YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro – Yoga Inversion Swing

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro – Yoga Inversion Swing


  • Relieve Back Pain. Get instant traction and create more space between your vertebrae when you hang upside down.
  • Increase Strength, Balance, Flexibility. Posterior chain, grip, backbends, hamstrings, and hip openers.
  • Bonus Video Tutorials and Pose Chart. Online access to professional tutorials and pose charts for beginners.
  • Easy Setup. Hang in minutes from a chin-up bar, beam, or solid tree branch. Ceiling hooks and stand sold separately.
  • Safety-Tested to 600lbs. Rubber handle grips, adjustable straps, gym-grade carabiners, stylish carrying bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the fabric?

The U shaped seat piece is 8 feet or so. The longest hanging handle is about 4 feet. It is adjustable and we have ours hanging from a 9 foot ceiling. It is used by a 13 yr old 90 lb girl and can fit up to a 200 lb 6 foot man!! We are happy with the purchase!

Where in the product information or contents does it say that the nylon ropes required to hang the swing from a doorway bar are included with the swin

The ropes are included but the doorway bar or suspension hooks are sold separately. You choose if you want it in a doorway or suspended from the ceiling trusses with hooks.

What is this made of? Is this parachute material? Is this made in China?

Yes, the material is the same as the parachutes. The Yoga Trapeze® is made in China now, it used to be manufactured in Bali.Thanks!

Hi! I love these but unsure how they work. Where do you hang it from? What does it need to hang? And if I have to buy rigging, where can I buy this?

hi. if yr ceiling have a wooden beam - a horizontal bar - it's easy: u can use ropes. if u dnt and u have to drill into the concrete ceiling, yes, it's a quite difficult. u better have it done by someone who can assure you that it'll be safe. in this case u'll need a drilling bit (is it called borring machine? sorry, my texhnical english is not good!) and 2 special 10-12cm long screw, designed for heavy load, with no head, coz u'll need to attach a metal hook of their free part. the rest is easy. u can buy synthetic ropes, u cut them as long as u wish and by watching on youtube how to make safe knots, u'll hang the swing. here's a video of how making the yoga swing itself. good luck!