Vivora Niko - Sitting Ball Chair for Office and Home

Vivora Niko - Sitting Ball Chair for Office and Home


  • The Original Active Sitting Ball Chair Solution for use at home in the living room, office, classroom, or the gym. Suburb complimentary ergonomic alternative sitting solution for desk sitting and standing desk
  • Niko sitting balls provide a fidget sitting surface which benefits people with ADD or ADHD, as it provides an outlet for restlessness, anxiety and hyperactivity, which may improve ADHD symptoms
  • Excellent substitute for pregnancy birthing ball or Medicine ball Perfect for exercise, yoga, workout, therapy, and physioball balance training routines, also promotes flexible joints for healthy lifestyle
  • Patented Self-Standing base design and durable carry handle makes Niko the perfect combination of a swiss sitting ball and a traditional chairPatented Self-Standing base design and extra thick carry handles makes Niko the perfect combination of a swiss fitball and office chair
  • NOTE: Some effort needed for set-up – use included pump or an inflation tool to inflate inner sitting ball (45cm or 55cm) until outer cover is completely filled – Spare plugs and bike pump adapter included. Please contact Vivora if assistance is needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Would this work for sitting at a desk that is 27” high?

The ball itself is approximately 20 inches in height so yes it would depend upon who is sitting on it. Will it be a toddler, child, teen or an adult using it at the desk.

Does this include the ball?


Can I get a replacement plug and puller? I have no idea what happened to the accessory set including pump.

Just search Amazon for "exercise ball plug replacement" and several options come up with a pump and plug. Most of them are fairly affordable.

Is this a good height for someone that is 5'1 and weighs about 150 lbs?

Not a problem. I am 6' and 200 lbs and use it.