25 Sexy Hip Tattoo Ideas For Women

Hip Tattoo Ideas For Women

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 11/29/2022

You have come to the right place if you have decided on the perfect tattoo design for your body but are unsure where to have it done or what part of your body to have it done. Meaningful hip tattoo ideas would look fantastic, also be regarded as a symbol of femininity, and makes a perfect place for such a tattoo. You can celebrate feminine power and draw attention to one of the most attractive regions of the body through the practice of getting a tattoo around this area of the body.

It is up to you whether you want to flaunt your creation to the world or if you want to keep it a secret. As a result of the thin skin of the area, the fact that it is close to bones, and the general sensitivity of the site, getting a tattoo there can be a very unpleasant experience. Hence, many women choose to wear a small, straightforward design as a result; however, other options are available to you, such as picking a style that is wider and covers the upper thigh or focuses on the side of the hip. You will discover everything you need to know about this topic if you continue reading.

1. Tattoos Of Flowers On The Hip

Tattoos Of Flowers On The Hip


If you are looking to go for a hipster look, flower tattoos are an excellent option for you. There are many options when it comes to the design so you can go for something delicate and girly, or you can go for something detailed and realistic. It is possible to choose from an extensive array of flowers, each associated with a different meaning based on its shape, color, or combination. A sunflower tattoo, for instance, is an excellent body art choice for someone who seeks a tattoo that symbolizes positivity, devotion, and optimism on their body. It can also be used to express one's belief system or one's unique love for someone.

Tattoos Of Flowers On The Hip

On the other hand, getting a tattoo of a lotus flower is considered to represent enlightenment, spiritual awakening, beauty, and progress, and it is also said to represent reaching enlightenment. There is no doubt that women's hips are one of our most feminine, attractive, and beautiful pieces of their body, and some of the most beautiful and feminine parts are everywhere they look. It is a great way to honor the strength of women by getting a tattoo in this location. It is a great way to keep the power of women by getting a tattoo in this location.

2. Tattoo Of A Rose On The Hip

 Tattoo of a rose on the hip


It is no secret that the rose is a design that is frequently used for tattoos, and there is a good reason for this. There is no doubt that this is one of the most beautiful flowers, but this flower is also loaded with symbolic meaning, including the symbolism of love and passion. Because the rose is a lovely flower with thorns that can cause you harm, the sense you associate with your rose tattoo can be significant and personal to you. You can introduce yourself in several ways, such as making a statement about finding a balance and being wary of those you trust. Because the rose is a beautiful flower, it is also considered to be a poisonous flower.

It is also possible to change the meaning of your tattoo by changing its color. In general, the yellow color is associated with friendship and positivity, while the red color is associated with passion and desire. Even though getting a tattoo on the hip is a painful experience, it can be an excellent choice for people who want to conceal their body art by getting a tattoo on the hip instead.

3. Tattoo Of A Butterfly On The Hip

Butterfly Hip Tattoo


One of the most beautiful organisms on earth, the butterfly, can take many forms and have a variety of colors. Additionally, a great deal of symbolism is associated with this object, including associations with beauty and freedom and a lot of symbolism. Butterfly tattoos are among the most popular types of body art because of the variety of meanings they can represent and the variety of designs they can come in. There is no doubt that they look beautiful on the body no matter where they are placed, including on the hip, and they can be as large or as small as the wearer desires.

A hip tattoo is notoriously uncomfortable and should only be done when the design holds a great deal of meaning for the wearer. Despite this, it is also a location that may represent women's power and energy, as well as a way to keep your plan confidential and show your power.

4. Girly, Little Tattoo on The Hip

Girly, little tattoos on the hips


The hip is an excellent spot to get your next tattoo because it is a feminine and beautiful part of the body that lends itself well to intricate patterns because it is a feminine part of the body. The person can have a hip tattoo as large as they wish or as small as they desire. Smaller pieces of art complement the room better, and they are also the more practical option considering hip tattoos are rated high on the pain scale chart. This versatile setting would be great for a variety of themes, such as something delicate and feminine. I think this can be an excellent way to appreciate the elegance of the female body and the strength of being a woman in the face of adversity.

