How Squats Could Make Your Butt Lift Even Better 2023



Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 1/30/2023

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You will want to maintain or even enhance your results once you have fully recovered from BBL surgery. Your bottom can look its best by taking care of your skin and wearing the right clothes. Exercise, however, is another story.

Do squats ruin BBLs?

I find this question to be interesting. When it comes to most surgeries, it is automatically assumed that exercising is important once a patient has recovered enough from the surgery to do so. A BBL, however, relies on fat transfer, and exercising burns fat in the body. It is also a great way to build muscle, and the placement of fat during a BBL is done strategically and is determined by the shape of the muscles at the time of surgery as well.

Could this mean that the squat challenge that you are considering will ruin your surgery if you decide to do it?

I am glad to say that the answer is no in this case. It is similar to a skin graft when fat is removed from the buttocks and then transferred to the buttocks after liposuction has taken place. Likewise, grafted skin won't dissolve away in the same way that most of the fat that is transferred won't dissolve away either. As soon as the fat takes hold - usually about 60% of the amount that is transferred - the fat will be able to establish its blood supply and remain in place for a long period of time. 

That being said, exercise is a great way to shrink those fat cells and to build your muscles. It is possible that when you shrink the fat cells, your contours will no longer be as bodacious as they once were, but building muscles should be able to counteract this effect. It has been found that squats and other exercises may actually boost your BBL instead of harming it. 

It does not matter what you do, exercise is healthy, and your health is important to you. After your BBL, you should begin working out as soon as you have been cleared to do so by your doctor.