Kpop Idols With Hip Dips

Kpop Idols With Hip Dips

Kpop Idols With Hip Dips

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
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Updated on 6/2/2023

It doesn't matter if you're trying to attain a specific size or weight objective or want to be active and healthy; researching the workout routines of KPop Idols with hip dipsis an excellent method to be encouraged to achieve your fitness goals. Even though they are most frequently recognized for their talent, charisma, and appealing appearances, K-Pop artists are among the most self-disciplined and physically fit celebrities in the world when it comes to taking care of their bodies and health. They are among the most physically fit stars in the world.



They not only engage in ongoing dancing practices and training to prepare for performances but also follow stringent fitness routines to increase their physical stamina and endurance to deal with their highly demanding schedule and way of life. That is done to prepare for the fact that they will be performing.

1. BTS' Jung Kook

Jung Kook, a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, is also known as the "muscle bunny" in addition to the epithet "golden maknae (youngest)," which refers to the fact that he is the group's youngest member. That is because he possesses carved abs, a well-toned body, and remarkable physical power comparable to that of a professional athlete. His body also has a well-defined physique. RM, the group leader, recently stated in a post on the social media platform WeVerse that Jung Kook only had 10 percent of body fat. In contrast, he had 15 percent of body fat, based on the findings of a medical exam that all of the group members underwent in October of the previous year. The exam was conducted on all of the members of the group. However, given that the 23-year-old has always led a physically active lifestyle, this should not come as a surprise at all.

jung kook

jung kook

Even though their demanding schedule is loaded with things like dance practices, stage rehearsals, picture shoots, recording sessions, interviews with international media, and other responsibilities, Jung Kook always finds the time to exercise. His routine consists of a wide variety of exercises that, in addition to toning, help burn fat and calories. In a significant part, his practice is made of these exercises. In a video that you shot during the shooting of the seventh episode of their VLive variety show Run BTS, which aired in 2019, he offered the BTS members a sneak glimpse behind the scenes of his emergency training regimen, which comprised the following exercises and activities:

  • 20 squats
  • 20 pushups
  • 20 jump squats
  • 20 pike pushups
  • 10 planks
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 crunches
  • 20 leg lifts
  • 20 superman's exercises

Boxing is another sport he is interested in, as seen in their reality program, In The SOOP, which has already ended. The members of BTS took breaks from their typical work schedules to unwind and participate in "healing" activities in a lakeside home during the period in which they were required to be quarantined. The viewers of the broadcast witnessed the members of BTS breaking away from their typical work schedules to participate in boxing matches. In addition, Jung Kook makes sure that he regularly visits the fitness center housed in the same building as their workplace. In addition to weight training, he does a variety of workouts that focus on toning his muscles at that location. You may see Jung Kook go through his regular training program at this location:

Jungkook working out for 10 minutes straight 💪 | 방탄소년단 정국 2022

2. Blackpink’s Rosé

The four young women who comprise the all-female K-pop group Blackpink are an absolute powerhouse regarding how they move their bodies throughout their performances. Pilates is a kind of exercise that Rosé does to keep her body and mind in order to retain a high level of energy. She can perform well on stage and get through her busy work days.

Because it helps strengthen the core, improve posture, and promote flexibility, this exercise enhances the body's endurance when engaged in rigorous physical activity. That is because it helps improve flexibility. Rose's exercise routine includes various distinct motions and positions, some of which have high shoulder bridges, modified variations of side extensions utilizing an exercise ball, and leg extensions, amongst other things. Other motions and positions in the routine include:

In 2018, you may observe Rosé doing out with her Pilates instructor if you begin viewing this video at about the 6:00 minute mark. In this footage, Blackpink member Lisa can also demonstrate her boxing skills.


3. Mamamoo's Solar

Pole dancing, which began gaining popularity as a kind of fitness in the late 1990s, has recently acquired several K-Pop Idols' attention as their favorite type of physical training. Pole dance has been growing in popularity as a form of exercise since the late 1990s. Your overall strength, stamina, and flexibility will all improve due to this tremendous full-body exercise. It's an art form that combines the disciplines of dance and aerobics to create something entirely new.