Whatever you choose, whether a meaningful statement, a word, or a bouquet, you have complete control over your selection. Whatever you choose, whether a powerful message, a comment, or a compliment, you have full control over your choice.

5. A Tattoo Of A Dragon On The Hip

 A tattoo of a dragon on the hip


A dragon tattoo is a popular design for people searching for a unique and beautiful tattoo. Dragons are often associated with strength, bravery, and protection as a symbol of strength, courage protection. In the West, dragons are often associated with greed and evil, but in the East, they are associated with safety and good luck. There are several different connotations associated with the mythological monster depending on where it is found.

Several factors play a role in determining the meaning of the body art's message, including the look you choose and the sources that inspire you. The ink can be extensive and detailed across the hips and thighs, or it can remain tidy and straightforward across the hips and thighs. There is no reason why you can't get a hip tattoo in the shape of a dragon, and it can be either large or small.

6. Tattoo That Extends From The Hips To The Thighs

Tattoo That Extends From The Hips To The Thighs


For those who aren't put off by the discomfort often associated with hip tattoos, a hip-to-thigh tattoo design may be perfect. The hip is one of the most attractive and feminine places to get a tattoo, but it is also one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. The skin is so sensitive because of how close it is to the bone and how sensitive the area is since the skin is so tight to it. There will be plenty of room for artistic expression within the context of your hip-to-thigh design, which is extensive and detailed. If you prefer to select various styles based on your preferences, you can mix multiple photographs and choose from different types. As the choice is yours, you may like something significant to you or something that is merely cosmetic.

7. Snake Hip Tattoo

Snake Hip Tattoo


There is no doubt that snake tattoos look stunning when placed on the hip because of the hip curve. You can tattoo it horizontally over the side of the thigh and the upper thigh, or you can tattoo it on a smaller scale so that it sits directly on the hip bone and can be tattooed vertically. It is possible to choose either of these options. It's no secret that snakes represent transition and change, so selecting one as a power animal is an excellent choice for anyone who has gone through a challenging experience and emerged more robust and more resilient as a result of it. Some see snakes as evil and seduction, while others see them as symbols of good luck and protection.

There is a possibility of tattooing snakes with their teeth to indicate fear, whereas floral tattoos tend to convey a feeling of femininity and gentleness. In addition, how you construct your design will determine the meaning, you intend to associate with it and how you make it. For example, pieces with flowers can be considered more feminine and kinder, while those without flowers can be regarded as more masculine and manly.

8. Unique Hip Tattoos

Unique Hip Tattoos


Your body art can represent your ideas and feelings or be a decorative inking. There is a lot of expression in body art, and it is not uncommon to find people with tattoos with images such as flowers, hearts, and serpents on their bodies. Another technique used in designing jewelry is that some methods are one-of-a-kind, such as quotes or words that have a special meaning to the person wearing them or designs that combine several images to create something beautiful and distinctive. Find a piece of artwork that inspires you to get your next tattoo, or mix and match elements from several of your most cherished photographs to create a design that is unique to you.

9. A Floral Design On The Hip

A Floral Design On The Hip


In addition to their beauty, flowers are also considered a symbol of growth. Various choices are available to you depending on your design aesthetic and the connotation you wish to be associated with the design. It is not only significant but also decorative to have a hip floral tattoo on your body. It is created by combining a number of your favorite flowers to create a stunning design that will cover the hip area of your body. Depending on your preference, you may go for a realistic finish or simplify the process by concentrating on the outline and applying only a tiny amount of color and contrast to it.

