Watery Discharge Feels Like I Peed Myself Before Period!

Watery discharge Reasons And Why They Feel Like Peeing

Watery discharge Reasons And Why They Feel Like Peeing

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
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Updated on 6/2/2023

Watery discharge feels like I peed myself before my period 😕! Liquid discharge Reasons And Why They Feel Like Peeing? A watery discharge can give you the impression that you just went to the bathroom, but this is a typical symptom.

Playing the game "Why Is the Crotch of My Underwear Wet Today?! " becomes second nature for most people born with a vagina and a vulva at a very young age. Even though it is rigged against them, those forced to participate in the game are already disadvantaged. Most people learn that urine, a fancier word for a pee, comes from the urethra. However, for the past several decades, menstrual blood has been able to go out of the vagina. When people with a vagina find a clear, watery discharge in their underwear, their first thought is that they have peed themselves or are about to get their period. It can be pretty unsettling when we realize that the liquid we see is neither urine nor blood.

On the other hand, you are not the problem; the issue is how sexuality is taught in the United States. The watery discharge from your vagina is typical and indicates everything is fine in that department. We know what you are thinking, and it goes like this: "Yeah, but that watery discharge makes me feel like I just peed myself!" Be reassured that even though it may feel like you were in an accident, it is improbable that it looks that way. In any case, the following is the information you need to know regarding this bothersome but essential type of discharge.

What Does It Mean When There Is A Significant Amount Of Watery Discharge That Is Clear?

vaginal discharge

vaginal discharge

When discussing vaginal discharge, there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration. It is true when it comes to watery discharges that give the impression that you just urinated on yourself. First, let us point out that there are many factors to consider regarding vaginal discharge. A standard release might cause concern for another person and should be discussed with their primary care physician. It applies to the consistency and the color of the discharge and the frequency with which you typically experience it. Now that we've gotten that out, we must release additional information regarding the vaginal discharge.

If you have a lot of vaginal discharge that is watery and clear, there are a few potential causes, including the following:

No Vaginal Discharge



As the first line of defense against an unhealthy vaginal condition, the healthy vaginal discharge has a faint odor, is either clear or white in appearance, and can be produced in the uterus, cervix, or vagina. This discharge is beneficial because it helps keep the vagina clean and infection-free. As a result of the acidic nature of the clear, watery discharge, harmful bacteria, and dead cells are removed from the body.

During their reproductive years, most people with vaginas experience daily discharge - usually harmless - ranging from one to four milliliters (about half a teaspoon). This discharge can be watery and give the impression that one has just urinated. In fact, according to an article in the British Journal of Medicine, the vast majority of people who have vaginas will, at some point in their lives, have a discharge that they will believe is abnormal but is, in fact, perfectly normal and healthy. It will happen at some point in their lives. Some women experience an increase in clear, watery discharge during the earlier stages of pregnancy; however, this is also not a cause for alarm. 

Water DIS

Water DIS


Related Can Clear Watery Discharge Be a Sign of Pregnancy?


For Pregnancy From A Medical Prospective

Even if you aren't quite ready to give birth yet, your water may break if a significant and unexpected fluid surge emerges from your vagina during the later stages of your pregnancy. In either case, you absolutely must seek immediate medical attention. Whether or not you are pregnant, you must make an appointment with your primary care physician if you notice any warning signs that your discharge may not be as healthy as it should be and may indicate an infection (vaginal discharge). Your vaginal discharge has altered in appearance, and it may have become heavier or smelled differently. Around the vaginal area, you experience symptoms such as itching, burning, swelling, or pain. You develop pelvic pain.

White Watery Discharge

The Point At Which You Are In Your Cycle

The Point At Which You Are In Your Cycle

You may experience an increase in watery discharge at various cycle stages. When your ovaries release an egg in the middle of your process, your body will typically produce more shots to assist sperm in getting to the egg, allowing the egg to be fertilized. Surprisingly, that white watery discharge is frequently compared to egg whites because egg whites are transparent, white, elastic, and thin.

As your body prepares for the next phase of your menstrual cycle, you may also notice an increase in the watery discharge or vaginal discharge before your period.

Sexual Arousal

When sexually aroused, your body produces a clear, watery discharge. It's normal and healthy for a woman to make, and it's not a vaginal discharge to be concerned about. If this discharge exits your vagina all at once, you may feel that you have urinated on yourself. Even though most people are aware of the things that turn them on, there are times when your brain will surprise you with a strong reaction of sexual attraction to someone or something unfamiliar to you.




