BIMEI 2PS Sponge padded Women Butt Hip Up

BIMEI 2PS Sponge padded Women Butt Hip Up


  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Set Include: 1 Pair Butt Hip Pads,Unisex rear enhancing foam butt pads for panties underwear
  • With many small holes, contour and removable design, suitable size for most hip enhance pants。It can give your butt and hip a boost instantly, makes your butts look bigger
  • Made of polyester and sponge material, soft and lightweight, resilient and cushioning With many small holes
  • It can give your thigh and hip a boost instantly, makes your butts look bigger and more beautiful
  • Great for jeans, dresses or other pants. Easy way to wear it every day for dating, social outgoing, dancing, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

I am 5'9 and weigh 175. What sizedo i need?

I am 5'9" and weigh 180 and am male the large fits perfectly.

Im 6'2 214lb what size do i need?

The XXL fits better on the thigh but if you want more hip go with the XXXL...and nylons will give you support to hold the extra room around the thigh..I have 3 sizes from XL to XXXL and depending on what I wear I choose the best size.

would a large fit a 36 in waist bimei 2ps sponge padded women butt hip up padded enhancer crossdresser

Im 6'1' 190 lbs. 36 inch waste, average build. I got the xl. It was so loose that im planng o ordering the med these undergarments have alot of stretch. But becareful pulling them up. First couple times I could hear threads popping. Even thogh i was loose. Really soft shear fabric wich is nice. Just dont put them on to fast.

What are the waist sizes for the listed sizes like XL? What is the waist size?

I’m like a 40 waist and ordered the xxl I think and it was kind of big