How To Get Clear Skin Naturally

How To Get Clear Skin Naturally

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 12/7/2022

1. Twice Daily Face Washing

How to get clear skin naturally? As part of your regular regimen for taking care of your skin, you should make it a point to wash your face both in the morning and evening. If you have oily skin and are prone to acne outbreaks, you should be especially careful not to skip this step. If you have acne-prone skin, paying attention to this is of the utmost importance.

During an investigation that lasted for six weeks, the participants in a study that concentrated solely on washing their faces were given the option, throughout the investigation, to wash their faces either once, twice, or four times daily. The study's primary focus was on the practice of washing one's face, and they were allowed to pick any option within the investigation scope.


Those participants who took part in the research and cleaned their faces twice a day showed a statistically significant reduction in the number of acne lesions on their faces by the time the assessment came to a close. The highest number of zits formed on the faces of individuals observed who cleansed their faces once daily.

2. Use A Gentle Cleaner

You'll find that the shelves at most pharmacies are stocked with various face cleansers, and you may find these products on the shelves of such shops. If you try to pick just one option out of the many available choices, you'll probably have a tough time doing so. There are many possibilities available to you.

When selecting the "best" cleaner, it is essential to remember that the level of technical complexity a product possesses is not necessarily a reliable indicator of its quality.

There is not much difference in the frequency of breakouts on your skin regardless type of cleanser you use, according to a meta-analysis that incorporated the data of 14 studies. After combining the data from these studies, you found this to be the case.

During the clinical trials, many distinct types of cleansers, including antibacterial soaps, cleaning bars, and cleaners containing alpha and beta hydroxy acids, were evaluated after being subjected to a battery of tests and put through their paces.

2. Use A Gentle Cleaner

The lesson learned from all of this is that it is most likely best to make things as plain and uncomplicated as possible, even though this may be disappointing if you've already invested a substantial amount of money in an expensive cleaner. Despite this, the takeaway from all of this should be that it is most likely best to make things as straightforward and uncomplicated as is humanly feasible.

It is conceivable that a gentle cleanser that does not include many different components or fragrances could be just as effective as other more expensive alternatives.

3. Use An Acne-Fighting Product

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), acne may be treated using various topical therapies, and this finding suggests that these treatments may benefit the fight against acne. To pick the treatment that will be most successful for you, you need to have a solid understanding of the specific type of acne that is afflicted.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advises the following treatments for acne; however, the specific treatments that you choose will depend on the type of acne that you have:

  • Adapalene gel is one of the goods you need is acne on the chest, blackheads, and similar bumps because it contains retinoids. Adapalene gel is one of the products that you need to be on the lookout for (Differin).

3. Use An Acne-Fighting Product.

  • Acne is not quite as bad as other people's acne. It does not make a difference whether benzoyl peroxide is applied topically as a treatment for moderate acne on its own or in combination with another topical drug called a retinoid; in either case. Benzoyl peroxide has the potential to be an effective acne treatment, and you can use benzoyl peroxide alone or in combination with retinoids.
  • Acne characterized by inflammation is referred to by the label that gives it away: inflammatory acne. It is strongly suggested that females over 18 use a topical dapsone gel with a concentration of 5%.
  • Scarring acne is a kind of acne that frequently leaves scars behind. Acne and the risk of Scarring caused by acne can be addressed using treatments containing azelaic acid. Acne can cause Scarring on the skin, and Scarring from acne is one condition that responds well to this treatment.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests combining benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, or adapalene gel to treat many forms of acne simultaneously. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the recommendations made by the AAD. Because of this, you can clear up your skin more practically and efficiently.

It is conceivable that your skin will get dry due to the combination of these therapies. Therefore, if you want to prevent anything like this from happening and keep your skin's moisture content healthy, you must apply a moisturizer regularly.

4. Put On Moisturizer

4. Put On Moisturizer

How exactly can the use of a moisturizer assist in preventing the appearance of blemishes on one's skin, and what kinds of cuts can it contain? If your skin is dehydrated, it may try to make up for the lack of moisture by creating an abnormally large quantity of oil to restore itself to its normal state of balance. Moisturizer happens when your skin is trying to return to where it should be. Moisturizer is something that may take place if your skin is dehydrated. In the end, what happened was that. Breakouts took occurred.

Moisturizers do not have to be pricey or packed with strange ingredients in the same way that cleansers do not necessarily have to be effective. Find a moisturizer that won't cause your pores to become blocked using it.

