How To Hide Big Hips And Belly Using Different Articles Of Clothing Here Are 15 Simple Ways To Do It

how to hide big hips and belly

how to hide big hips and belly

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 5/27/2023

Do you want to know how to hide big hips and belly? Do you want to conceal your tummy while maintaining your great appearance? You'll discover many suggestions and ideas for covering up or disguising a stomach or belly in the following paragraphs, so keep reading!

What Is The Point Of Hiding Your Belly If You Already Look Great Without Hiding A Belly?

When the age of 40, many women notice that they have gained weight around their middle, particularly after entering perimenopause or menopause.

There is a possibility that your waist could vanish, and you will begin to acquire more traits of an apple body shape.

When attempting to hide a stomach, it is simple to do the opposite: to make yourself seem more significant than you are. This is a common pitfall.

Whatever you wear, you can conceal the fact that you have a stomach so that you can look stylish regardless!

See below for my list of 15 suggestions that will help you disguise your tummy when you wear the appropriate clothing.

Covering Up Your Stomach During The SPRING And SUMMER

There is no doubt that most of you will be heading to locations with excellent weather shortly, and this is certainly something you should be looking forward to. During the colder months, when adding many attractive layers to create long, sleek lines are natural, it might be simpler to cover a tummy than at other times of the year.

Despite this, there is no reason you can't put many tips and tactics listed below to use even when the temperature is higher. However, you may still opt for draped or asymmetrical shapes, wraps in which you can adjust the belt to find the most flattering effect, long cardigans, and lighter weight ruanas to provide an elongating product, or combinations of all of these.

Now, onto the 14-pointers I have. Continue reading for further layering advice that will complement you.

1. Avoid Wearing Clothes That Are Too Constricting Or Clingy Around Your Belly, And Choose Instead For Tops That Have Ruching Or Drape

Wearing clothes that are too tight will draw attention to your best features and look unflattering on you if you want your best features to be visible.

They will call attention to every flaw and bulge, taking the spotlight away from you and the great things you wear.

Choose shirts instead that have some draping or ruching detail in them.

Choose Tops Wisely To Hide That Belly Of Yours

A crossover top is an excellent fashion choice, and the fact that this one generates asymmetrical vertical lines is an attractive additional feature.

Alternatively, if you would like to select a shirt in a color that is appropriate for the current season, you can do so as well. This article about the upcoming color trends for spring 2022 provides further sources of inspiration.

The blouse seen below is draped and does not cling to the wearer's stomach, making it an excellent choice for concealing a baby bump. It also features a v-neck, which is quite flattering and may elongate your figure rather than making it seem more expansive.

Tops Wisely To Hide That Belly Of Yours

Tops Wisely To Hide That Belly Of Yours

2. Pair Longer, Draped, Or Asymmetrical Tops With Leggings, Skinny Jeans, And Long Pants Or Jeans

Leggings or elastic trousers with a tummy-tucking feature will be your greatest friend in this situation.

They will comfortably wrap around your tummy and tuck it in a little bit.

You will also look fantastic since there is such a beautiful selection of tunics and long shirts for you to pick from. Nobody will even notice the bulge in your stomach!

Find The Right Leggings That Tuck In Your Stomach And Wear Those Instead

Stella Carakasi makes some of the most flattering leggings, in my opinion.

They are of a sturdy yet elastic fabric, and they are cut high enough that they will tuck in your stomach.

You have the option of getting them in the full length or trimmed. The fact that they have three buttons at the knee makes them trendy. I put mine to use with both my athletic and my everyday attire.

The Satina high-waisted leggings are the best alternative available since they are extremely reasonably priced and have received thousands of positive ratings on Amazon.

Leggings Or Skinnies With Longer, Draped Or Asymmetrical Tops

Leggings Or Skinnies With Longer, Draped Or Asymmetrical Tops

Pick Out The Right Tunics That Will Look Great On You Even When You're Wearing Leggings Or Jeans!

Keep an eye out for blouses and sweaters that have an asymmetrical cut.

If you wear leggings beneath, your hero items, like this tunic top (below), will be able to shine more brightly.

This garment is perfect for layering since it can be worn with a longer cardigan or a shorter jacket, and the design draws attention away from your stomach.

You may wear clothes intended to cover your stomach using leggings or pants with a tummy tuck at any time of year.

Here are several tunic shirts that you may want to try on.

tunic tops

tunic tops

tunic tops

tunic tops

tunic tops

tunic tops

3. Create Vertical Lines By Wearing Long Cardigans, Jackets, And Ponchos To Hide Your Belly Create Vertical Lines To Hide Your Belly

Long Cardigans

Long Cardigans

The use of layers is an excellent method for concealing a belly, and it is much simpler to pull off during the autumn and winter months when you naturally want to wear layers to be warm. You may add a cardigan or a jacket.

However, depending on where you reside, you may or may not be able to employ this method throughout the spring and summer months. You might choose to go without a coat and wear a lightweight cardigan, a sleeveless vest, or a kimono instead.

Both waterfall and straight patterns are viable options; either one will help to provide an attractive vertical line that will give the appearance of length and divert attention away from your stomach.

