How Do You Cover Hip Dips & Can You Cover It In A Bodycon Dresses?

How Do You Cover Hip Dips

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
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Updated on 11/29/2022

How do you cover hip dips? How to hide hip dips in bodycon dresses? Hip dips are considered to be the adversary in the realm of bodycon dresses. If you are unfamiliar with what they are, they are the small depressions or divots located on either side of your hips, and these divots protrude and provide the appearance of more prominent curves.

Several individuals may view these dips as defects, but they don't necessarily represent a defect.

How do you cover hip dips?

Wearing a body-hugging dress without feeling self-conscious is possible if you do a few tricks to conceal them. Our goal is to help you feel confident, and we'll teach you how to hide hip dips in bodycon dresses so you may feel confident wearing them.

Things You Should Never Do When Wearing A Bodycon Dress

How to hide hip dips bodycon dresses are intended to cling closely to the wearer's curves; whatever hip dips the wearer may have will be accentuated when wearing one of these garments. The astonishing thing is that there are very few approaches one can take to make them look like they belong in their surroundings!

To begin, let's go over some things you should not do.

Things You Should Never Do When Wearing A Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress that is excessively tight will serve to emphasize your hip dips and draw more attention to them. The same is true if you wear an article of clothing that is too loose on you and will bunch up in all the wrong places, giving the appearance of even broader hips than they already are.

You would tailor the best kind of dress for you to your body without restricting movement too much. Therefore, you will caress your curves in all the right places without being overly highlighted.  

How To Cover Up Hip Dips When Wearing Bodycon Dresses:

Choose Bottoms With A Higher Rise:

Regarding how to hide hip dips in dress, high-rise bottoms are your best bet for success. They contribute to the creation of the illusion of a longer torso, which, in turn, helps your hips appear to be slimmer.

How Do You Cover Hip Dips

That is because they are designed to sit at your natural waistline, drawing attention to that area while simultaneously creating the optical illusion of a narrower waist and wider hips.

The appearance of your hip dips will be minimized, and what will bring the focus on the more sensual curves of your body if you have a smaller waist and your body will have more of an hourglass form?

High-waisted bottoms smooth out your appearance and make hip dips less noticeable when worn in conjunction with a bodycon dress. That is because the dress draws attention to your waistline rather than your hips.

Put On Some Shapewear

Wearing shapewear is an option for women who want to conceal hip dips while wearing a bodycon dress.

Shapewear Dress

That will assist in minimizing the appearance of your curves and give you an overall more streamlined appearance.

Shapewear for hip dips is a wide selection of options accessible for shapewear; however, you should prioritize locating an option that is comfy for you to wear.

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Put On Bottoms That Are Darker In Color:

Regarding how to hide hip dips in bodycon dresses, another approach that you may utilize to lessen the appearance of hip dips is to dress in lighter colors on the upper half of your body and darker colors on the lower half.

dress in lighter colors

That will have the effect of slimming you down and will make your hips appear to be less prominent. Choose a bodycon dress that either has a gradient effect that follows a deeper hue at the bottom or opts for a dress with an overall dark color. Both of these options are great for formal occasions.

Pick A Dress With A Full Skirt As Your Option:

If you want to cover the dip in your hips, try a dress with a bodycon top and a flared skirt. The skirt's flare will conceal your hip dips, making your overall appearance more pleasing.

Pick A Dress With A Full Skirt As Your Option

The flare of the dress will make your waist appear smaller, especially if the bodycon dress's upper half is form-fitting and gradually flares out at the end. If the dress is asymmetrical, then that idea will work the best.

Dresses that hide hip dips: Don't choose dresses that cling to your hips if you want to conceal something on your body. Dresses with a full skirt or an Aline skirt are good options.


When wearing a bodycon dress, these are some of the most effective strategies for covering any dips or bulges in the hip area.

Hip dips dress: Getting the best shape of hip dips and wrapping them in a way that doesn't make them prominent is vital. Hip Dips are also known as Violin Hips. 

Search for the dress that flatters your figure the most.


How do you cover hip dips? How to hide hip dips in bodycon dresses? If you take some measures, such as wearing shapewear, picking darker colors on the bottom, or selecting a dress with a flared skirt, you can rock that bodycon dress confidently.

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