Vaginal atrophy is a condition that causes the vaginal walls to thin out gradually, and menopause symptoms that include clear, watery discharge that feels like you just peed yourself can be a sign of this condition of vaginal discharge.

Additional Unrelated Causes Related To Lifestyle

Again, because every single body is unique, there could be a wide variety of reasons why yours produces a watery discharge that makes you feel as though you have urinated on yourself. In addition to the factors above, the amount and type of release you experience can also be influenced by certain medications, physical activity, and even the foods you eat.

Why Does It Feel Like I'm Peeing When It Just Discharges?

Watery discharge Reasons And Why They Feel Like Peeing

Watery discharge Reasons And Why They Feel Like Peeing

Suppose you are having the feeling of peeing, which is the release of your bladder with urine passing through your urethra, but then you realize that you are experiencing vaginal discharge. In that case, you should immediately make an appointment with your primary care physician. There is a good chance that it has something to do with your pelvic floor, a group of muscles located at the base of your pelvis that supports the organs in that part of the body, including the bladder, vagina, uterus, and rectum. There is a good chance it has something to do with your pelvic floor. You may feel like you're peeing when it's just discharged because of a weak or damaged pelvic floor. This is because a broken pelvic floor can affect the vagina and the bladder.

The Reason For Watery White Discharge: White Vaginal Discharge

A vaginal yeast infection occurs when a specific fungus (candida) grows out of control in your vagina, leading to an infection. During the condition, you will notice a thick, white vaginal discharge resembling cottage cheese. The vagina may swell and be itchy, and the act of having sex may be painful as well. The medical treatment of yeast infections involves the use of antifungal medications.
Discharge is experienced by some women every day, while others experience it less frequently. The normal vaginal discharge is usually clear or milky white, with a subtle scent that is neither unpleasant nor foul. The fluid discharged from the vaginal area changes throughout a woman's menstrual cycle, so it's essential to understand this and not risk ignoring this watery vaginal discharge.

Is There A Connection Between Stress And Vaginal Discharge Or Being Watery?

As a result, your vaginal discharge may increase in amount, color, and smell. Many factors may affect the color, smell, or amount of your vaginal discharge. Stress, infection, and ovulation can all affect ovulation. Hence, stress is the cause of a heavier blast than usually is experienced.

Watery Discharge

When Should I My Primary Care Physician?



If you feel a burning sensation when you urinate, you should schedule an appointment with your gynecologist - doctor - as soon as possible. Watery discharge is typically considered normal and should not raise any concerns. If you frequently experience itching and redness in your genital area, you should also make an appointment with your primary care physician. Pay attention to any blisters or swelling around your vagina or vulva, and read the situation enough.

If your discharge is green or yellowish, schedule an appointment with your gynecology doctor as soon as possible. It is also concerning if your vaginal discharge is thick or cheesy white or if you bleed or spot outside your period. All of these symptoms point to an apparent underlying health problem. In the meantime, however, if you are experiencing any discomfort, you should apply a cold compress to your vulva.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes watery discharge?

Typically, watery vaginal discharge is due to natural hormonal fluctuations that occur during reproductive processes in a woman's body, such as ovulation and pregnancy, or during sexual arousal.

Why is my watery discharge like pee?

A hormonal imbalance occurs when your endocrine system produces too little or too much of a particular hormone. Hormonal imbalance can cause side effects like watery vaginal discharge, whether it is caused by stress, diet, or health problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Does watery discharge mean I'm pregnant?

During pregnancy, women may also experience excessive vaginal discharge, which they may mistake for urine. A watery discharge does not necessarily indicate pregnancy, and other factors can lead to watery or clear discharge.

What causes too much watery discharge in a woman?

Arousal, ovulation, or infections can cause excessive vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge can range in color from clear or milky to white. Vaginal discharge can also vary in consistency from thin and watery to thick and sticky. Healthy vaginal discharge should be relatively odorless.

How can I stop excessive watery discharge?

Always wipe the toilet from front to back after using it. During the day, wear cotton underpants, and it is not advisable to wear tight pants, pantyhose, swimsuits, biking shorts, or leotards for an extended period.