Moisturizer is the most crucial thing you can do for your skin, and there is no risk that the product will cause your pores to get obstructed as a direct result of your utilizing it.

It is recommended that those with oily skin use moisturizers sold under the label of being "lightweight." Moisturizer will help you avoid having a heavy or greasy sensation on your skin after using the product, a frequent side effect of traditional moisturizers. This feeling is caused by conventional moisturizers being too thick and clogging the skin's pores.

face mask

Some people find that during the winter, when the cold and dry air can leave skin feeling tight and dried out, they need to switch to more vital moisturizers to prevent their skin from becoming chapped and dry. The cold and dry air can leave skin feeling tight and dried out, and exposure to cold and dry air can cause the skin to become taut and dehydrated.

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a method that you may use to remove extra layers of dead skin cells from the skin's surface, and you can accomplish this by rubbing the skin in a circular motion. If these dead skin cells remain on your skin for an extended period, there is a risk that they can clog your pores, which may then cause you to experience outbreaks of acne.

If you have an accumulation of dead skin cells on your face, it may also cause your skin to look dull, flaky, or older than it is. Exfoliate may happen if you have a buildup of dead skin cells on your face.

It's possible that eliminating dry and dead skin from your face might be aided by exfoliating your skin using one of the following methods:

  • A 2 percent salicylic acid mask
  • A glycolic acid mask or lotion containing no more than 10 percent of the acid
  • A face brush with an electric motor

5. Exfoliate

When should you last exfoliate your skin to ensure the best results? When exactly is it going to take place? How you choose to exfoliate your skin will be the primary factor determining your response to that inquiry.

You should restrict the number of times you use chemical exfoliants per week, such as face masks and lotions, to no more than once or twice. It would be best to aim for a frequency between three and four times per week when using physical exfoliants like scrubs or brushes.

It would be best to start by doing fewer exfoliation sessions when you initially begin exfoliating your skin. Then, gradually work your way up to the point where you perform more sessions. Exfoliating your skin in this manner will help you avoid irritating your skin, and this will assist you in avoiding exfoliating your skin more than it has to be.

It is recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) that anyone who suffers from inflammatory Acne (Acne that includes pustules and cysts) first consult with their dermatologist before engaging in any exfoliation. That is because certain types of exfoliation can aggravate inflammatory acne, and certain types of exfoliation have the potential to aggravate inflammatory acne—exfoliation results from the fact that some kinds of exfoliation might aggravate inflammatory acne to a greater degree.

6. Get Sufficient Sleep


Your skin may experience more frequent breakouts if you don't get enough sleep, which might be one of the elements leading to the problem. That may be one of the reasons why.

According to findings of a study that was conducted in 2015 and demonstrated the connection between the two conditions, more than sixty-five percent of the participants who took part in the survey reported feeling exhausted from acne. That was shown by the fact that they reported feeling exhausted.

The researchers that carried out this study came up with the concept that a lack of sleep might, in some circumstances, lead the body to generate inflammatory chemicals. They tested this theory by conducting a study. These chemicals can cause acne to form on the skin or make acne that currently exists worse, and acne can also be caused by these compounds or made worse.

You must ensure you get sufficient sleep, between seven and nine hours, to keep your internal and external health in good condition. If you don't get enough sleep, neither your internal nor external health will be in good condition.

7. Select Cosmetics To Avoid Clogging Your Pores


People who use cosmetics have a higher risk of getting skin eruptions, according to the findings of a study that was conducted in 2013. The study compared people who use cosmetics to people who did not use cosmetics. Always keep the following points in mind to ensure that the method you apply your makeup each day is kind to your skin, including the products you use and the order in which you apply them:

  • It would be best to look for the terms "non-comedogenic" and "oil-free" on the packaging of the items you buy before making a purchase.
  • Before applying cosmetics or skin care products to your face or body, you should always ensure that your hands have been thoroughly and carefully cleaned.
  • Makeup should never be left on overnight, and you should permanently remove it before indulging in any form of physical activity that is particularly intense.
  • According to the instructions, you should clean your makeup sponges and brushes at least once weekly, and this is the minimum amount of time that should pass between cleanings.

Acne cosmetics is a type of acne that you may bring on by using specific cosmetics, and dermatologists coined the word "acne cosmetics" to describe this type of acne. When this disease is present, the seemingly little yet easily noticeable pimples will most often occur on the chin, cheeks, and forehead. Another common location for developing these bumps is the region under the chin.