10. Tattoo Of A Heart On The Hip

Tattoo Of A Heart On The Hip


A universally understood representation of love is the shape of a beating heart. When placed on the hip, heart tattoos appear beautiful and serve as a discrete and private way to display a unique design. You have numerous choices available to you, depending on the significance you like to attach to it: you may combine the heart with other pictures, such as an arrow or a dagger, or you can keep it straightforward and uncomplicated. You may also get creative with the shape of the heart, for example, by combining it with a cherry to create a design that symbolizes love as well as sexuality and innocence. Get a broken heart tattoo if you have been hurt emotionally or have lost someone close to you. as well as sexuality and innocence. Get a broken heart tattoo if you have been hurt emotionally or have lost someone close to you.

11. Small Hip Tattoo

Small Hip Tattoo


Because the hip area can be uncomfortable, small tattoos are the best choice for this design. No doubt, keeping things simple and on a smaller scale can be highly beneficial because it will draw attention to your hip rather than completely hiding it. There is no doubt that the hip is a location associated with femininity, and celebrating your female strength can be done by positioning yourself in this manner. It can be designed in various ways, including original concepts or something more straightforward, such as hearts, stars, or cherry blossoms. Even if your artwork is minor, this does not mean that it cannot be altered to suit your tastes; however, it is worth mentioning that in many cases, the best style that will work best for your artwork will be an outline design that restricts the shades and contrasts used.

12. Mandala Hip Tattoo

Mandala Hip Tattoo


The word "circle" originated in ancient Sanskrit. The controversy surrounding the idea of getting a tattoo as a mandala, however, has led to many people believing that getting a tattoo as a mandala would be a bad idea. As a result of the beautiful pattern formed by the intricate shapes that make up these intricate designs, these designs are often associated with harmony and balance. There is something hypnotic about looking at these patterns.

If you get a tattoo in the shape of a mandala, it can serve as a constant visual cue and a continual reminder to focus on the aspects of your life most important to you. It is also possible that you will discover that it helps you locate a sense of serenity within yourself. There are many places on the hip where you can get body art that you want to keep and keep only for yourself if you're going to keep it a secret.

13. Hidden Small Hip Tattoos

 Hidden Small Hip Tattoos


I believe that the hip is the perfect place to have a memorable and intimate design. However, it is also one of the most painful places to get inked. This problem is caused by the thin skin covering the bone and its proximity to the bone. You should consider the severity of the pain before getting tattooed, and you may decide to opt for a smaller design if you want your tattoo session to be as short as possible. It is widespread for people to choose to have a small tattoo because of the simplicity and beauty of the design. As well as being able to be inked anywhere on the body, they are much easier to cover up. Women who want to keep their ink private and for themselves should consider a small hip tattoo.

14. Sunflower Hip Tattoo

Sunflower Hip Tattoo


In addition to being one of the most stunning flowers, sunflowers are also known for their bright yellow color, which makes for an eye-catching tattoo design. Besides representing hope, optimism, commitment, and love, sunflower tattoos are also meaningful because they represent hope, optimism, and commitment that will last forever. In light of the significance of these flowers, it lends itself to the creation of significant body art, which can be executed in various ways based on the individual's preferences. A realistic depiction can be created using vivid colors, or you can choose to go for something more straightforward, such as an outline design if you want to create a more explicit image. The hip is considered one of the ideal places to paint your body because of its adaptability. In addition to being easy to conceal, it also lends a sense of closeness to your tattoo.

15. A Hip Tattoo That Is Very Simple

A Hip Tattoo That Is Very Simple


The beauty of simple tattoos is that they draw the viewer's attention to the critical elements of the design. The beauty of simple tattoos is that they can remove the viewer's attention to the essential aspects of the invention. Despite their simplicity, they do not have a great deal of shade or contrast, and they rely more on contour and focus more on silhouette than shade to convey their message.

The simplicity of this design allows it to have an elegant presence, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more understated aesthetic. As getting a tattoo on the hip is one of the more painful parts of getting inked, it's a good idea to opt for a simple design that we can be inked in a smaller size since the hip area is one of the more painful parts of getting inked. Furthermore, your work will be done more quickly, and we can usually call the tattoo done at a lower price than we would otherwise.

