Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap [MAT NOT Included]

Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap [MAT NOT Included]



  • ◆【Strap Only -- Mat Not Included】 - All Tumaz strap is made of thick polyester cotton which makes it extremely durable but still retains the softness of normal cotton.
  • ◆【Just the Best】 - 2.5 mm thickness, eco-friendly dyeing, special tight-knit technique, and delicate texture. The best strap you can find in the market.
  • ◆【Multi-Purpose】- It's an exceptional mat carrier, but there's more to it! Tumaz yoga mat strap functions as a stretch strap as well, making it the perfect workout companion for your yoga practice.
  • ◆【Skin-Friendly】 - Tumaz yoga mat sling is made of soft, skin-friendly fabric. You'll never worry about cutting your hand or shoulder again!
  • 【Unmatched Cusomer Service】 - 100% satisfied or fully refunded! Tumaz provides a replacement or refund for ALL products within the 70-day warranty period. No reason needed, smooth and simple!
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Would this work for a basic foldable lawn chair?

    You can adjust the loops so it could work.

    For 7' x 3' mat of quarter inch thickness and a person 6'4" slinging the mat over his shoulder, will the 64" size suffice, or will I need the 85"?

    I would go with the 85" with that size mat and your height

    Is this strap easy/appropriate for kids to use?

    It should be fine, but there mat might hang down around their knees. I am 5'10" and have a thick manduka pro mat, and when I have it in this strap, it hangs near my hips. I have a picture posted in my review, so you can see how it hangs on my shoulder.

    I have a 1” mat. Will this work to carry the mat?

    The strap slides through the loops, so it will adjust to the thickness of your mat. The difference will be that the top part is shorter - you may not be able to sling it over your shoulder.