8. Avoid Picking At Your Skin

picking skin

When the need to do so is vital, resisting the urge to pick at a pimple is a tremendously difficult task requiring much willpower. However, if you want to preserve the health of your skin and maintain it in excellent shape, you must refrain from doing so to safeguard its state.

When a pimple is picked at burst, pore home to the spot opens more germs, including the bacteria already on your hands. Picking at or bursting an abscess can also cause the pimple to get infected. In addition, there is a considerably higher chance of becoming scarred and contracting an infection.

Make an appointment to see a dermatologist if you have a pimple that gives you a lot of pain and makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance. They utilize specialist treatments that can get rid of the zit without causing any harm to the skin and, at the same time, reduce the likelihood that it will get infected.

9. Relax


Several studies, the most recent of which was published in 2017, have found an association between stress and acne. You should seek healthy ways to de-stress to help you deal with the stress you are experiencing due to an incident or scenario that is challenging for you, and this will allow you to better cope with the tension you are experiencing. The following are some of the many more options that are available to you:

  • Participate in at least thirty minutes' worth of activities that are physically taxing on your body at an intensity level that is either high or moderate.
  • Doing physical acts requires a whole breath on both the inhale and the exhale.
  • practice yoga
  • spending a little length of time doing nothing except sitting in total and absolute silence (meditation)
  • Please put it in writing for our records and refer to it in the future.
  • It's possible that engaging in sound therapy activities like playing a musical instrument or listening to music that you enjoy might be beneficial. Listening to music is one of the possible activities for these workouts.

10. Limit Your Sugar Intake

picking skin

Although much research hasn't been done on the connection between your food and your skin, multiple studies have shown that meals with a high glycemic index may be associated with acne. That is true even though the relationship between diet and skin has not been the subject of much investigation.

In 2009, a large study experiment was conducted, and all participants adhered to a diet with a low glycemic index. This index measures how quickly carbohydrates are converted into sugar in the body. That includes nearly two thousand unique people in all. Not only did they notice a decrease in their overall body weight, but 87 percent of the people who participated in the study also noted that they experienced fewer acne outbreaks due to their weight loss. That was a direct correlation between the participant's weight loss and the improvement in their acne. In addition, most respondents (91%) stated that they had decreased the amount of acne medication they take.

The following is a list of some of how you may try to reduce the amount of high-glycemic index meals that you put into your body:

  • Eat less highly processed carbohydrate foods like white bread and baked goods to reduce your intake of these carbohydrates.
  • Reduce as much as you can the number of sugary meals and beverages you consume daily.
  • Eat a lot of fresh produce, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and protein sources low in fat. That will help you maintain a healthy weight, and you will be able to keep a healthy weight if you do this.
  • Limit alcohol consumption.

11. Don't Smoke

dont smoke

A significant body of research supports the hypothesis that cigarette smoking increases the risk of developing acne. This evidence suggests that acne is more likely to appear in those who smoke cigarettes.

In one particular study, all participants were female, and all of them suffered from acne. Their ages ranged from 25 to 50, and they volunteered for the study. Acne was present in almost 73 percent of the persons who smoked, but it was present in just 29.4 percent of the women who did not smoke, according to the authors of this study.

Talk to your primary care physician about the different smoking cessation aids that may be available to you if you find that you need assistance in kicking the habit of using tobacco. If you realize that you need help, quitting the pattern can be difficult.

The Bottom Line


When it comes to having clear skin, it is essential to pay attention to the things you put on your face, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup. You don't put stuff on your looks, such as bacteria that isn't wanted from your fingers or bacteria on dirty brushes and sponges. Specifically, paying attention to both things you put on your faces, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup, is essential. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the products you use on your face, such as cleansers, moisturizers, and cosmetics, to maintain healthy skin.

You can also improve the appearance of your skin by paying attention to certain aspects of your lifestyle. Such as ensuring that you get enough quality sleep, eating a diet rich in nutrients, and learning how to handle the stress you experience in your life successfully. That will help you look younger and healthier overall.

How to get clear skin naturally? If you have tried many treatments for your acne, but none of them have been helpful, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible. They will be able to determine the cause of your acne and provide a treatment plan. To improve the state of your skin, your dermatologist may recommend that you undergo a course of therapy consisting of specific procedures, such as the use of antibiotics or other prescribed drugs. If you don't already have a dermatologist, you may use the FindCare function on Healthline to get in touch with dermatologists in your area if you don't already have one. If you don't already have a dermatologist, you can utilize FindCare. FindCare can assist you in locating a dermatologist in your vicinity.

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