Signs that a tummy tuck procedure has  gone wrong 2023

Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong

Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
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Updated on 1/30/2023


Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments that targets the abdomen, one of the most self-conscious areas of the body. Generally, tummy tuck surgery is performed after a patient has lost significant weight or had a baby to remove excess skin and fat and to give them a smoother, tighter, and flatter stomach.


A tummy tuck procedure can be performed by a number of surgeons. Despite this, not all surgeons are competent and experienced, and in rare cases, a bad tummy tuck can result.

Tummy tucks gone wrong: what are the signs?


Symptoms of a bad tummy tuck include:


Your abdomen is not in good shape

Smoother, slimmer abdominal contours are the result of a great tummy tuck. Unfortunately, patients with a bad tummy tuck may not be satisfied with their post-surgery silhouette. There are many complaints about uneven shapes and lopsided contours. An imbalance in skin tension after surgery can cause unnatural fullness in the upper abdomen. As a result, you may require revision surgery in order to achieve your desired smooth, tight contours.


Your navel looks or feels unattractive

Most of the time, a surgeon will need to reposition your navel following a tummy tuck. Your new abdomen could look unattractive if this step is not performed properly. The navel may cause a patient to experience the following issues:

  • Too high a position
  • The position is too low
  • It has a lopsided shape
  • A shallow or misshapen navel

Navel revision can usually be performed without requiring a secondary abdominal procedure.


It's too high on the scar

Cosmetic surgery requires discretion. Underwear should be able to cover tummy tuck incisions.  In spite of the fact that most surgeons will try to minimize scarring, a less skilled one may leave you with an incision that is too high and therefore very obvious. It may be possible to get a tummy tuck revision if you are unhappy with the placement or appearance of your scar.

After a bad tummy tuck, what can I do?


In the event that you believe you had a bad tummy tuck and are unhappy with the result, you may wish to consider tummy tuck revision surgery. The secondary procedure is designed to help you achieve your true goals and address any concerns you have about your post-operative appearance.


Revision surgeries are often performed by cosmetic surgeons who specialize in this area. The surgeons are aware of what can go wrong with a bad tummy tuck and can make the necessary adjustments to eliminate the unsatisfactory effects and enable you to achieve the look you want.

Is there a way to avoid having a bad tummy tuck?


It is important for patients to avoid any negative experiences, regardless of the type of surgery they choose. By selecting a surgeon carefully, you can avoid having a bad tummy tuck. Ensure that they have the right credentials and experience by researching them thoroughly. When you visit them, ask for examples of their work and real testimonials from clients. This is an excellent way to display the skills of any good cosmetic surgeon.


You can also avoid a bad tummy tuck by preparing for it and recovering after it. Follow your surgeon's instructions exactly, and make sure you do everything he or she asks of you. You will be less likely to encounter complications if you follow the instructions carefully. You may receive advice about giving up smoking, stopping particular medications, abstaining from alcohol, and taking time off from work after your surgery. 


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