Vacuum Therapy For Hip Dips: Is It Safe And Does It Work?

Vacuum Therapy

Mai DelacruzByMai Delacruz
Updated on 8/9/2022

When it comes to refining the shape of their bodies, more and more individuals are looking at non-invasive procedures.

These treatments are not the same as invasive operations in that they entail a lower risk of complications and side effects and do not require significant recuperation time. The vacuum treatment butt lift is one example of this body reshaping operation. In contrast to the conventional Brazilian butt lift, vacuum treatment claims to help tone and tighten your posterior without requiring incisions or the transfer of fat from other areas of the body.

However, vacuum therapy does not give as many significant results in terms of buttock contouring as other treatments do. This is even though there is no downtime involved and no scarring.
This article will help you learn more about vacuum therapy for hip dips so that you may have a better-informed conversation about your treatment choices with a board-certified practitioner if you are considering whether or not this treatment is good for you. Keep reading.

What Exactly Does Vacuum Treatment Entail?

What is vacuum therapy?

The massage technique known as vacuum treatment does not include needles or other intrusive methods. It works by employing a mechanical device that is outfitted with suction cups. Initially developed for treating burn scars in the 1970s, this procedure has evolved into a non-surgical butt-lift. Some studies The technique has also been investigated by Trusted Source as a potential method for healing skin sores.

There are several other names for vacuum treatment, including radiotherapy and depressomassage. In addition to reportedly delivering benefits comparable to those of a surgical butt lift, the treatment is also occasionally utilized to imitate the effects of a conventional breast lift. In addition, several kinds of suction therapy are utilized throughout the cellulite treatment process.

One such treatment is Endermologie, and it was the first therapy of its sort to be approved by the FDA. It accomplishes this by bringing down the level of swelling in the afflicted areas of skin, thereby smoothing out cellulite dimples. On the other hand, standard vacuum therapy is claimed to have lifting effects, whereas Endermologie does not appear to have these exact results.

Is It True That Vacuum Therapy May Successfully Raise And Shape The Buttocks?

Does vacuum therapy work to lift and sculpt the buttocks?

Vacuum treatment, at its foundation, is the application of profound massage effects. The method could be effective for buttock toning through the following means:

  • reducing the strain on the muscles.
  • enhancing the flow of the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins and water retention.
  • In this process, the skin is smoothed and toned while also becoming more toned due to the exfoliation process.
  • activating the middle layers of the skin for more significant results of skin tightening and toning.
  • a reduction in the visual manifestations of cellulite.

When performed for several sessions every week, you may notice that your skin is more toned and tighter due to the exercise. This may give the impression that the buttocks have been lifted.

According To What The Studies Find

What the research says

There is a lack of evidence in the scientific literature that supports the use of vacuum treatment as a practical alternative to butt lift surgery. Even more knowledgeable individuals have stated that the effects are usually limited and only brief. Following more invasive operations, like liposuction, it is common practice to have this surgery done as a suggested follow-up.

Results aren't permanent.

fat transfers, via the Brazilian butt lift

The condition of your skin is likely to revert to its previous state as soon as you discontinue receiving treatments using vacuum therapy. If you want results that will last longer, you might want to discuss the possibility of surgery with your primary care physician instead. They can assist assess whether or not you are a candidate for more invasive treatments.

The following are some examples of surgical therapy options:

  • transfer of fat by the use of the Brazilian butt lift
  • butt implants (plural)
  • Cellfina is an example of therapy for cellulite.
  • liposuction

Is The Use Of A Vacuum For Treatment Safe?

Is vacuum therapy safe?

Since vacuum therapy is a non-invasive process, you may anticipate minimal to no adverse effects from the treatment. In contrast, you may experience some tightness and discomfort following the procedure.

In some instances, there may also be slight swelling.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Vacuum Therapy?

How Much Does It Cost To Have Vacuum Therapy?

The following factors will determine the final price of vacuum therapy:

  • your specific location
  • the one who supplies
  • the whole area that you will treat

One service provider bills its clients $85 for an hour-long session. Keep in mind that to obtain the outcomes you want, it will likely need more than one session. In addition to that, it is not permanent.

The vacuum therapy done nowadays is considered a cosmetic rather than a necessity-based one. As a consequence, the insurance will not pay for it. If you want to participate in many sessions, you should discuss the possibility of receiving discounts or special offers with your service provider.

Where To Look For A Service Provider

Where to find a provider

A medical professional must carry out every cosmetic operation with appropriate board certification. This includes therapies that aren't intrusive, such as vacuum therapy. When researching potential providers, it is essential to remember to inquire about their level of education, training, and experience with the operation in question.

Inquire about these things at the consultation that will take place before your surgery. Additionally, you must insist that the service provider shows you a portfolio of their previous work. Please avoid any institution that advertises vacuum therapy at a meager price without displaying any certifications to support their claims.

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Although there is a possibility that the process will not cause any adverse side effects and will be able to lift and tone the buttocks, the efficacy of vacuum treatment is still debatable. In order to proceed with this surgery, you need to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the time and financial commitments required. You will need to undergo repeated treatments over many weeks to achieve the desired outcomes. Keep in mind that the consequences are not irreversible.

Think about having a conversation about all of your choices with a board-certified dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. They may recommend an alternative treatment for you to try, but this will depend on the specifics of your case and your overall objectives. now after reading this article you know how to vacuum therapy for hip dips.