You may also create a slimming column effect down the middle of your outfit by wearing a solid color such as blue, black, or grey beneath this cardigan design, as seen below. The following are more illustrations of different costumes that may help you achieve a long, thin line and disguise the tummy.

cardigan and jumpsuit

cardigan and jumpsuit

Utilize Either A Long Cardigan Or A Short Jacket For Optimal Layering During Any Season

It is possible to conceal a stomach by wearing shorter coats and creating vertical lines with cardigans, as previously mentioned. This works incredibly well.

If you wear a shorter top underneath a longer jacket, you may disguise your stomach by creating the illusion that the coat is longer than the top.

When it comes to concealing a tummy, layers are undoubtedly going to be your best friend.

In the picture below, the longline cardigan will produce excellent long lines, and the earrings will focus on your face rather than your stomach.

the longline cardigan

the longline cardigan

The longer your cardigan, the longer and slimmer you will seem; nevertheless, in most cases, you should avoid making it any longer than two-thirds of the distance between the top of your shoulders and the bottom of your outfit.

Short cardigans worn straight can also conceal your stomach, but since they have an overall boxier shape, you will need to be more cautious when styling them.

It Is Possible To Layer Both In The Summer And The Winter

Depending on your local climate, layering may still be possible in spring and summer; you will need to use lighter materials.

You may also wear a vest if you don't want to wear a cardigan. If you want to create long, slim vertical lines, a long waterfall vest is a way to go, but you may also choose a shorter one.

Combine your (sleeveless) shirt with a vest that also lacks sleeves. This vest cardigan is available at Amazon and can be worn with various shirts, and it also looks fantastic worn over skinny slacks and jeans. You can also wear this throughout the summer by pairing it with a tank top and shorts.

The fact that it is asymmetrical is another advantage that contributes to the item's overall attractiveness.

The following image illustrates one potential approach in which you may wear this, opting for a slightly different color scheme.

A longer and more slender appearance may be achieved with the help of tonal hues.

You may wear an additional layer over your clothing throughout the spring and summer.

Vests without sleeves are versatile garments that may be worn year-round.

vest cardigan

vest cardigan

4. Avoid Drawing Attention To Your Stomach By Layering Accessories Like Belts Directly On Top Of It; Instead, Belts Higher Up Your Torso

Belts On Top

Belts On Top

You don't necessarily have to stay away from anything with a belt if you're shopping for a coat, shirt, or cardigan.

Adjust the placement of the belt so that it sits slightly higher so that you are not calling attention to the fullest part of your stomach.

Again, patterns may assist in distracting the eye from a bigger stomach, which can be an effective strategy when combined with other techniques.

Experiment with different places and methods of fastening your belt to find the one that complements your figure the best.

Here are two other belted styles for you to consider trying. If you leave a few of the buttons undone, you'll end up with a v-neck, contributing to the overall attractive aspect of the garment.

The patterns on the Misook shirt (seen below) will also assist in confusing the eyesight, which is another strategy that may be useful for concealing the tummy.

Belts On Top

Belts On Top

5. Dresses That Hide Belly Bulge - Pick Dresses That Don't Cling and Have An Element Of Draping 

Check that your dresses do not have a constricting effect on the stomach area. Dresses that include a flowing detail around the midsection are often practical.

Dresses with an asymmetrical cut also work well because they direct the eye away from the midsection and help create a vertical line.

Dresses that do not cling to the body and have patterns are excellent options for concealing the region around the abdomen.

The dress below is draped so that it is perfect for drawing attention away from the stomach and producing attractive vertical lines.

You may further divert attention away from your stomach region by wearing a distinctive necklace at the top of your outfit, which will cause the eye to be directed higher.

Dresses That Hide Belly Bulge

Dresses That Hide Belly Bulge

 6. Instead Of Tucking In Your Tops, Wear Them Over Your Skirts And Pants

It is best to steer clear of tucking since it attracts attention to your (one again non-existent) waist.

As a result, if you tuck in your shirt, a line will be created across your belly at the point where it is the largest, where it is most significant.

Instead, you should wear your top outside of the skirt or trousers you are wearing.

However, you should pay attention to the outfit's general balance and ensure that your top does not terminate at the fullest part of your hips since this may also be unattractive.

Many ladies will look and feel their best in a short blouse that has a loose fit and falls on their bellies.

You may have noticed that the bottom of my cropped top (seen above) stops at my waist, which draws the emphasis there rather than my abdominal region.

The fact that I'm just wearing one column of color beneath and the hem is cut asymmetrically contributes further to the overall effect.

Tops Over Your Skirts And Pants

Tops Over Your Skirts And Pants

7. Choosing Flattering Clothes For A Big Stomach - Avoid Wearing Clothes That Are Bulky Around The Tummy Area

Adding pockets or other decorations to that region is not a good idea since it will make it seem much more significant.

On the other hand, a loose vertical drape, such as the cardigan seen below, could work since it elongates the body and does an excellent job of concealing.

