What Causes Hip Dips?

What Causes Hip Dips?

Mai Delacruz

Mai Delacruz
Personal Fitness Trainer & Health Coach

Updated on 11/29/2022

What causes hip dips? If you, like us, have ever glanced at a standard body shape chart and wondered, "Am I a pear? " or "Am I an hourglass? "), you are not alone. A banana? If you've already wondered to yourself, "Why do I keep comparing the contour of my body to fruit?" you're not alone. then you are familiar with the frustration and uncertainty that can come with identifying your body type


Because they serve as a reminder that everybody is unique and that some (maybe most) cannot be categorized, the recent body diversity celebrations exploding on social media have our full support. That is why we are so enthusiastic about them. And this is a very positive development.

The most recent characteristic that everyone is raving about and flaunting right now? Contrary to what the name suggests, when referring to something that is not a hip new tortilla dip, the term "hip dips" is used.

Hip Dips

The tiny indentation that some people have at the point where their hips meet their thighs is referred to as "hip dips."This quality is sometimes referred to, depending on the context, as “violin hips.”

Hip Dips

A simple browse through the #hipdip hashtag reveals dozens of photographs of people flaunting their dips in a loud and proud manner. [citation needed] It's not often discussed in a media landscape that celebrates only the extremely curvy or the waif-like thin. Still, many talks about how they used to feel insecure about these dips in their hip area. That is because the media landscape seems to celebrate either the extremely curvy or the waif-like thin. We are now celebrating the apparent truth that everybody, in its own unique and beautiful way, is worthy of praise and that we are all in this together. That is primarily due to social media.

Can We Get An Amen?!

Many of us here at Byrdie HQ feel a personal connection to this latest trend, and as a result, we were wondering about how precisely a "hip dip" happens and why some women have it while others do not.

Can we get an amen?!

In the following paragraphs, we will hear from not one but two certified personal trainers who explain precisely what hip dips are and why some people have them.

What Factors Contribute To The Development Of "Hip Dips" In Certain People But Not Others?

What accounts for the fact that some people have it while others have not? "while many people believe that hip dips are a sign of whether or not you are healthy, this is not the case," says Jessica Mazzucco, a trainer based in New York City. She also founded the company Glute Recruit. "while many people believe that hip dips are a sign of whether or not you are healthy," she adds. "The only criteria that determine whether or not a person has hip dips are their genes and the shape of their pelvis.

What Factors Contribute To The Development Of "Hip Dips"

People are considered to have hip dips when the height of their hip bone is greater than the height of their femur. Because of this disorder, the person's muscles and fat will bend inward, creating the impression that they have a sagging hip."

Our physical selves are perfect examples of what they should look like. We may not have a say in the template that is provided for us, but we do have a say in how we make the most of the template we have by paying attention to what we eat, how much we exercise, and how well we take care of ourselves as a whole. Perhaps most importantly, we have a say in how we learn to accept and love the body. When it comes down to it, most people won't even notice the parts of our bodies that make us feel self-conscious if we exude enough self-assurance to make them completely irrelevant. We can make ourselves feel better if we project enough self-assurance to push them outside.


If you exude confidence, they won't pay attention to anything else about your looks, even how you seem.

Are "Hip Dips" Normal?

Hip dips may be found in persons of all ages and are entirely prevalent. Because of how my body is built, I will never be able to avoid having "hip dips," even if I am highly lean, extremely muscular, extremely fat, or extremely fluffy. That will never be different (dominant hip flexors and outer quads).

Are "Hip Dips" Normal?

"Saddlebags" are fat pockets that are positioned directly below the "hip dip" and toward the posterior of our legs, and they are also referred to as "love handles." Many women who have what are known as "hip dips" also have a propensity to develop what are known as "saddlebags."

Is There A Treatment Available For Hip Dips?

"Hip dips are generated by heredity, and as a result, there is no way to spot treat' them when trying to lose weight in that region of your body," says Mazzucco. There is no way to "spot treat" specific areas of your body when trying to lose weight, and doing hip dips is not one of those ways."

Is There A Treatment Available For Hip Dips?

It is possible to minimize their visibility by executing certain workouts, such as glute bridges and lunges; however, getting rid of them is impossible. Some exercises, such as glute bridges and lunges. Given the information presented above, it is worthless to put in the effort required to change a trait of your body formed by genetics because what cannot change genetics in any way."

We can lessen the appearance of a "hip dip" if we refrain from doing workouts that target our quadriceps and hip flexors and instead focus all our attention on activities that strengthen our buttocks. That is because the appearance of a "hip dip" is caused by an imbalance between the strength of the buttocks and the quadriceps and hamstrings (which will consequently reduce the appearance of the saddlebag by stretching the skin in that area). On the other hand, once you know what a "hip dip" is, you might decide that you like having one and don't want to get rid of it after all. Because of this, your muscles will look more toned and defined, which is a beautiful benefit.

MC hip dip

In my perspective, it conveys the sense of power and authority that one would expect. The only method to reduce the layer of fat that covers your "hip dip" if you are self-conscious about it is to consume fewer calories per day than you burn off via exercise and other activities. That is the only way to reduce the layer of fat that covers your "hip dip."
To put it another way, if you want to reduce your body fat, you need to adjust how you eat. We are unable to focus our efforts on just one or two areas. Be aware, however, that regardless matter how thin that layer becomes, the "hips dips" will still be there because this is just the gorgeous structure that our body contains. That is something that you should keep in mind.


What causes hip dips? The recent explosion of body diversity celebrations on social media has our full support since they serve as a reminder that everybody is different and that some (maybe most) cannot be categorized. Because of this, we have a powerful desire to support these various initiatives., which is why we have a positive attitude toward them. Furthermore, this is an encouraging new turn of events.

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