How Do You Get an Hourglass Figure if You Have Hip Dips?

Hips dips

Hips dips

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 5/27/2023

How can someone who already has hip dips work toward getting an hourglass figure?

hourglass figure with a hip dip and a tuck

So how do you get an hourglass figure if you have hip dips? You have inquired on the internet whether it is possible to achieve an hourglass figure by performing hip dips. and the collective wisdom of the internet is "yes, you can." But if you're curious about where and why this came from, read o.

Then keep an eye out.

Because of the internet's peculiar nature, it will first present you with a problem and then instruct you on how to solve it.

The debate surrounding body shapes, in particular the question of whether or not one can have the shape of an hourglass while also having hip dips, should not even be allowed to take place. The truth is that your body shape is determined by a combination of factors, including genetics, skeletal structure, and the distribution of fat cells throughout your body. Hip dips, on the other hand, are more specifically about one area: your upper thigh. Hip dips are indentations that can appear on people's thighs with many different body shapes, including an hourglass shape. The ratio of your bust to your hips to your waist determines whether you have an hourglass figure, and the fact that you have hip dips does not change the measurements that determine whether or not you have an hourglass figure.

Hip dips hourglass

Hip dips hourglass

No one will come up to you and say, "Well, you are an hourglass, but ever since you started doing those hip dips, you have been kicked out of the hourglass club!"

All you have to do to understand where I am coming from is look at a few famous people with hip dips who many admire for their bodies' shape.

If we are honest, hip dips were primarily overlooked until relatively recently. For this reason, we stated earlier that the internet brought this to light, and now people are working to find a solution to a problem that nobody gave a single thought to many years ago.

What Are The Roots of Hip Dips?

What Are The Roots of Hip Dips? These thigh indentations are a regular part of your body structure and are caused by genetics and the shape of your pelvis. Hip dips can run in families. Folks, we are dealing with anatomy here; our skeletal structure is something we cannot change, and it is unique to each individual. Hip dips can look different on different people, even if they weigh the exact amount and are the same height. The reason for this is that everyone's anatomy is unique. In addition, genetics can play a significant role because every person's body composition is unique in terms of how the body distributes the various components. Therefore, how fat is stored around the hips is another factor contributing to developing hip dips. According to Mind Muscle, "the vertical distance between the ilium and greater trochanter, the size of the greater trochanter, and the distance between the ilium and hip socket can create the appearance of hip dips." Other factors, such as the amount of muscle you have around your glutes and your overall body fat percentage, can also contribute to the appearance of hip dips. Your hips dip because of your skeletal system and the distance between your ilium and your hip socket. Furthermore, you can trace the origin of the problem back to your genetics and the process by which your skeletal system developed over the years.


How to Remove Hip Dips from Your Body?

Working on your lower body is the most effective method for reducing the appearance of hip dips, should you feel the need to do so. A lower body workout focuses on the area around the hips and the glutes. Hip dips may never be eliminated, but you may be able to reduce their frequency and severity significantly. Recall our earlier discussion about genetics and the make-up of your skeletal system in determining whether or not you have a hip dip. Remember that no one is exactly like you, and the way that one person gets rid of their hip dips may be different for you than it is for them. This is important to remember when searching the internet for other exercises to address how to get rid of hip dips. Gaining lean muscle in the glutes region should be your primary focus while you work toward your goal of gaining body fat that will eventually hit that midsection.


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Which Body Type Features Dips in The Hips?

Hip dips are pretty standard, and the degree to which they appear depends more on your body shape than anything else. As a result, many different body shapes exist, such as the hourglass, the pear, the spoon, and others. Because they are based on our anatomy and skeletal system, hip dips can be performed by people of all different body types.

You could, for instance, achieve an hourglass figure by performing hip dips. Indentations in the thighs are possible if your bust-hip-waist ratio is proportional to that of an hourglass, which means you can have all those other characteristics.

Is There a Waist Trainer That is Designed Explicitly for Hip Dips?

The emphasis of a waist trainer is on the waist, but there are also lifting shapers that can help lift and, as a result, plump up the area, which can give the appearance of having minor thigh indentation. It's possible that a faja would be a better choice than a waist training corset; I go into more detail about this topic in the article that compares a faja to a waist training corset.

Performing Hip Dips Indicate

Performing Hip Dips Indicate

Does Performing Hip Dips Indicate That You Have Wide Hips?

Hip dips do not always indicate that a person has wide hips. On the other hand, if you have wide hips, they may draw more attention to themselves. The skin can sag in the same way on skinny people as it can on people who are not so skinny, but a person may notice it differently depending on their body structure. It's all about how you look and how noticeable you are.

It is not necessarily related to your weight to determine whether or not you will have hip dips; instead, it is related to your body structure, including your skeletal system and your pelvic region.

Hip Dips

Hip Dips

I've never thought about having hip dips, and I didn't like or dislike them; I didn't give much thought to the situation. When I was younger, I practiced my model pose while singing Ru Paul's "you better work." Looking back, I realize that my "hip dips" were just small indentations that I covered with my hand while attempting to model my pose after Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks.

When I was in my prime as a teenager and had a flawless body, there was nothing about my hip dip that made me feel ashamed as I graced the beach in all of its hip dip glory. In a declaration of body positivity, this suddenly becomes something that needs to be "fixed" or something about which I should not feel ashamed to consider fixing.

You can achieve an hourglass figure by performing hip dips as I have, and so have many other people. Here's the thing:

Hip Dips

Hip Dips

Next, feel free to correct them in any way you see fit. Also, if you are like me and cannot keep up with the rising tide of things that a woman is supposed to fix with her body, then there is no need for you to worry about it.

Be aware, however, that you can achieve a perfect hourglass shape with or without hip dips.

To summarize, how do you get an hourglass figure if you have hip dips? I dare anyone to tell you that doing hip dips won't help you achieve an hourglass figure, and if they do, I'll eat my hat.