Garments Bulky Around The Tummy Area

Garments Bulky Around The Tummy Area

8. How To Disguise A Large Waistline With Clothing - Pick Out Tops That Are Asymmetrical If You Want To Hide Your Belly

The vertical and diagonal lines created by wearing an asymmetrical top and the way it breaks up your profile make it an excellent choice for hiding stomachs.

You could also want to consider topping off your look with a cape, such as the one from Amazon (shown below), which comes in a highly diverse range of colors.

Asymmetrical Tops

Asymmetrical Tops

Some excellent places to buy asymmetrical products are:

  • Nordstrom
  • Eileen Fisher
  • Stella Carakasi

Asymmetrical Tops

Asymmetrical Tops

9. Wear Pants That Have A Tummy-tucking Feature

What you wear on your bottom half may significantly impact how your stomach appears to others.

If you want to avoid having a prominent bulge in the middle of your tummy, you need to purchase trousers that finish at the center of your stomach.

Instead, you should put on trousers that have a higher rise and can tuck your belly in. Your silhouette will be more flattering as a result of this.

You could also want to think about getting tummy tuck pants. Some of these jeans have elastic waistbands, while others have traditional closures but are constructed from stretchier fabric and have control panels. Both styles offer the same great features.

 tummy tucking pants

tummy tucking pants

10. Wear Tops That Have Prints On Them

You should consider adding some prints to your wardrobe since they are an excellent choice for concealing bellies and other problem areas.

If you wear a patterned shirt in addition to one of the other belly-hiding strategies we discussed above, no one will be able to see your stomach.

Additionally, I can't get enough of this printed shirt from Foxcroft right now (below). Besides being comfortable to wear on its own, it doesn't stick to the body at all, and it can also be worn under a blazer or cardigan to provide additional warmth if desired.

Tops With Prints

Tops With Prints

11. Invest In Some Form-Fitting Garments

However, because I find wearing shapewear, such as these shorts that tuck the stomach in, somewhat unpleasant, I save their usage for important occasions only.



12. Draw Attention To Something Else

There is a tendency for people to get so preoccupied with finding a way to hide their stomachs that they neglect to do anything else in the middle of thinking about this.

You may not like how your stomach looks, but there are other regions of your body that you want. What about those?

Would it be possible for you to display some cleavage, draw attention to your shoulders, or accentuate your gorgeous legs?

You may emphasize your legs rather than your stomach if you feel that way about them. As a result, it does not imply that you should wear a tiny skirt, but rather some tremendous patterned jeans that will show off your legs and pair them with a simple top that will draw the attention away from your stomach and towards your legs instead.

You might also pull the attention down, rather than up, if that better suits your purposes (or, of course, you could do both). Instead of emphasizing your stomach, drawing attention to your feet and legs with a pair of colorful shoes or on-trend booties can do the trick.

It's all about concealing the things you don't like about something while highlighting the things you enjoy.

off the shoulders

off the shoulders

13. Consider The Point At Which Your Sleeves Stop

If you are self-conscious about your stomach, one of the first things that undoubtedly comes to mind is how your top or dress falls over that part of your body and whether or not it is snug.

However, keep in mind that your sleeves need to be covered. You will only call attention to this region if the cuffs of your sleeves terminate precisely at the spot where your stomach is at its most entire width.

Instead, search for sleeves that terminate either above or below your belly button, preferably at your hips. Your arm length and the part of your stomach that protrudes will determine the appropriate size for your sleeves.

14. Opt for Brands That Complement Your Appearance

Unsurprisingly, some stores and brands cater more to the needs of women with bodies similar to those of supermodels. In contrast, others are more adept at creating clothes that appeal to the needs of women who want to minimize specific aspects of their bodies.

cardigan with scarf Chaus

cardigan with scarf Chaus

The most popular brands I look for when shopping for garments designed to cover a tummy are the ones mentioned below.

  • Chaus
  • NYDJ
  • Karen Kane
  • Alex Evenings
  • Eileen Fisher
  • Stella Carakasi

15. If You Want To Hide Your Belly, Use Accessories



Understand me: I am not recommending you carry a purse in front of your belly to conceal it! On the other hand, accessories may be an effective means of concealing or diverting attention from your stomach.

You may, for instance, direct attention upwards to your face by donning a bright scarf and wearing it around your neck. Alternately, you might wear your scarf that allows it to hang loosely, producing a column-like look that would hide your stomach. Another effective strategy for drawing the eye higher is to wear a necklace with a statement pendant.

Earrings or a fashionable hat are two more options for drawing attention to your face and neck area.

Consider the position your purses are held while you go about with them on your person. For instance, if the shoulder strap of your bag terminates at your stomach, this will direct people's attention to that area of your body.

To keep the focus on your beautiful legs, choose a purse that rests higher, lower on your thigh, or held in your hand, so your wallet rests on your leg. Do not choose a bag that is too small since doing so will make you seem out of proportion.

A Capsule Wardrobe That Hides Your Belly

In the following capsule wardrobe, you'll find a selection of the garments and accessories mentioned throughout this piece. It is essential to know that there are many different ways in which you will be able to use the items to create several other costumes by combining and matching them.

P.S.: If most of your weight is concentrated around your middle, you almost certainly have the body form of an apple. And you have to know how to hide big hips and belly?

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