16. A Tattoo Of A Lion On The Hip

A Tattoo Of A Lion On The Hip


As far as designing a lion tattoo is concerned, a variety of approaches may be taken, from realistic artwork to geometric designs, depending on the individual's preferences. In addition, the wolf is a stunning animal that symbolizes courage, nobility, intelligence, and bravery, to name a few. As lions are formidable predators and are commonly referred to as the kings of the jungle, one might think that getting the ink of a lion on your hip would be an excellent idea. 

To produce a delicate and lovely appearance, you may add to the design by including flower accents to create a beautiful design. As an alternative, you might want to consider getting a tattoo of a lioness to express your feminine side and sense of motherhood. Hip tattoos are popular because they can also be placed on the upper thigh or back, which provides ample room for intricate designs.

17. Tattoo Of Cherry Blossom On The Hip

Tattoo Of Cherry Blossom On The Hip


Undoubtedly, a cherry blossom tattoo is one of the most beautiful for the hip. This is one of the most beautiful hip tattoos I have ever seen. There is only a brief period during which flowers bloom, representing impermanence, love, beauty, and the passing of time. An image of cherry blossoms can serve as a reminder that time is precious and a celebration of what is essential in life. I think it is crucial to keep in mind that there are many ways in which you can design your piece, but the best option is to use color to emphasize the brilliant pink color of the flower. This tattoo is undoubtedly eye-catching and makes a statement that is not to be missed. As well as being an easy-to-cover area, the hip is also an excellent place to decide who will see your tattoo and when since it is positioned on the hip, which means you can choose who will see your tattoo first. It is this reason that makes it one of the most versatile options when it comes to your body art.

18. Tattoo Of A Phoenix On The Hip

Tattoo Of A Phoenix On The Hip


As a symbol of life, death, and rebirth, the phoenix tattoo can be used to express ideas such as life, death, and resurrection. The phoenix is believed to undergo regenerative cycles during which it bursts into flames before rising from the ashes of its previous incarnation in a second incarnation and undergoing regenerative processes during which it bursts into flames again. It is said that the bird bursts into flames before rising from the ashes of its last image, emerging the fire in one version of the myth.

A design featuring a phoenix may be an ideal choice for a person who has endured a difficult period or has encountered hardships and has become stronger and more resilient due to those experiences. While there is a wide variety of styles available, those that use fiery hues like yellow, red, and orange to represent flames stand out the most. Having a phoenix tattoo on the hip is an excellent choice because it allows you to conceal the tattoo when you do not want to display it and display it when you do.

19. Tattoo On The Side Of The Hip

Tattoo On The Side Of The Hip


There are several reasons why hip tattoos are high on the list when it comes to tattoo pain, and you should not ink them without first carefully considering their advantages and disadvantages before committing to them. Even though it is one of the most uncomfortable places to get body art done, it is also one of the most adaptable. As a result, it is a perfect choice for people who wish to cover their tattoos effortlessly while still having the option to display them in the way they see fit. To make the overall design feel more personal, you have control over who sees it and when it is said. It is also possible to place the hip on the side, another unique placement option. It is also possible to experiment with where you want your tattoo placed on your body so you can get it on the side of your body or your lower hip.

You may also want to experiment with where you want your tattoos placed on your body, such as on your side or lower hips. The site is perfect for long and vertical designs, as they complement the shape of the plan well and are straightforward to use. Many things, such as flowers, arrows, and snakes, fall under this category.

20. Quote Hip Tattoo

Quote Hip Tattoo


It is a deeply personal decision to get a tattoo of a meaningful quote on your body. There are many places you can find inspiration for the section you want on your tattoo; for example, we might get tattoos based on a favorite movie, poetry that moves us, or song lyrics that make us feel something. The words may also be the words of someone dear to you, and you could show your appreciation by having it written in their handwriting so that they would know how much you appreciate them. You will feel a sense of empowerment and agency due to this. You can choose multiple fonts to create a unique look. You can have the quotation run along the side of your hip or make it a little more prominent by having the quote run across the hip.