Solar is a passionate practitioner of pole dancing, and she has even performed in several theatrical events employing this art form. In addition to being a member of the all-female K-pop group Mamamoo, Solar is also a pole dancer. She started learning about it in 2018 to prepare for the music video for the band's track "Egotistic," and since then, she has continued to work on it as part of her solo efforts.

Solar began uploading videos to her channel on YouTube under the moniker Solarsido around a year ago. On this channel, she will every so often publish videos demonstrating her many pole dancing routines. Here is where Solar and his partner can be seen practicing their pole dancing routine as a pair:

Ariana Grande - positions l dance choreography by HyoJung x Solar

4. TWICE's Momo

The year 2019 saw Momo, a Twice's girl group member, make an appearance as a guest on an episode of SBS MTV's The Show. In the course of her presentation, she demonstrated a workout that is uncomplicated and effective in terms of its purpose, which is to develop chiseled abdominal muscles. This dynamic variation of the low plank is sometimes referred to as the "twist plank" or the "hip dip plank." Both of these terms refer to the same physical activity.

First, get into a low plank posture by placing your elbows and forearms on the floor. That will be your starting position. The next step is to stretch out the rest of your body so that it is parallel to the base, marking the commencement of this particular workout. From this starting position, shift your hips and upper body to one side by gently sinking them, then transition to the other side by gently moving to that side, and continue moving in this fashion.

This activity must be carried out every day, with a total of fifty repetitions. That is something that Momo recommends you do. If you want the best results possible, combine this exercise with others that tone the abdominal muscles, such as crunches or bicycle kicks. That will generate the most effective results.

You may see a video that teaches how to practice hip dip planks correctly by clicking on the following link:

How To Plank Hip Dip With Krissy Cela

5. EXO's Kai

With his well-sculpted body and washboard abs, Kai of EXO is reminiscent of a living statue of a Greek deity. He never fails to bring the heat whenever he takes the stage, and as a result, he is the group's most famous member among their devoted followers. His fantastic figure is the consequence of his continuous involvement in dancing rehearsals and ample time spent working out in the gym. His diet is vital in protein but low in salt and calories.

During a 2019 Instagram live broadcast that Kai conducted on his account, @zkdlin, he documented a variety of the exercises that he engages in while working out at the gym. These activities include squats, lunges, deadlifts, and more. It consists of sit-ups on a bench, pull-ups on a bar, and weight lifting.

190518 Kai Instagram Live 2

6. GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang, a member of the group GOT7, is one of the male K-Pop Idols who is hailed for his exceptional figure. Jackson Wang is one of the male K-Pop Idols. The native of Hong Kong, who is now 26 years old, has a well-sculpted chest and torso due to the many gym exercises he has completed over the years to achieve his current physique. In addition to that, his arms and legs are nicely toned.

He spends a lot of time lifting weights to get his muscles toned, and he spends a lot of time jogging on the treadmill to get his cardiovascular exercise done. He makes it a point to exercise regularly, and he balances his physical activity with a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Take a peek at the things that he and the other members of his band do to keep their fitness up when they are on tour:


They not only engage in continual dance practices and training to prepare for performances, but they also follow strict fitness routines to develop their physical stamina and endurance to deal with the demanding schedule and way of life they lead. That is done to prepare them for the performance they will be given later.

It doesn't matter if you're attempting to accomplish a specific size or weight objective or simply want to be active and healthy; investigating the exercise routines of K-pop idols with hip dips is a fantastic way to be motivated to achieve your fitness objectives. K-Pop artists are among the most self-disciplined and physically fit celebrities in the world when it comes to taking care of their bodies and health, even though they are most frequently recognized for their talent, charisma, and appealing appearances. Even though they are most commonly recognized for their attractive appearances, that is the case. They are among the celebrities with the best overall physical fitness globally.