossible to remove fat in specific areas of the body, getting rid of saddlebag fat will need a reduction in general body fat. If you want to reduce the amount of fat in your body, you must change your diet and begin engaging in effective cardiovascular exercise.

In addition to that, you need to engage in some form of resistance exercise. Doing this will strengthen your legs and buttocks and lessen the appearance of saddlebags.

Eat Clean

Eat Clean

Consuming food in its most unaltered form is at the heart of the "clean eating" movement. Whenever possible, you should look to reduce your consumption of processed foods, particularly those high in sugar or bad fats. In addition, I avoid alcoholic beverages, sugary beverages (including delicate fruit juice), white bread, and fast food. You may read more about how I maintain a healthy diet.

It is essential to know that eating healthy will help you feel full for more extended periods, consume fewer calories, and supply your body with the nutrients it requires. Additionally, it can help you control your hormones, which is essential because eating processed foods and having digestive issues can lead to hormonal imbalances. Eating healthily on its own probably won't get rid of your saddlebags, but it is undeniably a significant step in the right way.

Lower Your Calories

Lower Your Calories

If you have excess body fat, lowering the number of calories you consume will assist your body in shedding fat throughout, including in your thighs, which may make you seem slimmer.

You might find it helpful to reduce your calorie intake a little bit. In other words, you should consume fewer calories than you expend during the day. I need a certain number of calories every day.

Nevertheless, make sure you have plenty to eat! It would be best to have a deficit of between 200 and 500 calories. If you try to lose weight by consuming less than 1,500 calories per day, all you will do is harm your metabolism and make losing weight more difficult.

Even Though I Try To Watch What I Eat And Exercise Often, I Still Have A Few More Pounds.

I Still Have A Few More Pounds.

Some of you females may be engaging in all of these activities. You've been keeping a healthy diet and keeping up with your exercise routine but to no avail. You may still find your saddlebags there.

Suppose your saddlebags are truly obvious, and they won't go away. In that case, I strongly urge that you check into the balance of your hormones to benefit your self-confidence and overall health!

After reading this article, you know  A Comparison Of Hip Dips VS Saddlebags.