21. Tattoo Of An Elephant On The Hip

Tattoo Of An Elephant On The Hip


As well as being a great way to make a bold statement, elephant tattoos are also said to bring their owners success, fortune, and power. Because every elephant herd has a matriarch, this practice can also be interpreted as a way of celebrating the femininity of elephants. It is possible to design an elephant tattoo in many different ways, including using a lifelike representation or an abstract design.

To create a half-completed elephant, you can add details such as florals or make a geometric elephant that is larger or more complex based on the size and complexity you desire. Even though getting a tattoo on the hip hurts a lot, it is a good place for one. Consider how much it will break before you decide on a design since larger designs will require you to sit for more extended periods, making your discomfort last longer.

22. Tattoo Of A Star Hip

Tattoo Of A Star Hip


Because of the inherent ease of drawing a star, it has become one of the most common shapes chosen for tattoos. It is possible to tattoo stars of any size, and you can place the design in different places of the body, including the hip. The hip is a convenient and adaptable location, making it an excellent choice for ink that you intend to conceal. This gives you a lot of room for innovation because you can experiment with tattooing the star in different places, such as immediately above the hip bone, to the side, or on the pelvic area. In addition to having a charming appearance, stars have significant meanings. They stand for one's fate, honor, guidance, and hope. You can get this image tattooed on your body to constantly remind you to maintain a cheerful attitude even when things seem bleak or brutal. Or let the star lead you and keep you safe.

23. Hip Tattoo Of A Dreamcatcher

Hip tattoo of a dreamcatcher


There is something beautiful and meaningful about tattoos that depict dream catchers. It is a hand-woven artifact that originated in Native American culture. It is traditionally hung over the beds of very young children to prevent them from having nightmares. As a result of their aesthetic appeal and significant meaning, they have inspired other forms of body art as well as gained popularity all over the world. There is a good chance that you will remain focused and happy if you get this artwork tattooed on your body. As well as keeping the user from having negative thoughts, it can protect them from those who would wish to harm them by harming them.

The designs are frequently intricate and tend to work best when inked on bigger sizes because they are often more complex. If you need more room, you can concentrate your tattoo on the side of the hip and cover the upper thigh if you require additional space, so the hip is a versatile place for a tattoo. This is because it is the perfect option for your upcoming tattoo, as a result!

24. Rihanna Hip Tattoo

Rihanna Hip Tattoo


As one of the world's most powerful and influential women, Rihanna is often regarded as one of the most influential people. There is no denying that she possesses an it-factor that cannot be quantified and that has, over the years, influenced ladies all over the world with her effortlessly stylish style and body art. There is no doubt that Rihanna has more than 20 tattoos on her body, of which one is on her hip, which depicts a Sanskrit prayer. Rihanna's new tattoo, written in Sanskrit, makes a powerful statement as it translates to 'forgiveness, honesty, suppression, and control.' Sanskrit is an ancient language that originated from India and means 'forgiveness, honesty, suppression, and control.'

25. Tattoo Of A Gun On The Hip

Tattoo Of A Gun On The Hip


People often place their guns on a gun holder, so a tattoo on their hip would be primarily symbolic of where they keep their weapons. Therefore, when honoring this tradition, tattooing a gun on the hip is a great way to do so. With it, you can use it to make a strong statement, and you can also use it to equate power, protection, and strength with it. You may want to get a tattoo created with a pistol to remind yourself that you are powerful and can overcome any obstacle that may come your way. In particular, it can have a powerful effect on women who have recently gone through a difficult time in their lives. You can get a tattoo of a gun if you wish to inspire terror in others by getting a tattoo of a gun, or if you want to serve as a warning to others that you are not someone to be messed with by getting a tattoo of a firearm. It is also possible that gun tattoos can serve as a warning to people that they should not mess with you in the future. Another factor contributing to the more profound significance behind the design of your gun is the kind of gun you choose, which is one of the important hip tattoo ideas.

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